Happy 72nd birthday, Harrison Ford!!!

Here is an actor who I’ve always respected. I grew up my entire life watching his movies over the years and I’m sure you’ve had too. Everything from “Star Wars” to “Indiana Jones” to “American Grafitti” to “The Conversation” to his cameo in “Apacolypse Now” to “Patriot Games” to “Regarding Henry” to “Witness” to “Frantic” to “The Fugitive” to “The Devil’s Own” to “Random Hearts” to “Firewall” to “42” to “Ender’s Game” to “Expendables 3” and now “Star Wars Episode VII”.

I’m sure he’s in London somewhere celebrating his birthday today with wife Calista even with an injured leg. I’m almost 100% positive he’d rather be filming Star Wars Episode VII right now instead of nursing an injured leg.

I’ve always respected Harrison, he’s one of my favorite actors.

I’m sure JJ, the film crew and the cast will throw some kind of surprise birthday party for Harrison. Maybe he’ll celebrate with Mark and Carrie too. I’m sure they will.


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