Kevin Smith gets all emotional on “Star Wars Episode VII”…

Kevin Smith, the actor/director who is a big time comic book lover and Star Wars fanatic visits the “Star Wars Episode VII” set in London at Pinewood Studios. We all know that Kevin is obsessed with Star Wars and he always had positive things to say about the franchise. He even loved all the prequels. It’s no secret that Kevin is obsessed with Star Wars. Almost all of his movies have Star Wars references in them especially, “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back”.

Anyway, whatever Kev have seen on set that got him in tears look like JJ is gonna give us a good Star Wars movie.

He’s not allowed to talk about what he have seen ’cause he signed an agreement ordering him to keep it quiet. I’m sure he would love to talk about everything he have seen but he can’t or he would get in trouble. How would he get in trouble? Maybe a possible fine or a lawsuit. Things like that.

JJ is really serious and careful on not getting too much out there. He have always been secretive like that.

It’s too bad Kev didn’t get to see Harrison on set ’cause he’s currently nursing a leg injury, obviously. I wish Harrison well and I pray that JJ will be able to film all of Han Solo’s scenes without dropping Harrison out of the film ’cause it could happen. I don’t think it’ll happen, though. I think Harrison will heal quickly and will be back to filming before you know it. Harrison’s injury will probably affect the release date, though, we could deal with a lot of push-backs.


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