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Say what you want about Miley but she was looking GREAT at SNL last night!

She’s looking pretty stunning, I must say! See? She kept her clothes on this time around, so give her a break you haters. If you’ve noticed on my blog over the years, I’ve never really talked negatively about Miley. I try not to, anyway. I never really had a problem with, Miley.

She was looking gorgeous last night and she was rocking that performance too. Her voice was good.


About Martin Short and SNL…

After a little research on why Martin Short is part of the “5 Timers Club”, even though he has hosted the show 3 times, the reason Martin is a part of the club ’cause he was a regular cast member from 1984 – 1985. The year 1985 has the number 5, therefor, that’s what makes him qualified for the, “5 Timers Club”. Anything that has to do with 5, makes an SNL star eligible. I thought this was interesting, so I thought I would share it. Now I understand why he was a part of that group shot photo.

Edit to add: Same thing with Dan Aykroyd, he hasn’t hosted SNL that much, he was regular cast member from 1975-1979.


Paul McCartney and surviving members of Nirvana “could” collaborate for new album and tour…

Paul McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana performed twice together on TV. One at the Sandy Relief show in NYC and then on SNL last night, (which I did stay up to watch on TV). Last year, Paul McCartney expressed interest in working with Dave Grohl to make a hard rock album with original songs. See an old article, here, about it.

Look like a Foo Fighters/Led Zeppelin supergroup is not gonna happen anytime soon. It looks like we’ll be getting a McCartney/Nirvana supergroup next year instead. Still cool though! And it’s pretty badass these two are collaborating.

It may seem pretty odd that Paul McCartney sings hard rock and heavy music, but like I said before, Paul McCartney can sing any genre. He can do everything well. A new hard rock album haven’t been confirmed by McCartney yet, but it’s getting close to it. I think those two performances he did with Nirvana was just a small preview of what’s coming up ahead. It’s a just a test. They want to get feedback from the people, before they go ahead and do it. Paul’s a pretty versatile musician, he can do it all!


Report: First Kristen Wiig, now Andy Samberg leaves SNL…

Wow, all these stars are leaving SNL like crazy. First Kristen Wiig left, and now Andy Samberg is leaving. It’s no surprise to me that Andy could be leaving soon ’cause he is getting too big to be on SNL anyway. We won’t be missing him though ’cause I’m sure Andy is planning to start a full time movie career. When SNL stars leave the show, pretty much all of them move on to movies or they star in their own shows.

Tina Fey left SNL to do “30 Rock”, and Amy Poehler left to do “Parks & Recreation”. Could Andy do his own sitcom and do movies too? Probably.

Who will leave SNL next? Bill Hader? Seth Myers? I’m still not much of a fan of today’s SNL. I only watch if there’s a good host or musical guest is on. I was mostly into the earlier SNL when Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, and all those guys were around. The earlier days of SNL were great!


Cool Video: Wayne’s World returns to SNL!!!

Whenever Dana Carvey hosts an episode of SNL, you always get this feeling that Mike Myers and Carvey would get together to do a new Wayne’s World segment. Yes, they did exactly that! Wayne and Garth made a surprising appearance on last night’s SNL episode. They make their Oscar predictions.

See the hilarious video, here.

They still got it! After their long hiatus, they still have the popularity and people still love them! Would Mike Myers and Dana Carvey do a “Wayne’s World 3” for the big screen, please???? 🙂


Cool Video: Andy Sandberg gets drunk with Pee Wee on SNL…

Well, Saturday Night Live last night with Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t that great. Gwyneth wasn’t a good host and she was pretty boring. There is one segment that I liked last night, the skit where Andy Sandberg gets drunk with Pee Wee Herman, and then they cause trouble in NYC. Who knew that Anderson Cooper had acting skills? Even Anderson did a good job. This skit was very entertaining, of course, anything that involves Pee Wee is entertaining. Please get Pee Wee to host SNL ’cause he deserves it too, Pee Wee never hosted SNL before, believe it or not.

See the video, here.


Brock praises last night’s episode of SNL with Jeff Bridges!!!

So I stayed up late last night and watched the whole episode of SNL that Jeff Bridges hosted. I was impressed with the show. It was really good. Saturday Night Live used to suck balls, big time. Which is why I stopped watching for a long while, but SNL were on FIRE last night. It was such a good show, I wasn’t bored and they didn’t make me fall asleep. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time either. Jeff Bridges did a great job as expected. The Cookie Monster appearance was golden. I was expecting John Goodman to appear as Walter from the “Big Lebowski” movie but that didn’t happen sadly. Other than that, it was such a great show. The segments were really good. Especially the Miley Cyrus show which they made fun of her bong controversy, The Kardashian impersonators was a really good scene, and I liked the Weekend Update.

Best of all, I loved the Eminem and Lil Wayne performances. They were so good and amazingly tight. I’m not into rap music much but Eminem and Lil Wayne, wow, they put on quite the show. I hope Lil Wayne stays out of trouble and stays out of jail ’cause he is talented. He did better than Eminem honestly. Even though I like Eminem, it seems to me that Lil Wayne should have been the musical guest alone. Rap music being performed with real instruments and a real back up band? That’s why that performance gets my respect. You can like rap music or hate it, you can’t deny the talent in Lil Wayne. There’s something special about that guy. That’s why Lil Wayne is in the headlines all the time.

This is such a great performance, I had goosebumps watching it. The performance was haunting. Congrats to Lourne Michaels and SNL gang, keep up the great work! Proud of you guys! 🙂

Watch it below.


Report: Yet another SNL star leaving to focus on full time movie career? This time it’s Will Forte’s turn!

Yet, another SNL star is leaving. When former SNL stars leave over the years, they move on to become huge movie stars that they are today. It worked for Steve Martin, Martin Short, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, etc. That’s what happens when SNL stars start to become too famous for the show. They are popular enough to go on to movies. This time it’s Will Forte’s turn to leave for a big career.

I’m pretty sure the “Macgruber” film will get more sequels so he will want to work on that too. He’ll either do more movies or go on a different TV show. I think he wants to focus on a full time movie career and that’s what it’s looking like.

Keep in mind that SNL is pretty much here to help launch comedians huge film careers.

I’m pretty surprised Seth Myers, Fred Armisen and Andy Sandberg are still working for SNL, because those three guys I mentioned are getting popularity pretty quickly. Those guys will leave at some point, I’m sure.


Betty White is finally being noticed after all these years!!!

With her success of her appearance on SNL as host, which was a very good episode by the way, there will probably be more Betty White on national TV. What is next for Betty White? “Dancing with the Stars”, “American Idol” guest judge, WWE RAW guest host, “Celebrity Apprentice”, host for the next Oscars, maybe even some big movie roles, etc.

She certainly deserves all this. Make her life a good one before it’s her time to say, RIP, if you know what I mean. Not trying to be disrespectful but I think you know what I mean. This is why people want to give her all these opportunities. Give her the best time of her life before she leaves us.

She is hilarious and a talented comedian. She’s definitely one of the true legend’s of today, that’s for sure. She gets my respect a whole lot. I’m pretty sure Vince McMahon and WWE already has their eye on her for WWE RAW guest host and I’m sure they’ll get her at some point too.

Betty White rules. The Golden Girls used to be one of my favorite sitcoms back in the day, used to watch it all the time.


Cool Video: Them Crooked Vultures performs on SNL last night, I’m really diggin’ em a lot!

John Paul Jones proves he can do other things besides Led Zeppelin and I remember people claimed he couldn’t!!! Them Crooked Vultures performed on SNL last night and it was a pretty tight performance. I’m gonna have to get their album from Itunes at some point ’cause I’m really liking this new band. One of the better new rock bands to come around. If TCV’s come to Albany to play a show, I’m so there. They are unique and different.