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Cool Video: “Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks actually looks very impressive!!!

When Captain Phillips was held captive by pirates, it all seemed like an action movie happening in real life. Sure enough, Hollywood had to make a movie about it and here it is. The first teaser trailer of the film starring Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips. The film is directed by Paul Greengrass. Tom Hanks haven’t been in a great movie in the last 10 years or so and I hope he’ll redeem himself with this one. Tom Hanks in another adventure movie kind of like, “Cast Away”.



Report: Somali pirates vs. Captain Phillips coming to the big screen!!! See? I told you so!

As I predicted, Hollywood is going to make a big motion picture out of this story of Captain Phillips being held captive by the Somali pirates. Columbia pictures has picked up the rights and greenlighted this huge news story to make it into a film. I believe that Columbia is going to make it an action movie with a big name star playing Captain Phillips.

No director and no writer is on board yet, just a bunch of producers.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Since Kevin Spacey is producing the film, I’m willing to bet, they’re going to get him to play Captain Phillips? Spacey doesn’t wear glasses and doesn’t have facial hair, but the make up and costume designers can simply give him that stuff.

Now a motion picture has been greenlighted for this controversial story, expect the video game industry to start making their own games to give their take on the story. Think how a game like this would be a cool first person shooter?


BREAKING NEWS: Somalia pirates drama, an Easter miracle!!!

Oh my! How cool is this! An easter miracle for us all to smile about! A happy ending in Somalia, indeed! I’m so glad and relieved this mess is all over!

More on it here:


Well…it’s over for now ’cause like the pirates said, they vow revenge on the US and France…so they may attack more in the future.

It’s almost like a fuckin’ movie in real life. How much do you want to bet Hollywood will make this into a movie for the big screen? Maybe it will be made into a video game where you have to rescue Captain Phillips and the other hostages from the pirates?

Either way, the entertainment industry is going to be all over this.

I’m happy for Captain Phillips and everyone else that is alive and safe. Awesome!