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Sony to reboot Lisbeth Salander franchise…

There is still no word on whether or not Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara will return for the Millennium sequel, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and there is still no word on whether or not David Fincher is coming back to direct the sequel either.

Sony doesn’t care and they are no longer waiting for them ’cause they are moving ahead with an all new Lisbeth Salander reboot. They won’t be starting with the original trilogy by Stieg Larsson but instead, they will make the film on a lower budget.

It’s looking more likely that Craig, Mara and Fincher won’t return to the franchise so Sony has no choice but to go on without them.


Such a shame ’cause I loved the American version of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by David Fincher. It’s looking like Fincher won’t comeback at all ’cause he’s got a lot of other projects up ahead.

I don’t think I’ll bother reading the 4th Lisbeth Salander novel ’cause like most people, I believe only Stieg can only write the stories. They shouldn’t have continued on without him. I love the Lisbeth Salander stories ’cause I’ve read the first three books.


Rooney Mara claims David Fincher’s “Dragon Tattoo” trilogy is dead but that’s according to her, though…

We haven’t seen a sequel of David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” based upon the book by Stieg Larsson and we finally got a new update of what’s going on with the film’s sequel, “The Girl Who Played With Fire”.

Rooney Mara spoke about the film toward E! TV and she claims the sequel isn’t going to happen and she thinks she will never play the role of Lisbeth Salander ever again. This is according to her, though.

Even though she says it might not happen, Fincher said it might ’cause Sony just spent millions on the rights and the script.


Over the last few years since Fincher hasn’t made a sequel yet, he kept himself busy with the “House of Cards” TV show for Netflix and he also made the film, “Gone Girl”. After “Gone Girl”, he’s gonna keep himself even busier ’cause he’s been signed to make a TV show for HBO called, “Utopia” so don’t expect a new David Fincher movie in the theaters anytime soon.


So if David Fincher makes the “Girl Who Played With Fire”, we probably won’t see it in a few years or longer.

We’ll have to wait and see, though. I hope Fincher will find some time to develop, “Girl Who Played With Fire” ’cause Daniel Craig is getting older and Rooney might lose interest in playing the role so I hope he makes it soon.

I really loved Fincher’s version of “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, the American version ’cause it was pretty close to the book. I think the French version pretty much sucked… wasn’t faithful to the book at all.

Lets hope Rooney is wrong and hope the film will happen. I say never say never!!!!!!!! Keep fingers crossed for now!


Film Review: “Gone Girl”…

Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosemund Pike, Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris

Directed by: David Fincher

Today, I just went and saw the new David Fincher film, “Gone Girl” and here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne reports that his wife, Amy, has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceits and strange behavior have everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife?

So far, out of all the movies I’ve seen this year in 2014, “Gone Girl” is definitely the best film of this year. David Fincher does it again! This is an edge of your seat kind of movie and you’ll be hooked to this film right from the start (Fincher does this with all of his movies). I thought this film had the best writing I’ve ever seen. The script was perfect. It was smart and intelligent writing. The story was unpredictable and had plenty of twists and turns. The film does a great job keeping the disappearance of Amy Dunne mysterious.

I know Ben Affleck isn’t everyone’s favorite actor but it seems he’s getting better with his acting as of late. Affleck was actually pretty enjoyable in this film. Affleck’s character seemed pretty realistic and he had personality. I was most impressed with Rosemund Pike who played, Amy. I think Rosemund Pike is gonna get an Oscar nod for this role. The entire cast did a great job. Neil Patrick Harris (formerly known as Doogie Howser) even did a great job even though his role was short.

Trent Reznor killed it with the score again. Trent played incredible music for “The Social Network and “Dragon Tattoo” but I think the music he did with “Gone Girl” was the best of the Fincher movies. It makes me want to get the “Gone Girl” soundtrack soon.

They tried to make Amy look like a sweet innocent young woman who deserves to be found but once you watch the actual movie, you may think differently. The ending is a real head scratcher and will make you say to yourself, “Huh?”. When the film got over with and the credits started rolling… I noticed that the people in the audience (which was half full) didn’t stand up from their seats to leave the theater right away. It took them a little bit to leave the theater ’cause I would think they were pretty stunned with the ending like I was. I won’t spoil anything, of course.

This really was an amazing film as I predicted it would be. David Fincher always makes good movies so it doesn’t surprise me at all that this film turned out good. This movie is definitely worth the money and you should definitely go check it out. I’m definitely getting the BluRay to this film when it comes out. I haven’t read the book yet but probably will soon.

I’ll give this movie a perfect 5 out of 5 score as in “excellent”.


David Fincher was original choice to direct “Star Wars: Episode VII” but he said no…

Before JJ Abrams got the gig to direct “Star Wars Episode VII”, David Fincher was one of the original directors to helm the next Star Wars film but he simply turned it down. The reason is ’cause he’s a huge fan of “Empire Strikes Back” and he would have made “Episode VII” more like that film. He also said that the reason he turned it down is ’cause he saw the Star Wars films as two droids being slaves like the first two and they stopped the droids being slaves storyline in “Jedi”. Fincher would have kept the droids being slaves story going.


While Fincher is one of the best directors out there, I don’t he’d make a great fit either. Knowing how all of Fincher’s films are, he would have made the film too dark and too intense for families. He would have made the story too difficult for children to understand. I’m a huge fan of all of Fincher’s directed movies, of course, the only film he did I didn’t care for was “Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, that was the only one I didn’t like but all of his other directed movies were great: “Alien 3”, “Se7en”, “Fight Club”, “Social Network”, “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, etc. I also love his Netflix TV show, “House of Cards”.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Gone Girl”. That’s the next film I plan on seeing in theater.

Now here’s a question for Mr. Fincher, “When are you going to get around to getting ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ in the works?”. Come on, dude, bring back Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara for another Millennium film. His, “Dragon Tattoo” film was pretty amazing. That’s the best film he did, in my opinion. I wish he would get to the work on the sequel already!!! We’re all waiting for it!


David Fincher is OUT of “Steve Jobs” biopic film…

David Fincher is out of directing the “Steve Jobs” biopic film that is going to be scripted by Aaron Sorkin. Why is Fincher no longer directing, “Jobs”??? Well it’s because Fincher wanted a $10 million dollar paycheck and he wanted complete control over marketing so Sony is saying no to both of those. Seems like Sony just fired his ass.


That’s good, though! I want Fincher to get to work on, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and he needs to concentrate on “House of Cards – Season 3”.

Speaking of Steve Jobs, I just got done reading his biography book that was written by Walter Isaacs and it was an excellent book. Will this biopic movie be based on that book? Made me respect Steve Jobs even more now after reading it. Steve may have been an asshole over the years but it was his way of doing whatever he could to make Apple big and all he wanted was to make the best products. In the past, I was going to avoid Apple products like the plague but when I finally decided to check out the Ipad, I wanted one of my own so I got one. I also got the Ipod Touch which I also like. Turns out that Apple products is cool stuff.

Only thing though, will I get an Iphone someday? Nah, I don’t think I’ll ever get one.  I’ll just stick with the Ipad and the Ipod Touch. I’ll have to admit that both of those have been pretty addicting to me.

For the Ipad, I just get apps that can be pretty useful to me and the ones that are good. For the Ipod Touch, I just use that to listen to music. I will also admit that buying  albums off of Itunes have become quite an addiction to me. Can’t help it. I love music and willing to buy albums “legally” ’cause I don’t believe in illegal pirating. I like supporting the artist.

While I do like the Ipod, there’s a few things I don’t like about it…. 1) sound quality could be improved 2) buying albums from the Itunes store can take up a lot of memory on your PC. If Apple can fix those two things that would make them perfect. Other than that, I like Apple.


David Fincher set to reunite with Aaron Sorkin for “Steve Jobs” biopic…

David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin worked together for, “The Social Network” film. The two are set to reunite for the upcoming “Steve Jobs” movie.

Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me that David Fincher was going to be on board for this. He’s one of my favorite film makers but I’m also disappointed in this news. Why? I want him to get right to work on, “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, the second Lisbeth Salander movie (w/ Rooney Mara, and Daniel Craig). Look like we may have to wait even longer for “The Girl Who Played With Fire”.

Back to the “Steve Jobs” movie, will they get Trent Reznor to score again? That wouldn’t surprise me as well. They’ll probably get Daniel Craig a role in the “Jobs” movie. Not sure if Daniel Craig will play Steve but maybe a different role. I can’t see Daniel Craig playing Steve anyway, they look nothing like each other.

Hope they pick a good actor to play Steve. I’m not sure of my choices of who to play Steve but for the older Steve… I’d say get somebody like Daniel Day-Lewis or Liam Neeson. Those guys can play just about any role that throws at ’em and I’m positive they can nail it!


Can’t wait for “House of Cards – Season 2”!!!



I like most holidays but Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday like most singles. For once, I look forward to Valentine’s Day ’cause that’s the day when “House of Cards – Season 2” will arrive on Netflix. So on that day, Feb. 14th, I’ll be watching “House of Cards”.

It really is a great show, guys. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Season 1 before Season 2, though. Frank Underwood is a badass. “House of Cards” was Netflix’s first original TV show and already it’s a big hit. As soon as I saw the first episode, I was immediately hooked like everyone else. It’s an addicting show. I’m sure Season 2 will be just as great.

This is one of the best shows on television for sure other than “Breaking Bad”, “Sons of Anarchy”, and “Dexter”. I don’t watch a lot of cable TV. There’s only a few shows that I like to watch. You really should check out, “House of Cards”. Awesome show. Good cast, good writing and just entertaining as hell!


Ready for the return of Frank Underwood??? “House of Cards – Season 2” set for release on Valentine’s Day…

I’m pretty stoked for Season 2 of Netflix’s “House of Cards”. When season 1 arrived on Netflix, I was immediately addicted to the show. The show is so good. It maybe a politically driven show but the writing is perfect and the cast is awesome. Lets hope Season 2 won’t disappoint. I’m sure it won’t. Season 2 will arrive on Netflix Feb. 14th, 2014 which is Valentine’s Day. Can’t freakin’ wait!!! It’s about time that they gave us an announcement.

See the teaser video, here.


Film of The Day: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher version)

I think I remember picking this film as one of the best films of 2011, and I still stand by it. This is really quite the incredible flick. Based upon the famous novel by, Stieg Larsson. The Millenium Trilogy books has been pretty popular for years. Yes, these books were already made into Swedish films with Noomi Rapace, starring as Lisbeth Salander, but Fincher came along and started doing the American versions. I knew Fincher would do a great job directing “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, from the very start.

It tells a story about a journalist named, Mikael Blomkvist, who helps a man to find his missing daughter, Harriet. Of course, Mikael couldn’t do the job alone, so he hired a young computer hacker to help him do the research. Mikael thought this young computer hacker, was just an ordinary girl, but he learns that she wasn’t because of her goth-like appearance.

Starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, I thought both of them delivered great performances. The entire cast did great, honestly. Trent Reznor once again gave this film a beautiful score. The story was pretty thrilling and it’ll leave you wanting more and more. This Lisbeth Salander is a pretty like-able character.There are some disturbing and graphic scenes in this film, but without them, then this Lisbeth Salander character wouldn’t have worked. What I was most impressed with the film is that this film stayed very faithful to the novel. It didn’t leave anything out at all, pretty much.

I’m a proud owner of this film on Blu-Ray, and it’s another one of those films, I can re-watch over and over. I hope David Fincher and Trent Reznor will still work together for the next two films, “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, and “Hornets Nest”. If you’re late on Fincher’s, “Dragon Tattoo”, and haven’t seen it. I would recommend it.


Why “House of Cards” is one of the best TV shows in a long while…

So I finished Netflix’s first original TV show, “House of Cards” Season 1 this week. The show is very addicting from the very start. Why? Because all the characters are very likeable. The show is well casted and has an all star lineup. Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, etc. The show also has some of the best writing. It is almost perfect. As soon as you start watching the show, it’ll leave you wanting more and more. Why is this show addicting?

Because this show wants to give you a reality check of what politics can be really like behind the scenes. Yes, this show is fictional, but it can be realistic too. Once you watch this show, you’ll realize that the world of politics isn’t an easy job as you think. It’s all ego, power, greed, etc. You would also see politicians get setbacks like dealing with alcoholism and affairs with other women. Things like that. Everything that politicians deal with in real life, is a part of this show.

While Francis Underwood is a great character, it’s a character named Peter Russo, who steals the show. That character is what makes the show works. Peter Russo is played by an actor by the name of Corey Stoll. Robin Wright’s character is pretty strong too.

Not bad for a 1st time original show for Netflix, and I’m already looking forward to Season 2. I’m sure they’ll get right to work on Season 2, since the first season was very successful and got positive reviews everywhere. I’ve been a long time fan of David Fincher’s work for years, and he continues to impress me.

If  you haven’t started watching this show yet on Netflix, get on it. The show was surprisingly amazing. I didn’t think it would be that good either.