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Ready for the return of Frank Underwood??? “House of Cards – Season 2” set for release on Valentine’s Day…

I’m pretty stoked for Season 2 of Netflix’s “House of Cards”. When season 1 arrived on Netflix, I was immediately addicted to the show. The show is so good. It maybe a politically driven show but the writing is perfect and the cast is awesome. Lets hope Season 2 won’t disappoint. I’m sure it won’t. Season 2 will arrive on Netflix Feb. 14th, 2014 which is Valentine’s Day. Can’t freakin’ wait!!! It’s about time that they gave us an announcement.

See the teaser video, here.


Film of The Day: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher version)

I think I remember picking this film as one of the best films of 2011, and I still stand by it. This is really quite the incredible flick. Based upon the famous novel by, Stieg Larsson. The Millenium Trilogy books has been pretty popular for years. Yes, these books were already made into Swedish films with Noomi Rapace, starring as Lisbeth Salander, but Fincher came along and started doing the American versions. I knew Fincher would do a great job directing “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, from the very start.

It tells a story about a journalist named, Mikael Blomkvist, who helps a man to find his missing daughter, Harriet. Of course, Mikael couldn’t do the job alone, so he hired a young computer hacker to help him do the research. Mikael thought this young computer hacker, was just an ordinary girl, but he learns that she wasn’t because of her goth-like appearance.

Starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, I thought both of them delivered great performances. The entire cast did great, honestly. Trent Reznor once again gave this film a beautiful score. The story was pretty thrilling and it’ll leave you wanting more and more. This Lisbeth Salander is a pretty like-able character.There are some disturbing and graphic scenes in this film, but without them, then this Lisbeth Salander character wouldn’t have worked. What I was most impressed with the film is that this film stayed very faithful to the novel. It didn’t leave anything out at all, pretty much.

I’m a proud owner of this film on Blu-Ray, and it’s another one of those films, I can re-watch over and over. I hope David Fincher and Trent Reznor will still work together for the next two films, “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, and “Hornets Nest”. If you’re late on Fincher’s, “Dragon Tattoo”, and haven’t seen it. I would recommend it.


Why “House of Cards” is one of the best TV shows in a long while…

So I finished Netflix’s first original TV show, “House of Cards” Season 1 this week. The show is very addicting from the very start. Why? Because all the characters are very likeable. The show is well casted and has an all star lineup. Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, etc. The show also has some of the best writing. It is almost perfect. As soon as you start watching the show, it’ll leave you wanting more and more. Why is this show addicting?

Because this show wants to give you a reality check of what politics can be really like behind the scenes. Yes, this show is fictional, but it can be realistic too. Once you watch this show, you’ll realize that the world of politics isn’t an easy job as you think. It’s all ego, power, greed, etc. You would also see politicians get setbacks like dealing with alcoholism and affairs with other women. Things like that. Everything that politicians deal with in real life, is a part of this show.

While Francis Underwood is a great character, it’s a character named Peter Russo, who steals the show. That character is what makes the show works. Peter Russo is played by an actor by the name of Corey Stoll. Robin Wright’s character is pretty strong too.

Not bad for a 1st time original show for Netflix, and I’m already looking forward to Season 2. I’m sure they’ll get right to work on Season 2, since the first season was very successful and got positive reviews everywhere. I’ve been a long time fan of David Fincher’s work for years, and he continues to impress me.

If  you haven’t started watching this show yet on Netflix, get on it. The show was surprisingly amazing. I didn’t think it would be that good either.


Netflix’s original TV show, “House of Cards”, is very addicting!

Now you can add David Fincher’s TV show for Netflix, “House of Cards”, to the list of my favorite current TV shows. So far, I’ve watched 6 episodes of the show on Netflix, and can’t get enough! It’s surprisingly really good! Great writing, and acting by the cast! This is Kevin Spacey’s best acting in his career, and Kate Mara (who is Rooney’s older sister) is a pretty good actress too. It’s about this guy named Francis Underwood, who is a ruthless Congressman, and he is desperate to become President of the United States, and would do just about anything to get there. David Fincher didn’t direct all of the episodes this season, Joel Schumacher directed some too. I’m halfway through this season, and there are 13 episodes.

It’s a pretty realistic show and pretty entertaining. I was skeptical of this show at first, but after checking out a few episodes, I was immediately hooked!

Is Netflix the future of TV? Absolutely! “House of Cards” is becoming a big hit, so I’m sure there will definitely be more seasons in the future. I’m also sure Netflix will create more original TV shows and movies.

If you have nothing to watch on Netflix, I would recommend you check this show out yourself. You can tell this show is a David Fincher creation, ’cause of his unique style. The way he films this show is the similar way he films his big screen movies. Oh, Fincher and Kevin Spacey already worked together once. Remember the film, “Se7en”?


Report: India bans release of “Dragon Tattoo” because Fincher refused to cut scenes…

India has banned the release of, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” because David Fincher refused to cut three scenes that they wanted out of the film. There was a love making scene between Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, a lesbian scene, and the rape scene. The film was originally scheduled to premiere in India on Feb. 10th.

The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Another example of censorship! This is Fincher’s work, and he shouldn’t have to be told how to make his movies. Fincher did the right thing telling India to fuck off. Imagine what the film would be like without those three scenes? If those three scenes weren’t in the film, then the film would bomb in India.

Those three scenes they wanted out were the big part of the “Dragon Tattoo” story. All the sex and the rape were the huge part of Lisbeth Salander’s character. If those things weren’t a part of this film at all, then the film wouldn’t have mattered.

I’m siding with Fincher on this one.


Film Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Starring: Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer

Directed by: David Fincher

Even though I picked this film as my No. 1 film of the year for 2011, I thought I would give this film a more detailed review to explain why. Here it is…

Plot/synopsis: A disgraced journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, teams up with a young computer hacker, named Lisbeth Salander, to search for a missing woman named Harriet, who has been gone for 40 years. 

A lot of people liked the Swedish version with Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth, I didn’t. The Swedish version had way too many problems. In the Swedish version, they made Mikael Blomkist, a kind, caring, good guy type of character when he wasn’t like that in the book. In the book, he had a don’t give a fuck, tough guy kind of attitude and wouldn’t give up until this missing woman is found. Plus, the Swedish version left too much out of the book and changed the story around.

This novel had a large following in Sweden and then slowly became more popular in the US. Finally, David Fincher, who is one of my favorite directors, did his take on the story. Honestly, I never was going to get into the Millennium series because all the internet buzz about the novel, got me into it. Like everyone else, I became addicted to the Lisbeth Salander character. This story deserves to get known in the US and David Fincher was the perfect director to do that job. I could see no other director doing this movie.

Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth in the Swedish version, was okay, but that wasn’t how the character was in this book. Noomi’s version, she wasn’t shy, and she was a little more evil and aggressive in this one. Rooney Mara’s version of the character stayed true to the novel. In the book, Lisbeth was described as very emotional and tough, but she also had heart and she can love people when she wanted it. Rooney Mara did a great job staying true to the character. I never liked Rooney Mara as an actress too much, but she showed her acting talent as Lisbeth in this one, that I gave her a little more respect.

Fincher’s version is more stylish and different. It’s a very dark movie and the pacing maybe a little slow, but you’ll become addicted to the story as soon as it starts and will keep you watching ’til the very end.

I was also impressed with Trent Reznor’s score for this film. His scores in movies are getting better and better. I didn’t want Trent to retire from Nine Inch Nails, but when he announced he was quitting Nine Inch Nails to start a career scoring movies, I’m beginning to think that what he did was a good thing. At first I didn’t think Trent had enough talent to score movies, but I thought wrong. He already won an Oscar for “The Social Network”, and here’s another great score for, “Dragon Tattoo”. He is very talented at composing music for movies.

I was most impressed on how faithful and true the movie was to the book. The movie matched every scene from the book perfectly. Didn’t really leave anything out at all. Movie adaptations from novels always had a problem with leaving stuff out and changing the story around, but that didn’t happen with this film. Even the rape scene and all the sex is in there as well.

Lisbeth Salander is one of the best movie characters in a long time. Could she easily line up with all the other great movie characters like the Terminator, Rambo, Clark Griswold, ET, Bill the Butcher, Heath Ledger’s Joker, and Indiana Jones? Yes, absolutely!!! This movie maybe dark, graphic and disturbing, but the Lisbeth Salander character wouldn’t matter if the controversial stuff wasn’t part of the story.

Stieg Larrson inspired this story, from the Pippi Longstocking children’s book, that’s where it all came from. Fincher’s version was pretty masterful and this is why I had chosen this film to be the best movie of the year. I think the story was made as a way to bring awareness to sexual violence against women and that stuff still happens to this day. Fincher did a phenomenal job, and I hope he directs the other two sequels to this movie, “Girl Who Played with Fire” and “Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”. I haven’t read “Hornet’s Nest” yet, the third book, I plan on buying that book for my Ipad soon.

I don’t think “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Fincher will be Oscar worthy for “Best Picture” but it be cool if it actually got the nomination.

Score for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” = **** (4 stars as in excellent”)


Report: Scarlett Johansson was original choice to play Lisbeth Salander but was dropped by David Fincher…

“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is on the cover of this month’s “Vogue” magazine, and David Fincher talks about the film in that issue. He said, Scarlett Johansson, was the original choice to play Lisbeth Salander, but she was dropped, and he decided to hire Rooney Mara for the role instead.

David does explain why he dropped Scarlett. He basically said that if he had Scarlett in the movie, everyone will expect her to get naked. Lisbeth was supposed to be like a children’s character (Remember, she was inspired by Pippi Longstocking), so David compared her to, E.T. , to give you an example. He wanted the Lisbeth character to be lovable, like E.T. He felt Scarlett didn’t have that, I guess.  He was impressed with her acting during her audition, though.

Read the full story, here.

I’m sure Scarlett would have done a great job but her boobs are too big. In the book, Lisbeth’s boobs were described as small.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the “Dragon Tattoo” movie, I will see it in theater and I hope it won’t be disappointing. I’m sure Fincher will do justice with the book.