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Will years of loud music destroy your hearing? Truth be told, yes, it will…

Well, Dave Grohl is the latest rock musician to admit that he has hearing loss. He has had it for a long while but Dave isn’t the only rock musician that lost their hearing… Brian Johnson of AC/DC is just recently suffering from it ’cause that’s why he left that band for a while to begin with.

There are other rock musicians who are hearing impaired such as Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, Huey Lewis, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Brian Wilson, Liam Gallagher, Bob Dylan… the list can keep going. Really, many of the big rock legends suffered hearing loss over the years.

Why? Maybe some of them were born with bad hearing but most rock musicians lost their hearing due to loud music over the years. Ya know, they spent their whole life playing loud music, thousands of hours of playing in the studio and playing on the stage night after night.

I myself am hearing impaired, I’m deaf on the left ear and have partial hearing loss on the right but I still have an okay ear with music. I was born with hearing loss, music didn’t do it to me, though.

Being a musician may sound fun and addictive but is it healthy for your ears being around music all the time? Not really.

I understand rock musicians need to play loud ’cause that’s how rock is supposed to be played but I think the industry needs to find a way for musicians to protect their ears more. I’m sure the industry comes up with gadgets that protect their ears and I’m sure they aren’t cheap to get either. As a musician, do you really need to be around loud music all the time? Truth is, you don’t really need to.

It seems that hearing loss with musicians and artists is getting worse and worse. That’s what happens with dealing with life in the studio and on the road touring heavily, ya know? Loud noise can wreck your ears that easily.


Thoughts on David Bowie telling Dave Grohl to “Fuck off” after being asked to collaborate for movie soundtrack…

I know how much people want to idolize their favorite musicians and artists but sometimes it’s a bad idea to interact with them or meet them in person. Why? It’s because you’ll never know whether or not they’re an asshole. That’s why it’s a good idea not to meet famous people, ya know???

Not all musicians are gonna be nice ’cause there will be many musicians that will be assholes, no matter how talented they are. I’ve met plenty of local musicians and local artists that I loved and respected but they turn out to be assholes when you talk to them.

All musicians are gonna be different, they’re not all the same. Some will be really nice and some are gonna be downright arrogant pricks.

Maybe Bowie was not an asshole to people at all? Maybe that’s just a Brit way of talking to people ’cause after all Bowie was British to begin with. Maybe British people say “Fuck Off” as their way of saying “bye”??? I don’t know. British people swear a lot like that. Bowie was a Brit who lived in New York City for most of his life. I know Ozzy talked like that a lot, he says “fuck off” to people a lot, not a way to be mean just his way of saying get lost. That’s just the Brits way of talking. I don’t believe Bowie was being mean to Dave, though.

Anyhow, whether or not Bowie was a jerk, either way he was still a talented artist and I’ll always love his music.


Dave Grohl asked to perform Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged in New York” in its entirety but backed up by an orchestra as well…

Perth Symphony Orchestra has asked Dave Grohl to perform Nirvana’s legendary live album, “MTV Unplugged in New York” in its entirety with them in celebration of its 25th Anniversary. They want Dave to sing every song off the “MTV Unplugged in NY” album and he’ll probably play acoustic on the show too if he agrees to do it.


The Foo Fighters has been together for many years now and they’ve never played much Nirvana songs except for just a few of them. Dave has always been against covering Nirvana songs on Foo Fighters shows, why? It’s because Dave has so much respect them. He explains that he needs to be careful with himself. Why? Is he afraid of tarnishing the legacy of Nirvana??? That could be it.


People want Dave to sing Nirvana songs but he won’t do it. I don’t think he’ll agree to do this concert with the Perth Symphony Orchestra but ya never know. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Honestly, I think Dave should cover Nirvana songs as I think he’ll nail them perfectly with no problem. He may not sound like Kurt Cobain but I think Dave will perform them well. Dave should give it a try, I think it will be cool.


Video: Foo Fighters shoot down breakup rumors in this hilarious video… it gave me a laugh too!

The Foo Fighters shoot down breakup rumors once again in this hilarious video. It was funny and I laughed at it too. Especially the ending when Dave was singing “Phoney Baloney”, that was the best part of the video. The Nick Lachey appearance was good too. Nick Lachey was one of the singers in the boy band group, 98 Degrees and he actually sounded good singing a Foo Fighters song.

I loved how the Foo Fighters made fun of themselves in this video. Dave always had a wild and crazy sense of humor. He always had that crazy sense of humor ever since the Nirvana days and his comedian-like personality never changed today as you can see. He’s the same old Dave Grohl.


Even Dave Grohl knows that music doesn’t have to be for the money…

Dave Grohl is an awesome guy. While he does play in one of the most iconic rock bands on the planet and while Dave is a pretty wealthy guy, he doesn’t really care about the money when playing music. When asked about the debate with Taylor Swift removing her music from Spotify, he just responded with a simple, “I don’t fucking care”. Then he goes on saying how he doesn’t care how much money people pays for his music, he just wants people to listen to it.


Dave knows what being a true musician is all about. That’s a great attitude to have and that’s what being a humble musician is all about. If all you wanna do is make music for the money, then you’re playing music for all the wrong reasons, in my opinion. Playing music is about the love of it and the passion. Playing music is also all about getting people to listen to the music that you make.

As far as my opinion on Taylor Swift getting rid of her music on Spotify, while I’m a big fan of her music, I disagree with her move. She claimed that Spotify is free and technically it’s not a free service. It’s not the old-school Napster and that’s probably what she was thinking.

I never cared about money when making music either. I do enjoy money like everybody else (who doesn’t???) but playing music I just do it for the love of it and try to get people to listen to my music.

If you don’t play music for free or don’t want your listeners to listen to it for free, then you gotta be greedy and egotistical, in my opinion.

The new Foo Fighters album, “Sonic Highways” is pretty fuckin’ sick, by the way. I listened to it a couple of times already and I think it’s their best album in their career. I did end up buying the album after all, couldn’t resist it.


The Foo Fighters release new song from “Sonic Highways”…

Pretty rockin’ song like usual. The Foo’s never disappoint! Love the heavy guitar riff in the song too, kind of thrash-metal almost.

I’m definitely gonna get the new album for sure. I have always been a Foo’s fan since their first album. Still am a fan of them.

How about the drumming of Taylor Hawkins in this song, hey? Taylor is a pretty sick drummer and pretty underrated at what he does.

Enjoy the new song. I dig it!


Foo Fighters to make comeback with 8th studio album and HBO TV series…

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters took a little bit of a hiatus since their 2011 album, “Wasting Light” and the Foo’s are ready to make their full time comeback. The band is coming back with a new album and a new show for HBO directed/produced by Dave Grohl himself.

More on the story here:


Seems like Dave is getting himself into movie making more than making music. Last year he made the documentary, “Sound City” and now he’s doing a documentary for the Foo Fighters.

Is Dave slowly aiming for a career in Hollywood? I think if there was ever a Kurt Cobain biopic film, I think Dave should direct it. I doubt Dave wants to get into Hollywood full time but he might consider it when he retires from music.

I’m glad the Foo Fighters are back. I’ve always loved the band. Loved them for years since their first album. Still do love ’em! While most of today’s rock music is garbage, the Foo Fighters is the only band these days that are considered true rock n’ roll.

Can’t wait for their new album!!!!


Paul McCartney and surviving members of Nirvana “could” collaborate for new album and tour…

Paul McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana performed twice together on TV. One at the Sandy Relief show in NYC and then on SNL last night, (which I did stay up to watch on TV). Last year, Paul McCartney expressed interest in working with Dave Grohl to make a hard rock album with original songs. See an old article, here, about it.

Look like a Foo Fighters/Led Zeppelin supergroup is not gonna happen anytime soon. It looks like we’ll be getting a McCartney/Nirvana supergroup next year instead. Still cool though! And it’s pretty badass these two are collaborating.

It may seem pretty odd that Paul McCartney sings hard rock and heavy music, but like I said before, Paul McCartney can sing any genre. He can do everything well. A new hard rock album haven’t been confirmed by McCartney yet, but it’s getting close to it. I think those two performances he did with Nirvana was just a small preview of what’s coming up ahead. It’s a just a test. They want to get feedback from the people, before they go ahead and do it. Paul’s a pretty versatile musician, he can do it all!


Report: Possible Led Zeppelin/Foo Fighters collaboration on the way???

There may never be a Led Zeppelin reunion, but that’s not stopping Jimmy Page for doing other things in his own career. Speaking to BBC6 radio, Jimmy Page announced that he is planning on doing a new album and full tour of his own, sometime next year in 2013. Like the article says, Jimmy hasn’t been in the studio in a long time for new original music.

Since the Foo Fighters, announced hiatus, could Jimmy Page be working on a possible album with, Dave Grohl? Jimmy and Dave have been friends for years. They already played together once at the Foo Fighters concert at Wembley Stadium in 2008, so anything is possible. I can see Jimmy and Dave working together.

More on the story, here.


The Foo Fighters, have taken long breaks from the music business before, it’s nothing new…

The Foo Fighters have been known to taking long breaks from the industry every now and then. Now they are taking another one. Why? Even though the band doesn’t really explain, I’m pretty sure Dave wants to focus on the upcoming “Sound City” movie that he’s working on. When that movie hits the theaters, he’s probably gonna do a lot of promotion for it, and stuff. So I’m sure his focus will be on that. Of course, I’m sure Dave will do other musical side projects with other bands, so who knows what he’ll be planning.

I’m hoping Dave will get Them Crooked Vultures back for a second album, ’cause their first one was great. Or maybe Dave will plan a supergroup with Jimmy Page, Jonesy, and Jason, that will be cool too.

With that being said, even though the Foo Fighters are gonna be gone for a while again, Dave won’t be. He will always be around in some way. He’s always doing different projects.