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Report: Tom Hanks will play Capt. Richard Phillips for Somali Pirate Saga…

The controversial story of the, Maersk Alabama, cargo ship hijacked by Somali Pirates in April of 2009, have made huge in the news. Sony Pictures is finally moving forward with the big screen movie based on this story. Look like Tom Hanks have said “yes” to starring as Capt. Richard Phillips for the role.

What do you think? Do you like Tom as Capt. Phillips? Tom would have to gain a little more weight. He would also have to grow a beard and mustache to match Capt. Phillips look. The makeup and hairstylists can make Tom look like Capt. Phillips easily. Knowing how great of an actor Tom Hanks is, Hanks can easily make his speaking voice sound exactly like Capt. Phillips’s speaking voice. I’m pretty sure Tom will nail this role with no problem.

I actually like Tom as Capt. Phillips and it’s a good choice!

See the full story here at, Deadline.

Who are they going to get for Andrea Phillips, Richard’s wife? They probably will get a big name actress for her too, just don’t get Julia Roberts please, anybody but her.


Report: Somali pirates vs. Captain Phillips coming to the big screen!!! See? I told you so!

As I predicted, Hollywood is going to make a big motion picture out of this story of Captain Phillips being held captive by the Somali pirates. Columbia pictures has picked up the rights and greenlighted this huge news story to make it into a film. I believe that Columbia is going to make it an action movie with a big name star playing Captain Phillips.

No director and no writer is on board yet, just a bunch of producers.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Since Kevin Spacey is producing the film, I’m willing to bet, they’re going to get him to play Captain Phillips? Spacey doesn’t wear glasses and doesn’t have facial hair, but the make up and costume designers can simply give him that stuff.

Now a motion picture has been greenlighted for this controversial story, expect the video game industry to start making their own games to give their take on the story. Think how a game like this would be a cool first person shooter?