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Warwick Davis confirmed to return to “Star Wars” for “Episode VII” but will he reprise his role as an older Wicket???

Midget actor, Warwick Davis, just confirmed in this video that he is having a role for JJ’s “Star Wars: Episode VII” but the character he is playing haven’t been revealed yet. If you don’t know who Warwick Davis is, he got his start in acting playing Wicket the Ewok for “Return of the Jedi”. That was his first major movie role. Then he played Wicket again for the two Star Wars spin-off films in “Caravan of Courage: An Ewoks adventure” and “Ewoks: The Battle of Endor”.

Later in his career, Warwick became a more well-known actor after he landed the leading role for “Willow” directed by Ron Howard and starred in the first three, “Leprechaun” movies. He also had an appearance in “Star Wars Episode I” under 5 different characters and had roles in the Harry Potter films.

I also remembered seeing Warwick having a role in a Dr. Who episode toward the end of Season 7.

Are we gonna see the return of the Ewoks in “Episode VII” or is Warwick set to play a different character???

I think it would be cool if Warwick did reprise his role as an older Wicket. “Star Wars 7” could start off where “Return of the Jedi” left off. “Star Wars 7” could start on the Moon of Endor and Wicket could have a short cameo appearance, maybe.

I know the Ewoks is not everyone’s favorite but I enjoyed those characters. I thought “Return of the Jedi” was fun for what it was and it made sense to use the Ewoks for that film. The Ewoks were obviously created for children’s entertainment, yes but I thought they were an important part of the story. Han, Leia and Luke needed a little guidance ’cause they knew they couldn’t get to the Empire bunker alone on Endor so it was smart to use Ewoks to help them out. I liked, “Return of the Jedi” not the best Star Wars film (“Empire” was the best) but it was entertaining.

Warwick could also be playing more than one role for “Episode 7” so keep that in mind. He has always been known to playing more than one characters in movies over the years.

Warwick is a great actor and underrated. I always respected him. “Willow” is one of my favorite movies too.


Report: Warwick Davis says he’s down for “Willow 2”!!!

Warwick Davis the star of the original “Willow” film which was directed by Ron Howard and George Lucas created the story, revealed that he is down for another “Willow” film if a sequel ever gets the chance of greenlighting.

Warwick says he’s already got an idea for the sequel, he says the baby he rescued from the first one is all grown up and he reunites with Mad Martigan in the sequel. Warwick also says he wants lots of action and fun stuff just like the original but with more CGI effects.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Another movie that deserves another sequel! I never thought of Willow!

I doubt George Lucas would be up for another one, but maybe Ron Howard will want to do another one, who knows?

It would be great to see Kilmer back as Mad Martigan though, I loved that character in the film.

Lucas should do a sequel to Willow, it would do great and would be successful.