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The way Kevin Spacey came out of the closet was pretty creepy and disturbing, wow…

I have nothing against closeted homosexuals coming out of the closet after keeping their sexuality secret after all these years, but the way Kevin Spacey did it was creepy and disturbing. As you all probably heard in the news by now, actor Anthony Rapp accused Mr. Spacey of attempting to molest  him when Rapp was 14 years old.

Mr. Spacey put out this creepy and disturbing statement after the news got out:

I’m just like everyone else. I too am scratching my head that he claims he doesn’t remember the incident, but he remembers being drunk, though. Then after that, he came out of the closet as a gay man which is no surprise really. So let me get this straight. Kevin just basically admitted to it, and he tried to justify it by saying that he’s drunk and he’s gay? Um, wow… lmao. Kevin did it that way hoping he would get a free pass. No surprise to see the media siding with Kevin instead of Anthony. I’m not seeing much outrage from the liberal left either. They’re all quiet about this ’cause I’m willing to bet that liberals secretly loved the way Kevin came out of the closet.

I’m also seeing some people saying that Kevin never played a gay or bi-sexual character in movies & TV shows which you know is a huge lie. Of course he did. Last time I remember, in the film American Beauty, Kevin was seen making out with a man in the film. You know that scene in the garage when it was raining out. Yeah, that scene. Plus, Frank Underwood in House Of Cards turned out to be a bi-sexual character.

It’s a shame though ’cause I used like Kevin as an actor. He was in some good films over the years, but I can no longer support him. My respect for the man is gone. I’ll no longer watch a movie or a TV show that he’s in.

It’s real sad what Hollywood has become lately. We’re watching Hollywood crumble before our own very eyes. Box office numbers going down on big movies, and we’re witnessing actors/actresses/directors careers get destroyed. It’s crazy.



Is it just me or was “House of Cards” inspired from Obama’s corrupted presidency???

“Frank Underwood learned it from me” – Obama

Everything in that “House of Cards” TV show on Netflix, totally reminds me of Obama. Frank Underwood is a corrupted, lying, closeted homosexual, psychopath and murderer just like Obama.

Yep, Frank Underwood certainly did learn from Obama. Think about why Obama himself is an avid fan of the show? Probably because Frank Underwood reminds him of himself.

Something tells me that the makers behind this show… David Fincher and the crew know what kind of man Obama really is. This show is almost like Obama’s biography.


Kevin Spacey will star in next Call of Duty game, “Advanced Warfare”…

I used to be a fan of the COD games but I lost interest in them. Why? It’s because I think COD games are pretty overrated and I don’t appreciate their online multi-player. Their online-multi-player is pretty much garbage ’cause all those kids wanna do is camp and cheat. They don’t actually wanna play. That’s why I gave up playing first-person shooters online. I just like playing the regular story line game, not the online multi-player. I love first person shooters though. The last COD game I played was “COD: Black Ops” and I haven’t played a new one since then.

I admittedly have been staying away from playing video games for a while even if I’m a video gamer myself. I got better things to do than playing video games for hours and hours. I only play video games when I’m really really bored. I should get back to video gaming, though.

“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” actually looks pretty good. Not sure if I’ll get it, though. I’m happy for Kevin Spacey getting this opportunity, though. This game could help Netflix’s “House of Cards” get more recognition.

Enjoy the trailer. “COD: Advanced Warfare” drops in stores Nov. 4th.


Can’t wait for “House of Cards – Season 2”!!!



I like most holidays but Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday like most singles. For once, I look forward to Valentine’s Day ’cause that’s the day when “House of Cards – Season 2” will arrive on Netflix. So on that day, Feb. 14th, I’ll be watching “House of Cards”.

It really is a great show, guys. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Season 1 before Season 2, though. Frank Underwood is a badass. “House of Cards” was Netflix’s first original TV show and already it’s a big hit. As soon as I saw the first episode, I was immediately hooked like everyone else. It’s an addicting show. I’m sure Season 2 will be just as great.

This is one of the best shows on television for sure other than “Breaking Bad”, “Sons of Anarchy”, and “Dexter”. I don’t watch a lot of cable TV. There’s only a few shows that I like to watch. You really should check out, “House of Cards”. Awesome show. Good cast, good writing and just entertaining as hell!


Ready for the return of Frank Underwood??? “House of Cards – Season 2” set for release on Valentine’s Day…

I’m pretty stoked for Season 2 of Netflix’s “House of Cards”. When season 1 arrived on Netflix, I was immediately addicted to the show. The show is so good. It maybe a politically driven show but the writing is perfect and the cast is awesome. Lets hope Season 2 won’t disappoint. I’m sure it won’t. Season 2 will arrive on Netflix Feb. 14th, 2014 which is Valentine’s Day. Can’t freakin’ wait!!! It’s about time that they gave us an announcement.

See the teaser video, here.


Cool Video: Frank Underwood spoof of the White House Correspondents Dinner…

Netflix’s original series, House of Cards, has gotten so popular that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is becoming a favorite character for everyone. The show decides to spoof the White House Correspondents dinner by having Frank Underwood join in. “House of Cards” is a political drama that has a bit of dark comedy in it as well. The show can also be humorous.

I laughed pretty hard at this video. Especially the Anthony Weiner comments which really did it to me.

“House of Cards”, really is a great show; wish they would get season 2 green-lighted already. Enjoy the laughs.



Film Of The Day: Glengarry Glen Ross

Lets see here, we have Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, etc. This movie was, “The Expendables” of the 90’s. A movie full of iconic actors. This film tells a story about a group of salesmen, who were given a strong incentive by a man named Blake, to succeed in a sales contest. A set of prizes are given, and only closers will get the good sales leads.

This has always been one of my favorite flicks. I’ve watched this film too many times. Mainly because of Alec Baldwin’s performance as Blake, the villain of the film. Alec Baldwin has always been the best at playing asshole characters in films, why? Because I believe that’s what he is in real life. Of course, Jack Lemmon’s performance is golden in this film and so is Al Pacino. They’re all great!

This film may be a slow pacing movie, but it’s the dialogue in the script that will make you addicted to it. The movie is full of swearing and cuss words throughout the film, but the story is what’s important. This film is streamable for Netflix. If you don’t own the DVD/BluRay, watch it on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed!


Why “House of Cards” is one of the best TV shows in a long while…

So I finished Netflix’s first original TV show, “House of Cards” Season 1 this week. The show is very addicting from the very start. Why? Because all the characters are very likeable. The show is well casted and has an all star lineup. Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, etc. The show also has some of the best writing. It is almost perfect. As soon as you start watching the show, it’ll leave you wanting more and more. Why is this show addicting?

Because this show wants to give you a reality check of what politics can be really like behind the scenes. Yes, this show is fictional, but it can be realistic too. Once you watch this show, you’ll realize that the world of politics isn’t an easy job as you think. It’s all ego, power, greed, etc. You would also see politicians get setbacks like dealing with alcoholism and affairs with other women. Things like that. Everything that politicians deal with in real life, is a part of this show.

While Francis Underwood is a great character, it’s a character named Peter Russo, who steals the show. That character is what makes the show works. Peter Russo is played by an actor by the name of Corey Stoll. Robin Wright’s character is pretty strong too.

Not bad for a 1st time original show for Netflix, and I’m already looking forward to Season 2. I’m sure they’ll get right to work on Season 2, since the first season was very successful and got positive reviews everywhere. I’ve been a long time fan of David Fincher’s work for years, and he continues to impress me.

If  you haven’t started watching this show yet on Netflix, get on it. The show was surprisingly amazing. I didn’t think it would be that good either.


Netflix’s original TV show, “House of Cards”, is very addicting!

Now you can add David Fincher’s TV show for Netflix, “House of Cards”, to the list of my favorite current TV shows. So far, I’ve watched 6 episodes of the show on Netflix, and can’t get enough! It’s surprisingly really good! Great writing, and acting by the cast! This is Kevin Spacey’s best acting in his career, and Kate Mara (who is Rooney’s older sister) is a pretty good actress too. It’s about this guy named Francis Underwood, who is a ruthless Congressman, and he is desperate to become President of the United States, and would do just about anything to get there. David Fincher didn’t direct all of the episodes this season, Joel Schumacher directed some too. I’m halfway through this season, and there are 13 episodes.

It’s a pretty realistic show and pretty entertaining. I was skeptical of this show at first, but after checking out a few episodes, I was immediately hooked!

Is Netflix the future of TV? Absolutely! “House of Cards” is becoming a big hit, so I’m sure there will definitely be more seasons in the future. I’m also sure Netflix will create more original TV shows and movies.

If you have nothing to watch on Netflix, I would recommend you check this show out yourself. You can tell this show is a David Fincher creation, ’cause of his unique style. The way he films this show is the similar way he films his big screen movies. Oh, Fincher and Kevin Spacey already worked together once. Remember the film, “Se7en”?


Report: Somali pirates vs. Captain Phillips coming to the big screen!!! See? I told you so!

As I predicted, Hollywood is going to make a big motion picture out of this story of Captain Phillips being held captive by the Somali pirates. Columbia pictures has picked up the rights and greenlighted this huge news story to make it into a film. I believe that Columbia is going to make it an action movie with a big name star playing Captain Phillips.

No director and no writer is on board yet, just a bunch of producers.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Since Kevin Spacey is producing the film, I’m willing to bet, they’re going to get him to play Captain Phillips? Spacey doesn’t wear glasses and doesn’t have facial hair, but the make up and costume designers can simply give him that stuff.

Now a motion picture has been greenlighted for this controversial story, expect the video game industry to start making their own games to give their take on the story. Think how a game like this would be a cool first person shooter?