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Kevin Smith weighs in on DC/Warner Bros. no longer making Superman movies to concentrate on other superhero films… he says it’s a mistake and I agree…

Kevin Smith weighs in on his thoughts about DC/Warner Bros. no longer making Superman films to concentrate on other superhero flicks which sparked the rumor that Henry Cavill maybe hanging up the cape for good.

Kevin says what DC Films are doing is a huge mistake. Why? It’s because Superman is the king of all superheroes. Superman was the first superhero ever created… he paved the way for many other superheroes to be created. He also says we’re in an era of comic book movies and he feels Superman shouldn’t be ignored.


I agree with everything he said. Without Superman, we wouldn’t have gotten other DC Superheroes such as Supergirl, Batman, The Flash, Wonderwoman, The Green Lantern, Aquaman, Thor, etc. Marvel comics happened ’cause of Superman too, admit it right? The Superman character popularized comics… that’s a fact.

The Superman character is so famous and legendary, the character shouldn’t be ignored at all. The character’s legacy needs to be kept alive forever so for DC Films/Warner Bros. to neglect Superman for other superhero films is a freakin’ joke.

Superman was a character that was loved by people of all ages. I loved the character ever since I was a child and still love the character now. I was a Superman fanatic all my life. When I was a child, I was obsessed with the Christopher Reeve Superman flicks and still love those movies. When I was a child, I used to watch the George Reeves Superman TV show and used to watch all the Superman cartoons. Of course, I used to read Superman comics when I was a kid too and I just gotten back into reading Superman comics. I just love the character.

Whether or not Henry Cavill is still on for Superman, DC Films still needs to make Superman films either way. Just have a different Superman actor for all I care, just keep making Superman movies. Sure the Henry Cavill Superman films got mixed reviews but they were all still huge money makers. If Henry is out as Superman then just do another reboot… anything. Just don’t ignore Superman, period.

Superman is an important character for all of us and always will be.



Kevin Smith confirms Jay and Silent Bob reboot film coming soon…

Believe it or not, I am a huge Jay and Silent Bob fan. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith movies too. I think Kevin Smith is an interesting guy and he’s hilarious too. Yeah, these guys are probably liberals and they’re probably Trump haters but who cares. They’re just talented guys and they ARE true comedians. These are two guys who knows how to get people laughing hard.

I’ve seen every movie Jay and Silent Bob have been in over the years. I’ve seen a lot of Kevin Smith directed films too. I also admire Kevin for his strong knowledge in Star Wars and comic books. Actually, it was Kevin Smith who helped sparked my interest in becoming a comic book reader myself and I have started collecting. I have a small collection of comics but it’s a good start.

Anyway, I’m happy to hear that Jay and Silent Bob has a new movie coming out and I’m looking forward to it. The next Jay and Silent Bob movie is gonna be different, though. It’s gonna be a reboot so it’s not gonna have anything to do with the earlier films. Why? It’s because of Kevin Smith’s weight. As you can see Kevin has been losing weight lately. He went from be a really obesed man to really skinny as you can see here. Kevin went through the Weight Watchers program and now he just started doing yoga as you can see here.

I do enjoy watching comedy films some ’cause even for a guy like me, I need to have a good laugh sometimes. In the next Jay and Silent Bob movie, there will be no “fat” jokes. Like Kevin said in the instagram post, they’re switching it to vegan jokes instead. Even though Kevin and Jay haven’t played their characters in a long time, I’m sure they still got it. I’m sure they’ll do a great job with the next Jay and Silent Bob movie and will give us some great laughs once again.

And by the way, I met Jason Mewes in person as you can see here. It was at a comic convention in Saratoga Springs. Jason was a cool guy in person like I expected him to be. He’s very good to his fans. Most celebrities at conventions just sit at the autograph table with their heads down but not Jason Mewes. He was standing all day, talking with his fans, taking pictures and signing autographs… all that stuff. Did I get Jay to sign something? Yes, I just had him sign the “Clerks” movie on BluRay which is my favorite Jay and Silent Bob movie.

It was a great honor to meet Jason Mewes in person. If only I can meet Kevin Smith himself in person someday. Would be cool.



Just met Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob, he’s pretty awesome in person as expected!!!


So I went to Saratoga Comic Con at the City Center in Saratoga Springs this morning. Yeah, it’s Comic Con season again and Saratoga Springs host a comic con every year. I went last year and went this year.

As you can see in the pics, I just met Jason Mewes who is most famous for Jay and Silent Bob. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith movies and the Jay and Silent Bob duo. I’ve seen all Jay and Silent Bob movies but my favorites are “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back”. I told Jay that and he said thanks. Jay was such a cool dude in real life as I figure he would be. Jay was talkative and approachable but he couldn’t talk long ’cause of the line. I would have talked to him longer but he looked to be in a real hurry ’cause he wanted to get the line moving. There were celebrities doing autographs/pics. Jay was obviously the most famous there so his lines would be longer. Thankfully I got to see Jay early before the long lines hit.

I bought the “Clerks” movie on BluRay and had a few of the cast in the movie sign it for me. I had Scott Schiaffo, Marilyn Ghigliotti and Jason Mewes sign it.

Ya know, the thing is that autographs/pics with the celebrities aren’t free. You gotta pay something for them whatever price they ask for. I bought the “Clerks” BluRay off of Marilyn the actress in the movie. She asked for $40 for the BluRay but didn’t ask for extra money for autograph which was nice of her. I talked to her for a bit and she was real sweet and down to earth. I think she was the only actress there who didn’t ask money for autographs/pics but she was selling stuff on her table, though. She was a super nice lady and it was great to meet her. Remember, Marilyn played Veronica. She’s that lady who breaks up with Dante toward the end of the movie.

I’ve seen “Clerks” too many times. It’s a great film.

I like Comic Con events. They’re fun, but those are the type of events where you spend a lot of money so you better make sure you have some cash on ya. lol….

Yeah, I want to get into comic book collecting as it’s a new hobby that I want to pick up. I bought some comics there earlier today. Mostly Batman, Superman, The Punisher and Wolverine since they are my favorite superheroes. I not only want to collect comics as a collector’s item, but I just want to get into them to read. Some of the superhero stories are real good and interesting. I want get into comics for the stories.

The Comic Con in Saratoga was an awesome time. Had a blast.


Kevin Smith gets all emotional on “Star Wars Episode VII”…

Kevin Smith, the actor/director who is a big time comic book lover and Star Wars fanatic visits the “Star Wars Episode VII” set in London at Pinewood Studios. We all know that Kevin is obsessed with Star Wars and he always had positive things to say about the franchise. He even loved all the prequels. It’s no secret that Kevin is obsessed with Star Wars. Almost all of his movies have Star Wars references in them especially, “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back”.

Anyway, whatever Kev have seen on set that got him in tears look like JJ is gonna give us a good Star Wars movie.

He’s not allowed to talk about what he have seen ’cause he signed an agreement ordering him to keep it quiet. I’m sure he would love to talk about everything he have seen but he can’t or he would get in trouble. How would he get in trouble? Maybe a possible fine or a lawsuit. Things like that.

JJ is really serious and careful on not getting too much out there. He have always been secretive like that.

It’s too bad Kev didn’t get to see Harrison on set ’cause he’s currently nursing a leg injury, obviously. I wish Harrison well and I pray that JJ will be able to film all of Han Solo’s scenes without dropping Harrison out of the film ’cause it could happen. I don’t think it’ll happen, though. I think Harrison will heal quickly and will be back to filming before you know it. Harrison’s injury will probably affect the release date, though, we could deal with a lot of push-backs.



Report: “Cop Out” director, Kevin Smith, kicked off of Southwest airplane for being too big…

A lot of men say they usually don’t have a great Valentine’s Day. Well you can add iconic comedy director, Kevin Smith to the list. The “Clerks”, “Dogma” and “Chasing Amy”, director Kevin Smith certainly isn’t having a good V-Day today ’cause he’s been spending too much time on twitter being on a warpath against Southwest Airliner airports. He was aboard the plane and was seated, then the Captain of the plane kicked him off because of his size. Simply too overweight to fly, according to the Captain.

Kevin Smith has been writing attacks to Southwest Air on twitter. Spending some time joking around with his followers making fun of the Southwest Air.

In this article, the Southwest Air says they read every tweet Kevin Smith have been sending to them.

More on it here:


See Kevin Smith’s official twitter page here:


That’s ridiculous. I hope Kevin decides to sue Southwest Air! Kevin is a big guy, but NOT that big. I personally think the only reason he was kicked off ’cause the Captain was jealous of his fame.


Report: Kevin Smith has already seen “Star Trek XI” early and reviewed it…

Film maker Kevin Smith who’s made many of the Jay and Silent Bob movies has seen “Star Trek XI” early, it was a personal invite by JJ Abrams to give him a private screening before it’s official release.

Smith reviewed it by saying “It’s a really strong” film, he says that Chris Pine who portrays the young Captain Kirk really stoled the show. He thinks the Chris Pine role will keep audiences glued to him. He also commented on Zoe Saldana being a perfect actress choice for a young Uhura.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Yep, I too have a feeling that Chris Pine will be the next big male star that ladies are going to drool over. Chris Pine is an actor that no one has ever heard of and this film will get him the mainstream recognition. The Star Trek reboot will also give the Star Trek franchise known in the mainstream again because Star Trek has always been underrated and underappreciated. I’m sure this movie will be a box office smash and will do well. The Star Trek franchise deserves to get more recognition.

I know Star Trek isn’t for everyone, but it should be. I know for those who aren’t into Star Trek may think it’s lame and boring, but that’s because you probably don’t understand their storytelling and you’re probably not into science fiction that much. I was never really into “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” or “Star Trek: Enterprise”, but I do like the original Trek, The Next Generation, and “Star Trek: Voyager” was really good too.

I really think the new Star Trek XI movie will bring in new Star Trek fans, it will bring in people who aren’t even into the series at all and they’ll become new fans later.