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Report: “Cop Out” director, Kevin Smith, kicked off of Southwest airplane for being too big…

A lot of men say they usually don’t have a great Valentine’s Day. Well you can add iconic comedy director, Kevin Smith to the list. The “Clerks”, “Dogma” and “Chasing Amy”, director Kevin Smith certainly isn’t having a good V-Day today ’cause he’s been spending too much time on twitter being on a warpath against Southwest Airliner airports. He was aboard the plane and was seated, then the Captain of the plane kicked him off because of his size. Simply too overweight to fly, according to the Captain.

Kevin Smith has been writing attacks to Southwest Air on twitter. Spending some time joking around with his followers making fun of the Southwest Air.

In this article, the Southwest Air says they read every tweet Kevin Smith have been sending to them.

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See Kevin Smith’s official twitter page here:


That’s ridiculous. I hope Kevin decides to sue Southwest Air! Kevin is a big guy, but NOT that big. I personally think the only reason he was kicked off ’cause the Captain was jealous of his fame.