Report: Kevin Smith has already seen “Star Trek XI” early and reviewed it…

Film maker Kevin Smith who’s made many of the Jay and Silent Bob movies has seen “Star Trek XI” early, it was a personal invite by JJ Abrams to give him a private screening before it’s official release.

Smith reviewed it by saying “It’s a really strong” film, he says that Chris Pine who portrays the young Captain Kirk really stoled the show. He thinks the Chris Pine role will keep audiences glued to him. He also commented on Zoe Saldana being a perfect actress choice for a young Uhura.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

Yep, I too have a feeling that Chris Pine will be the next big male star that ladies are going to drool over. Chris Pine is an actor that no one has ever heard of and this film will get him the mainstream recognition. The Star Trek reboot will also give the Star Trek franchise known in the mainstream again because Star Trek has always been underrated and underappreciated. I’m sure this movie will be a box office smash and will do well. The Star Trek franchise deserves to get more recognition.

I know Star Trek isn’t for everyone, but it should be. I know for those who aren’t into Star Trek may think it’s lame and boring, but that’s because you probably don’t understand their storytelling and you’re probably not into science fiction that much. I was never really into “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” or “Star Trek: Enterprise”, but I do like the original Trek, The Next Generation, and “Star Trek: Voyager” was really good too.

I really think the new Star Trek XI movie will bring in new Star Trek fans, it will bring in people who aren’t even into the series at all and they’ll become new fans later.


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