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Never thought I’d say this but I actually laughed my ass off at the movie “Date Night”…

I didn’t see, “Date Night” in theater ’cause I wasn’t interested. Now that it’s out on DVD, I bought it at Best Buy last night. Watched it last night too. The reason I wanted to see it ’cause I’m a fan of Steve Carell. Loved him in “The Office” TV show and love his acting in movies too. I was pretty surprised by “Date Night”. I was worried it was going to be a crap movie, but it turned out to be a great film. It was funny, and entertaining.

After seeing this movie, made me realize that I’m glad Steve is leaving “The Office”. He’s getting too famous for TV and he’s about to become a household name in Hollywood for movies. He’s a fantastic actor and just an all around, good guy. This movie tells a story about a married couple going on a date night to a sea food restaurant in NYC, they didn’t have a reservation so they steal someone else’s identity so they can get a table. Their date night of course, goes wrong, and ends up getting into crime with city mobsters looking for a flash drive.

It actually wasn’t a bad film at all. I had some good laughs, the film had some good action, good writing. While I mostly watch action and horror films, I need to switch it up and watch a good comedy once in a while. “Date Night” is a good flick, check it out.


Report: Meryl Streep and Tina Fey to star in “Mommy & Me”…

Columbia Pictures has signed Tina Fey and Meryl Streep to star in a comedy, “Mommy & Me” that will also star, Stanley Tucci. Stanley Tucci, will also direct the film.

Variety Reports:


Well, there’s another Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep, you know she will get one. Maybe she’ll actually win next time?


Report: Tina Fey says goodbye to Sarah Palin impersonation…

Tina Fey has decided to hang the dress and take off the glasses with the impersonation of Sarah Palin, the Alaskan Governor who tried to run as McCain’s Vice President.

The reason? Tina is going back to work on “30 Rock” full time that she will not have any time to appear on SNL. She will leave the Sarah Palin impersonators to other actresses on the show.

More on it here:


I don’t think any actress can top Tina Fey. Tina Fey perfected it. No other actress will be good as Tina. I really loved the skits where Tina plays Sarah, they were very entertaining and the best thing that ever happened on SNL in a long time.


Report: Chevy Chase attacks Sarah Palin again, says her being on the show was a huge mistake…

Former SNL star and former “Weekend Update” host, Chevy Chase continues to express his hate against the Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin. First he said he wanted Tina Fey to decimate Sarah Palin next time, and now he is saying it was a bad idea to put the real Sarah Palin on the show.

He said Lorne Michaels who is the longtime founder/owner of SNL had no scripts or no lines written for Sarah Palin, everything Sarah Palin said was all improvised. That means her insult at Tina Fey “No questions please” was improv as well.

Read more on what Chevy has to say about Sarah on SNL here:


I’ll admit that Sarah’s acting was pretty bad and kind of noticed her lines weren’t scripted a bit. She should focus on politics, not trying to start an acting career.

The only thing I give Sarah credit for is that she helped Tina Fey become more well known. Seriously!


Cool Video: The real Sarah Palin DID IT!!!! She appeared on SNL last night!!!

The real Sarah Palin herself came on the show and confronted her enemy Tina Fey last night. Not only that, Mark Wahlberg himself showed up on set to confront his enemy Andy Samberg.

See it here:


Sarah also did the Weekend Update where she did a rap thing about Alaska, see it here (NOTE: This is the real Sarah Palin in Weekend Update, it’s not Tina Fey):


Know the stories in the news where Mark Walhberg didn’t like Andy Samberg impersonating him? Marky Mark is not a happy camper. (Don’t worry I know all this Samberg vs. Marky Mark is all scripted to hype up the “Max Payne” flick)

See it here:


Saturday Night Live was usual pretty lame but those three segments above I laughed the hardest, they were the best.