Report: Warwick Davis says he’s down for “Willow 2”!!!

Warwick Davis the star of the original “Willow” film which was directed by Ron Howard and George Lucas created the story, revealed that he is down for another “Willow” film if a sequel ever gets the chance of greenlighting.

Warwick says he’s already got an idea for the sequel, he says the baby he rescued from the first one is all grown up and he reunites with Mad Martigan in the sequel. Warwick also says he wants lots of action and fun stuff just like the original but with more CGI effects.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

Another movie that deserves another sequel! I never thought of Willow!

I doubt George Lucas would be up for another one, but maybe Ron Howard will want to do another one, who knows?

It would be great to see Kilmer back as Mad Martigan though, I loved that character in the film.

Lucas should do a sequel to Willow, it would do great and would be successful.



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