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“Star Wars Episode VII” is all done filming!!!

JJ Abrams and the cast and crew of “Star Wars Episode VII” have just finished filming. Yep… they are done already. As you’ll read in this article, the cast and crew filmed the movie at three different locations: Abu Dhabi desert, the Forest of Dean and of course, Pinewood Studios in London.

After the wrapping of filming, the cast and crew decided to celebrate it at the Science Museum in London.

Click the link below for the full story and photos:


I hope JJ won’t let us down and once again, we deserve a good Star Wars movie after the disastrous prequels Lucas gave us. I’m glad Harrison was able to film all of his scenes without hurting himself again.

I’m sure this film will be full of epic lightsaber fights and plenty of outer space X-wing vs. Tie-fighter battles and all that stuff. It’ll hopefully be the true Star Wars movie that we all want. I’m sure JJ will give us more info about the film like what the subtitle is gonna be and the plot. I’m sure we’ll get a teaser trailer soon as well.

Congrats to Disney and JJ, looking forward to it!


Ron Howard does the Ice Bucket at the Abbey Road crosswalk…

Film director, Ron Howard, is signed on recently to direct a documentary about, The Beatles. Here is Ron Howard himself in London at Abbey Road studios. Then he takes a little walk over to the legendary crosswalk where the Beatles crossed the street to shoot the cover for their album, “Abbey Road”.

Then he makes a few challenges to his longtime collaborator, Tom Hanks and his former co-star, Henry Winkler. Remember, Ron started out as an actor for the TV sitcom, “Happy Days” in which he played Archie Cunningham and then he gave up acting to direct movies instead.

I like Ron Howard. He’s a great film-maker. He’s made a lot of great movies. The latest movie I saw of his was the race car movie, “Rush” and it was a great film. You should check it out.


Tom Cruise in talks to have a small role in “Star Wars Episode VII”???

A rumor got out that Tom Cruise is in talks to have some kind of small role or cameo of some sorts for “Star Wars Episode VII”. It was reported that Tom met with JJ Abrams in London for a meeting. If this is true, then this would be no surprise that Tom maybe involved with the upcoming Star Wars. JJ and Tom are long time collaborators as they worked on the four Mission Impossible movies together.


I think Tom will be a nice addition to the cast! I’m all for it if it’s true! Will Tom’s role be a good guy or will he be part of the Empire? We’ll have to wait and see!

I haven’t seen Tom’s latest movie, “Edge of Tomorrow” yet. I’ll probably wait for DVD rental on that one, though.



Star Wars 7 just started filming at Pinewood Studios in London…




As you can see filming for Star Wars 7 have finally begun!!! Also, notice how they are very careful at not revealing too much info with these photos. I’m almost positive that JJ does not allow the cast and crew to take photos and videos so mobile phones and other devices are not allowed in the studios so I don’t think you’re gonna see too much leaked photos of filming.

Only the official Star Wars page will reveal a little bit at a time. They’re still secretive on the “subtitle” too. I’m sure the subtitle is written on that clapboard in the first photo but as you can see, they wouldn’t show the whole thing.

I pray they do a good job with the film.



Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia shows off recent selfie…

Carrie Fisher just dropped this selfie pic of herself on twitter. She’s still in London filming “Star Wars Episode VII”??? Probably. As you can see she’s showing off a little cleavage and she has the big boobs.

After seeing this pic, they’ll definitely make Princess Leia hot and sexy again for “Star Wars VII”. Will she wear the bikini again to thrill the fans???

She does look a little different now than she did in the past. Did she get a little plastic surgery work done on her face over the years, though?

She’s still looking beautiful, though, don’t get me wrong.


Carrie Fisher appears to be in London too… hmmmm…

Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) tweeted that on her twitter page. Is that a hint that she’s in London filming “Star Wars Episode VII” along with Mark and Harrison? What a tease…


New photo of Mark Hamill surfaces online…

Mark Hamill is in London while Star Wars Episode VII is filming there. Even though Mark haven’t been confirmed yet for “Star Wars Episode VII”, this is pretty much proof that he has been signed for the role. Hamill maybe older but he still looks like Luke Skywalker. Mark have lost some weight, though, and he’s looking real good.

See the new photo of Mark here:


They’re not using the Expanded Universe for the new movies so things could get interesting.