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Saw “The Dark Tower” movie earlier today and it was freakin’ awesome surprisingly!!!

Roland Deschain.jpg

Ron Howard has been trying to make “The Dark Tower” series happen for many years; he had a lot of difficulties and setbacks trying to get this project greenlighted. Studios kept rejecting the project and it was finally picked up by Columbia Pictures. The studio, Columbia Pictures was gracious enough to finally get it greenlighted and get the project going. The film also went through a few actors trying to sign on the leading role of Roland Deschain, the books protagonist. Javier Bardem was the film’s original choice for Roland but Javier bailed and the role was obviously given to Idris Elba instead. While I’m sure Javier would have done a great job, I’m glad the role was given to Elba ’cause Elba killed it. Elba knocked it out of the park; he was a total badass as Roland Deschain, I was impressed!

As far as the movie, “The Dark Tower” itself goes — I thought it was excellent! The film is getting mixed reviews by movie fans and getting trashed by critics but the last thing you want to do is listen to them. Just go see the movie yourself and then make your own opinion, that’s what I do. I thought the script was well-written and well-acted by the cast. The movie was an hour and a half long; it maybe a short movie but that’s because the book was short.

Yeah, the film overdid it with the CGI effects but what else are they gonna do when they keep switching to our world to Roland’s world where he came from, ya know? The CGI was needed for a movie like this. It was still a phenomenal movie, though. I fucking loved it all the way through. No complains at all. Definitely one of the best movies of 2017 other than “Logan”.

I thought Matt McConaughey played a badass villain like he always did. I think Matt did play a few villains in his career over the years especially his film “Killer Joe” (another great movie he did) but Matt was awesome as the Man in Black.

I thought the film was entertaining as hell. I had to go see it ’cause it’s one of my favorite books and I’ve been looking forward to this film for a pretty long time and the film is finally here!

Again, don’t listen to the critics, y’all. I thought the movie was brilliant and definitely getting the movie on BluRay when it comes out. Some of you may ask… how many Dark Tower movies are there gonna be? Will Eddie and Susannah be in the next one? I don’t know. Reading about the “Dark Tower” movie, this is a continuation of the 8 books so technically this movie isn’t based on any of the 8 books.

I can see Susannah appearing but Eddie, I don’t know. Something happens to Eddie in one of the books which I don’t want to say. Yeah, I know Eddie and Susannah are the two most popular characters in the series. The movie series is a continuation after the books so it’ll be hard to bring them both back. I’m sure the writers will figure it out, though ’cause this is Stephen King. Anything is possible with him, haha!

Again, don’t listen to the negativity toward this movie. Go see it and enjoy!



Report: Meryl Streep and Tina Fey to star in “Mommy & Me”…

Columbia Pictures has signed Tina Fey and Meryl Streep to star in a comedy, “Mommy & Me” that will also star, Stanley Tucci. Stanley Tucci, will also direct the film.

Variety Reports:


Well, there’s another Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep, you know she will get one. Maybe she’ll actually win next time?


BREAKING NEWS: Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire both NOT doing Spidey 4!!!!!

Spidey 4, was in development ever since the 3rd one came out. Now it’s turning out that Sam Raimi the director and Tobey Maguire the film’s leading star, are both not doing it. Why? Simply because, Sam doesn’t like the script. He’s been battling the studios to re-write the script for a long while since he hated it so much. Since it looks like the studios refused to re-write the script, Raimi says, “To hell with it, you’re on your own”.

No reason why Tobey Maguire wants out, but my guess, is that he doesn’t want to work on a Spidey movie without Raimi. Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios plan to re-boot the entire franchise, start it all over again.


This is great news actually. I never liked the Spidey movies to begin with. Now, hopefully Sam will finally start work on, “Evil Dead 4”? Here’s hoping. Crosses fingers!


Report: Bill Condon to direct Richard Pryor biopic, Marlon Wayans to star…

“Dreamgirls” director, Bill Condon, is in negotiations with Columbia Pictures to direct the Richard Pryor biopic. Condon has been dreaming of directing a Richard Pryor film for many years, and Columbia wants to make his dream come true for him.

Eddie Murphy was originally set to star as Richard Pryor in the film, but Murphy dropped out due to the film switching studios and Murphy wanting a higher paycheck. The film was first developed by The Weinstein Co. but Harvey Weinstein sold the rights to Condon ’cause he knew that Condon would be the right guy for the film.

Adam Sandler’s film company, Happy Madison, ended up getting the movie along with Chris Rock, Jennifer Pryor and others to produce it. They got it because they know Richard Pryor more than anybody and they wanted to make a Richard Pryor film right.

They plan to begin filming in the Spring of 2010.

Variety Reports:


I like the idea of Marlon Wayans being Richard Pryor. This sounds like an Oscar opportunity for Marlon.

This will be a special film and am looking forward to it.

Richard Pryor was one of my top 5 favorite stand up comedians and film actors. I loved him in movies like, “The Toy”, “Brewster’s Millions” and “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”. RIP Pryor.


Report: Nicolas Cage drops out of “Green Hornet”, will not play villain role…

Nicolas Cage was set to play the main villain of, Seth Rogen’s “The Green Hornet”, but not anymore. Cage apparently dropped out on the last minute when the crew were just beggining filming of the movie.

No reasons were explained as to why Cage dropped out but my bet is that knowing that Cage is a huge fan of comic books and superheroes himself, he knows what’s good and what’s bad. Well I’m sure he probably thought Seth Rogen’s take on the “Green Hornet” was bad.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:



Report: Bad Boys III greenlighted too…

Columbia Pictures has greenlighted a third installment to the action comedy series, “Bad Boys” that stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They have tapped screenwriter, Peter Craig, to write the film. They hope to reunite, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for this movie. They also hope to bring back Michael Bay as director and Jerry Bruckheimer as producer.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


I did like the first “Bad Boys” movie, was entertaining…but I didn’t like the second one though. The third one probably won’t be good, ’cause I have a feeling it will be full of CGI action sequences. I’m not that excited for a Bad Boys return. It does deserve to complete the trilogy though.


Report: Somali pirates vs. Captain Phillips coming to the big screen!!! See? I told you so!

As I predicted, Hollywood is going to make a big motion picture out of this story of Captain Phillips being held captive by the Somali pirates. Columbia pictures has picked up the rights and greenlighted this huge news story to make it into a film. I believe that Columbia is going to make it an action movie with a big name star playing Captain Phillips.

No director and no writer is on board yet, just a bunch of producers.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Since Kevin Spacey is producing the film, I’m willing to bet, they’re going to get him to play Captain Phillips? Spacey doesn’t wear glasses and doesn’t have facial hair, but the make up and costume designers can simply give him that stuff.

Now a motion picture has been greenlighted for this controversial story, expect the video game industry to start making their own games to give their take on the story. Think how a game like this would be a cool first person shooter?