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Kylo Ren is the name of Adam Driver’s villain character???

JJ Abrams revealed the character names from the teaser using virtual collector’s cards. Look like the name of the main villain for Episode VII is Kylo Ren who is a Sith… he might be Adam Driver’s villain character. I’m predicting that’s who it may be.


Cool stuff.

I hope in the next trailer will show Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke and the two droids. I’m sure they will.


More thoughts on the Star Wars trailer…

Like usual when it comes to JJ Abrams directing, there’s gonna be a lot of negative and hateful critics shitting on the trailer. A lot of fans are saying, “that’s it”? Well, for one, that’s what a teaser is supposed to do. A teaser is not supposed to show a lot but I’m sure we will see a lot more in the upcoming trailers. Reveal a little bit at a time.

I’m also seeing a lot of nasty criticism toward the lightsaber at the end, the mysterious black robed and hooded character at the end. Is that Adam Driver’s villain character or Luke Skywalker himself? We would never know. Like I said JJ is full of secrecy and there’s tons of it in this new trailer. As for the new lightstaber design, that’s just either for Luke or Adam Driver’s character. I’m sure not all lighstabers in the film are like that. This film is set 35 years after “Return of the Jedi” so obviously the lighsabers are gonna get a new design.

Why do we see John Boyega in a Stormtrooper suit and with no Stormtrooper helmet on? That’s another question that needs to be answered and I’m sure we will soon find out. Is Boyega’s character a Stormtrooper member and he escapes from them? That’s kind of what it’s looking like in that trailer to me.

Who’s the voice over??? I immediately assumed that the voice over was Luke Skywalker but if you think about it and listen to what the voice over is saying, it’s sounding like it’s coming from an evil character. I don’t think Luke would say something like, “the dark and the light”. It is probably Adam Driver, the voice over. It doesn’t sound like Mark Hamill.

This is just a teaser… I repeat, A TEASER!!! We will see a lot more in the next one, for sure. I’ve watched the trailer like 10 times straight.

I was pretty impressed with the teaser and can’t wait to see more. I’m noticing the Stormtrooper’s are looking a little different too.


“Girls” star, Adam Driver, in talks to play main villain for “Star Wars: Episode VII”…

Look like JJ Abrams finally found his main villain for “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Turns out that Adam Driver who is most famous for his role in the HBO TV show, “Girls”, is in negotiations to play the main villain for “Star Wars: Episode VII”.

Details on the villain is top secret for now but they hint that the villain will be similar to Darth Vader.


Glad they are using a new villain for Episode 7 instead of bringing Vader back. What will be the new villain’s name? Darth something? Will he be in a costume with cape and different helmet and all? Hope this villain won’t be a relative to Anakin ’cause that would be messed up.

When will JJ ever announce that Harrison, Mark, and Carrie is in  the film or not? Everybody already knows they’re gonna be in it anyways so why the long secrecy for these three?