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Kylo Ren is the name of Adam Driver’s villain character???

JJ Abrams revealed the character names from the teaser using virtual collector’s cards. Look like the name of the main villain for Episode VII is Kylo Ren who is a Sith… he might be Adam Driver’s villain character. I’m predicting that’s who it may be.


Cool stuff.

I hope in the next trailer will show Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke and the two droids. I’m sure they will.


Thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”…

Yep, so this is the official subtitle for Star Wars 7, “The Force Awakens”. I dig the title. I like it.

Some of you may ask, why didn’t they name the title, “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”??? Well, if you know Star Wars way of marketing, the movies usually put the “Episode (Roman numerals here)” in the opening crawl of the movie. Lucasfilm never used the Roman numerals for posters and VHS/DVD boxart.

I remember in the first Star Wars movie they didn’t use the subtitle and roman numerals for the box art of VHS/DVD’s and they just called it “Star Wars”… they only used “Episode IV: A new Hope” for the opening crawl.

It’s just their sneaky little marketing strategy.

I expect Disney/Lucasfilm to release a teaser sometime at the end of the year… probably around Christmas. What big movie will the teaser trailer be attached to??? Since “Star Wars Episode VII” is Disney, they’ll probably attach it to “Into The Woods” w/ Johnny Depp or they could put it in front of the new “Hobbit” movie, either one.

Once again, I hope JJ don’t let us down. I’m praying for a great Star Wars movie here.


“Star Wars Episode VII” is all done filming!!!

JJ Abrams and the cast and crew of “Star Wars Episode VII” have just finished filming. Yep… they are done already. As you’ll read in this article, the cast and crew filmed the movie at three different locations: Abu Dhabi desert, the Forest of Dean and of course, Pinewood Studios in London.

After the wrapping of filming, the cast and crew decided to celebrate it at the Science Museum in London.

Click the link below for the full story and photos:


I hope JJ won’t let us down and once again, we deserve a good Star Wars movie after the disastrous prequels Lucas gave us. I’m glad Harrison was able to film all of his scenes without hurting himself again.

I’m sure this film will be full of epic lightsaber fights and plenty of outer space X-wing vs. Tie-fighter battles and all that stuff. It’ll hopefully be the true Star Wars movie that we all want. I’m sure JJ will give us more info about the film like what the subtitle is gonna be and the plot. I’m sure we’ll get a teaser trailer soon as well.

Congrats to Disney and JJ, looking forward to it!


Warwick Davis confirmed to return to “Star Wars” for “Episode VII” but will he reprise his role as an older Wicket???

Midget actor, Warwick Davis, just confirmed in this video that he is having a role for JJ’s “Star Wars: Episode VII” but the character he is playing haven’t been revealed yet. If you don’t know who Warwick Davis is, he got his start in acting playing Wicket the Ewok for “Return of the Jedi”. That was his first major movie role. Then he played Wicket again for the two Star Wars spin-off films in “Caravan of Courage: An Ewoks adventure” and “Ewoks: The Battle of Endor”.

Later in his career, Warwick became a more well-known actor after he landed the leading role for “Willow” directed by Ron Howard and starred in the first three, “Leprechaun” movies. He also had an appearance in “Star Wars Episode I” under 5 different characters and had roles in the Harry Potter films.

I also remembered seeing Warwick having a role in a Dr. Who episode toward the end of Season 7.

Are we gonna see the return of the Ewoks in “Episode VII” or is Warwick set to play a different character???

I think it would be cool if Warwick did reprise his role as an older Wicket. “Star Wars 7” could start off where “Return of the Jedi” left off. “Star Wars 7” could start on the Moon of Endor and Wicket could have a short cameo appearance, maybe.

I know the Ewoks is not everyone’s favorite but I enjoyed those characters. I thought “Return of the Jedi” was fun for what it was and it made sense to use the Ewoks for that film. The Ewoks were obviously created for children’s entertainment, yes but I thought they were an important part of the story. Han, Leia and Luke needed a little guidance ’cause they knew they couldn’t get to the Empire bunker alone on Endor so it was smart to use Ewoks to help them out. I liked, “Return of the Jedi” not the best Star Wars film (“Empire” was the best) but it was entertaining.

Warwick could also be playing more than one role for “Episode 7” so keep that in mind. He has always been known to playing more than one characters in movies over the years.

Warwick is a great actor and underrated. I always respected him. “Willow” is one of my favorite movies too.


David Fincher was original choice to direct “Star Wars: Episode VII” but he said no…

Before JJ Abrams got the gig to direct “Star Wars Episode VII”, David Fincher was one of the original directors to helm the next Star Wars film but he simply turned it down. The reason is ’cause he’s a huge fan of “Empire Strikes Back” and he would have made “Episode VII” more like that film. He also said that the reason he turned it down is ’cause he saw the Star Wars films as two droids being slaves like the first two and they stopped the droids being slaves storyline in “Jedi”. Fincher would have kept the droids being slaves story going.


While Fincher is one of the best directors out there, I don’t he’d make a great fit either. Knowing how all of Fincher’s films are, he would have made the film too dark and too intense for families. He would have made the story too difficult for children to understand. I’m a huge fan of all of Fincher’s directed movies, of course, the only film he did I didn’t care for was “Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, that was the only one I didn’t like but all of his other directed movies were great: “Alien 3”, “Se7en”, “Fight Club”, “Social Network”, “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, etc. I also love his Netflix TV show, “House of Cards”.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Gone Girl”. That’s the next film I plan on seeing in theater.

Now here’s a question for Mr. Fincher, “When are you going to get around to getting ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ in the works?”. Come on, dude, bring back Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara for another Millennium film. His, “Dragon Tattoo” film was pretty amazing. That’s the best film he did, in my opinion. I wish he would get to the work on the sequel already!!! We’re all waiting for it!


Han Solo costume leaked for “Star Wars Episode VII”…

Yesterday,  new Stormtrooper/Snowtrooper costumes have been leaked to the web and today, Han Solo costume art have been leaked to the web.

See, Han Solo’s new costumes here:


As you can see, they have ditched the white shirt and black vest for Han Solo which is a pretty smart move actually. Keep in mind that “Star Wars Episode 7” takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi so everything is probably gonna be different.

New costumes. New looks for the characters. New spaceships. New uniforms and all that stuff. New technology. New weapons.

Everything will be different from George Lucas’s era of Star Wars. That’s what it’s looking like to me.

I like Han Solo’s new look. At least, he still has the lazer gun!

While I’m pretty sure, Episode 7 will still have light sabers, I’m sure JJ will give the light sabers a new look and feel too. I just hope JJ will keep the light saber sound effect. You know that sound the light saber makes when the Jedi’s start swinging them? That buzzing sound effect. I would think they would keep the buzzing sound from the light saber but JJ might make that a little different too. He will make the color and the sound different of the light saber.

This is a completely new era of Star Wars so say goodbye to all the George Lucas designs and ideas… all that stuff will be considered old-school.


Happy 72nd birthday, Harrison Ford!!!

Here is an actor who I’ve always respected. I grew up my entire life watching his movies over the years and I’m sure you’ve had too. Everything from “Star Wars” to “Indiana Jones” to “American Grafitti” to “The Conversation” to his cameo in “Apacolypse Now” to “Patriot Games” to “Regarding Henry” to “Witness” to “Frantic” to “The Fugitive” to “The Devil’s Own” to “Random Hearts” to “Firewall” to “42” to “Ender’s Game” to “Expendables 3” and now “Star Wars Episode VII”.

I’m sure he’s in London somewhere celebrating his birthday today with wife Calista even with an injured leg. I’m almost 100% positive he’d rather be filming Star Wars Episode VII right now instead of nursing an injured leg.

I’ve always respected Harrison, he’s one of my favorite actors.

I’m sure JJ, the film crew and the cast will throw some kind of surprise birthday party for Harrison. Maybe he’ll celebrate with Mark and Carrie too. I’m sure they will.


Harrison Ford’s injury halts filming for “Star Wars Episode VII” for two weeks…

JJ Abrams and the cast & crew of “Star Wars: Episode VII” have decided to halt filming for two weeks so they can give Harrison Ford more time to heal. While announcing the film’s break, they just signed two new cast members to join the film. Don’t get too excited though ’cause the two new cast members are completely unknowns.


A lot of people want to blame Harrison’s old age like I mistakenly did. Maybe I was wrong to blame Harrison’s age. I mean, the accident might not be Harrison’s fault but maybe it was the film crew’s fault, they weren’t actually paying attention.

Man, that’s gotta really suck when an actor gets signed for a huge role and then he gets injured when starting to work.

Hopefully, they’ll be more careful next time when Harrison returns.


Kevin Smith gets all emotional on “Star Wars Episode VII”…

Kevin Smith, the actor/director who is a big time comic book lover and Star Wars fanatic visits the “Star Wars Episode VII” set in London at Pinewood Studios. We all know that Kevin is obsessed with Star Wars and he always had positive things to say about the franchise. He even loved all the prequels. It’s no secret that Kevin is obsessed with Star Wars. Almost all of his movies have Star Wars references in them especially, “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back”.

Anyway, whatever Kev have seen on set that got him in tears look like JJ is gonna give us a good Star Wars movie.

He’s not allowed to talk about what he have seen ’cause he signed an agreement ordering him to keep it quiet. I’m sure he would love to talk about everything he have seen but he can’t or he would get in trouble. How would he get in trouble? Maybe a possible fine or a lawsuit. Things like that.

JJ is really serious and careful on not getting too much out there. He have always been secretive like that.

It’s too bad Kev didn’t get to see Harrison on set ’cause he’s currently nursing a leg injury, obviously. I wish Harrison well and I pray that JJ will be able to film all of Han Solo’s scenes without dropping Harrison out of the film ’cause it could happen. I don’t think it’ll happen, though. I think Harrison will heal quickly and will be back to filming before you know it. Harrison’s injury will probably affect the release date, though, we could deal with a lot of push-backs.



Tom Cruise in talks to have a small role in “Star Wars Episode VII”???

A rumor got out that Tom Cruise is in talks to have some kind of small role or cameo of some sorts for “Star Wars Episode VII”. It was reported that Tom met with JJ Abrams in London for a meeting. If this is true, then this would be no surprise that Tom maybe involved with the upcoming Star Wars. JJ and Tom are long time collaborators as they worked on the four Mission Impossible movies together.


I think Tom will be a nice addition to the cast! I’m all for it if it’s true! Will Tom’s role be a good guy or will he be part of the Empire? We’ll have to wait and see!

I haven’t seen Tom’s latest movie, “Edge of Tomorrow” yet. I’ll probably wait for DVD rental on that one, though.