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Tool finally has change of heart with digital platforms and streaming services… this Friday you’ll finally be able to stream their albums on Spotify/Apple music and buy them from Itunes as well!!!

To all you Tool fans out there who are wondering if you got to try and go drive around to find previous Tool albums on CD, well you no longer have to wonder ’cause the band Tool just announced that they’ll be releasing their entire catalog to all digital services and streaming formats. Yes, that means you’ll be able to listen to Tool music on Spotify/Apple Music and you’ll even be able to buy the albums off of Itunes if you want to own them for yourself.

They’re releasing everything to digital including their new upcoming album “Fear Inoculum”  which won’t come out ’til August 30th but their previous 5 releases will be released to digital and streaming this Friday.

This is good news that Tool finally had a change of heart with digital releases ’cause they’ve been against it and avoided it like the plague for years until now. Glad that Tool finally joined the digital bandwagon which was long overdue.

I’m a huge fan myself. Used to listen to “Undertow” and “Aenima” a lot when I was a kid in high school. I used to bring my digital CD player and would listen to those albums a lot on the school bus years back. I didn’t have those albums on CD anymore so I re-bought them on CD from FYE not too long ago. Now I listen to them on my Ipod and both are pretty amazing albums. I’m gonna get “Lateralus, “10,000 Faces” and their EP “Opiate” soon.

Wonder what made them finally change their mind about digital releases? They probably got the hint that no one is buying CD’s anymore and they’re finally realizing it.


Man, who cares what’s on Obama’s Spotify playlist, it’s ridiculous how things like that is big news…

I’m tired of things like this about Obama being big news. It’s like… oh wow… lets see what kind of music Obama likes and lets see what his favorite TV shows are. When that stuff gets revealed, the media is all over it. I’m like, who cares? It just proves my point how bias the media really is. It proves my point that the media is in bed with Obama and they make him look too good.

The American people don’t care what kind of entertainment that Obama is into. He did a lot of damage to the country so why should we fucking care?

Nobody cares if he likes “Game of Thrones” and “House of Cards”. Nobody cares if he likes to listen to music. What America cares about is seeing Barack Obama being removed from office and thrown in jail. That’s what we want to hear about. We don’t care about Obama’s hobbies and tastes in things.

What we want to hear the media report are things like Obama’s actions in Benghazi, Operation F&F, being more honest about Obamacare, his birth certificate, etc. We want to see the media reporting about Barack Obama being the criminal and lawless president. We want to see them report about Obama being the fraud. That’s the stuff we want to see in the news.

We have all kind of bad things going on in America and the media continues to treat Obama positively… it makes me sick.

If you take the media seriously and see it as credible source then there is something wrong with you.


Will Apple Music survive??? Probably not…

Look like Apple Music is not getting enough support. Look like they won’t top Spotify even thought they thought they could. Will Apple get rid of “Apple Music” once they realize that not many people support it? We’ll have to wait and see. They could get rid of Apple Music and just keep the Itunes store when they find it’s not successful.


I have no issues with Apple Music and think they did a pretty good job with it. During the 3 month trial while it’s still going… I got to listen to plenty of free music. Got to listen to albums by bands & artists I always wanted to hear. Currently I’m listening to all the Led Zeppelin Deluxe remasters and I’m still listening to Motorhead albums. I’m also trying to listen to the rest of Al Di Meola’s discography. I’ve also been listening to that all-girl rock group, The Runaways and listened to Lita Ford’s solo albums.

Yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of music on it. I don’t think Apple Music would be bigger than Spotify. Maybe I should go back to Spotify? Not sure yet. Still got plenty of time to decide ’cause my Apple Music free trial ends Oct. 3rd.

I think Apple Music will be around forever even if it’s not as successful, I don’t think they’ll get rid of it. We’ll see how it goes though. I think Apple Music is pretty good. Could be better but I liked what they did with it.


Neil Young will yank his music off streaming services… I think he’s still living in the past…

Neil Young has been a long time critic of today’s “sound quality” in music so it’s no surprise that he will whine and bitch about the sound quality of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. This inspired Neil to create his own MP3 player called, PONO.

Ya know, when Neil complains about today’s sound quality in music… after thinking about it a while, I think he’s still living in the past. Hey NEIL! Get over yourself dude, it’s called “technology”! I really believe he’s still living the past. Is there something wrong with Neil’s ears? After thinking about it, I think today’s sound quality is perfectly fine. I think there is something wrong with Neil’s ears as I can recall that he said he had “tinnitus” many times in interviews. Maybe if he didn’t have “tinnitus”, he would appreciate today’s sound quality better. I think he’s still living in the past ’cause I believe he still hears music in a “vinyl” kind of way, ya know? I think that’s what it is.

I think the sound quality is fine and Apple does give you the option to improve the sound quality yourself by using the Equalizer. I just believe Neil doesn’t understand the way music works today since he’s “old school” and still living in the 60’s.

He thinks he’s doing this as a way to make his fans “happy” but he isn’t. If you read some of the comments, he’s angering a lot of fans and many disagree with him. I disagree with him too.

Oh well, as I said in a post before… when you make something new in the music industry, it’s not gonna make everyone happy. It’s gonna upset a few artists for sure and like the old saying goes, “You can’t please everybody”.

At least Lars Ulrich of Metallica came out and said he appreciates “streaming services”:


I think Neil needs to get over himself. He’s talented, a legend and all but I think he’s an asshole and an egomaniac sometimes. I think today’s sound quality is fine, he’s full of it.


More on Apple Music…

Most of the day I added a whole BUNCH of albums from Apple Music to my library on my Ipad.

I’ve added a bunch of bands & artists such as Opeth, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Queensryche, The Scorpions, The Runaways, L7, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Billy Idol, Jeff Beck, George Benson, Django Reindhardt, BB King, The Ramones, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Bjork, Black Sabbath, Ozzy solo, Metallica, etc. The list goes on and on.

I only listened to one album that I saved from Apple Music which was an older album by Al Di Meola called, “Scenario” which was really good. I love Al Di Meola’s music. I just can’t stop listening to his stuff as well.

I’ve added a whole variety of music as you can see from metal to jazz to blues. I’ve still got some more albums to add which I will do tomorrow. Yeah I think I’ll definitely stick with Apple Music. I won’t mind paying the $9.99 subscription ’cause that’s cheaper than spotify. Of course Apple made the subscription cheaper than spotify… it’s their way of competing against them, I guess.

I just love listening to music. It’s a big part of who I am and like I said, I’m an “album” kind of guy. I’m old-school so I still listen to full albums while most people out there are pretty selective of what songs they wanna hear.

I got into the digital age of music ’cause the CD industry is pretty much dead… just about. I do miss buying physical CD’s, though and sometimes I still do buy CD’s once in a blue moon.

There are still some technical issues with Apple Music but I’m sure they will fix them… a lot of slowdowns and crashing but like I said before it’s new.

Listening to music is what I’m all about… I gotta be around it.


Just got Spotify back…

In the past, I didn’t agree with Spotify. I used to have Spotify on my PC but I had to get rid of it to help free up some space on my computer. Now that you can finally listen to Spotify for free on the Ipad, I decided to install the Spotify app for my Ipad. Spotify could be pretty useful ’cause I could listen to an album I wanna hear in Spotify and if I like the album enough, I could buy it from Itunes.

Will I become a Spotify premium subscriber? Well, I just went for their free 7 day trial. Not sure if I’ll pay for the $10 a month subscription.

I’m planning on listening to Al Di Meola’s new album “Elysium” on there today… I didn’t get that album from Itunes yet. I’m also planning on listening to the new Faith No More record, “Sol Invictus”, the new Mumford & Sons album “Wilder Mind” and the new album by the Heartless Bastards.

I love listening to music. It’s something I’ve always done ever since I was a little kid. When I was a little kid, I used to listen to albums on vinyl and cassette tapes when they used to be around but then Compact Discs took over. Now here comes the world of digital music with Itunes & Spotify. I heard that Itunes is planning on jumping the streaming music bandwagon to rival against Spotify but I’ll stick with Spotify, I think.


Even Dave Grohl knows that music doesn’t have to be for the money…

Dave Grohl is an awesome guy. While he does play in one of the most iconic rock bands on the planet and while Dave is a pretty wealthy guy, he doesn’t really care about the money when playing music. When asked about the debate with Taylor Swift removing her music from Spotify, he just responded with a simple, “I don’t fucking care”. Then he goes on saying how he doesn’t care how much money people pays for his music, he just wants people to listen to it.


Dave knows what being a true musician is all about. That’s a great attitude to have and that’s what being a humble musician is all about. If all you wanna do is make music for the money, then you’re playing music for all the wrong reasons, in my opinion. Playing music is about the love of it and the passion. Playing music is also all about getting people to listen to the music that you make.

As far as my opinion on Taylor Swift getting rid of her music on Spotify, while I’m a big fan of her music, I disagree with her move. She claimed that Spotify is free and technically it’s not a free service. It’s not the old-school Napster and that’s probably what she was thinking.

I never cared about money when making music either. I do enjoy money like everybody else (who doesn’t???) but playing music I just do it for the love of it and try to get people to listen to my music.

If you don’t play music for free or don’t want your listeners to listen to it for free, then you gotta be greedy and egotistical, in my opinion.

The new Foo Fighters album, “Sonic Highways” is pretty fuckin’ sick, by the way. I listened to it a couple of times already and I think it’s their best album in their career. I did end up buying the album after all, couldn’t resist it.


Report: Metallica ends feud with Sean Parker, the band now has their music on Spotify…

Going back to the year 2000, Metallica sued Napster for copyright infringement, due to their song, “I Disappear”, being leaked onto the service before the “Mission Impossible III”, soundtrack release. They found the song in the Napster peer-to-peer file sharing network, and they sued the company for copyright infringement.

Now that Sean Parker, owns Spotify, Metallica finally decided to play it cool and have a change of heart with online streaming services. Now you can stream, all Metallica albums in Spotify.

Read the band’s announcement, here.

While Metallica is the most hated band in America, they do have “good” in them. Now that they dropped Warner Music, and have their own label, they’re already on the move to their new adventure as you can see. With your own label, you can do what you please with your music, and that’s where these guys come from. No control by other labels. They’re on their own now.


Brock doesn’t like how Spotify is taking over the music business…

Isn’t it kind of hypocritical that the music industry goes to war against Napster (thanks to Lars Ulrich of Metallica), that they are mad at people for pirating free music, and then here comes this new software, Spotify? Spotify is similar software to Napster, except the only difference is that the major record labels are on board with Spotify streaming free music (Seriously, this makes the industry a bunch of hypocrites, think about it). Spotify became pretty popular quickly in the music industry. I used it for a little bit, thought it was cool at first, but I don’t want it anymore.

I’m slowly starting to move away from Itunes ’cause I’m not liking Itunes too much anymore either. Take up too much memory, I guess? I’ve been going back to buying regular CD’s instead of buying music digitally.


I miss the old days of music when there was no internet around. Back in those days, you had to buy music on cassette tapes, vinyl or CD’s. Not anymore. People aren’t buying music the old school way anymore. Sad really. I hate how you have to pay for Spotify if you want to listen to music without the advertisements. If you want to listen to music without the advertisements, just buy the damn album, and support the artist.

Spotify is garbage too, thumbs down.


The only questionable thing about that “Spotify” app…

While facebook’s “Spotify” is pretty nice, it’s a little questionable. Enjoy it while you can, because it’s only a matter of time, the music industry and other bands will complain about it. Then the site could get turned into a pay site or they could shut it down. Not sure if that site is considered piracy or copyright infringement or not. Probabloy not, the people behind “Spotify” probably got a deal with most of the major labels, which is how most everything in the music world is on there.

I’m listening to Megadeth’s classic “Rust In Peace” album as I’m typing this. Yep, that’s my genre. While I like all kinds of music, rock & metal is it for me. I may not look like a metalhead, but I don’t need to look like one to enjoy the music. I love heavy metal. Loved the genre ever since I was a child.