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Hilarious seeing all the liberals crying about Joe Rogan like the saying goes, “if you don’t like it then don’t listen to it”… problem solved???

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Joe Rogan said this and said that…. Waaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. he should be off of spotify simply because he has his own opinions and viewpoints than the left.

Bunch of crybabies like always.

And anyway how is Joe spreading misinformation? Is there any proof of that ’cause I haven’t seen any.

Neil Young is a good musician and good songwriter, I’m a fan too but I do think his politics and “save the earth” advocacy is annoying. It is funny that Neil goes around acting like such a “science” expert when he has a classic car collection that runs on gas at his ranch. Neil better be careful about being a “science” and “health” expert.


Thoughts on the Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young feud… we can’t have “freedom of expression” anymore? What happened to that???

All day long the news and social media were going off on this Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young feud that just started. Neil Young, the legendary singer/songwriter (who I am a fan of myself) sends out a public threatening letter to Spotify to take his entire music catalouge off the platform simply because he didn’t want to be on the same platform as podcaster, Joe Rogan is on. Neil accuses Rogan of spreading misinformation about “covid-19” and “vaccines” without going into specifics and didn’t provide examples of how Joe is wrong on things.

I think it took Spotify a few days to do it, so they just did it… took Neil’s music off the platform. I think they only did it ’cause they did it out of fear of a possible “lawsuit” or something?

Anyway, Joe did nothing wrong as I’m just hearing that he just tells the truth and talks his opinions about covid, the pandemic and vaccines which he has every right to… ’cause this is America right? I also believe that Joe Rogan is getting attacked and hated on like crazy simply cause he found other ways to quickly recover from covid other than the vaccine. Joe found on his own other ways to recover quickly than what the media says and now everyone thinks Joe is a bad man?

So what if Joe is wrong about the things he says about covid is wrong? Does he deserve all this backlash, hatred and bullying from the media and the liberal left? No, he absolutely didn’t deserve all this backlash he’s getting. He got covid and found his own way to recover from it, how does that make him a bad person? The answer is people just can’t take the truth that there are other ways to recover from covid than what the media is teaching you.

I thought this was the United States of America? What happened to Freedom of Expression? If you want to believe that vaccines and masks work like sheep that’s fine. That’s your right to believe that but it’s also other people’s right to disagree with you. This is just typical left-wing behavior, nothing new… them attacking others ’cause they disagreed with them. It’s all part of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Nothing to see here.

Anyhow, what is Neil Young’s problem with Joe? Neil Young is an artist that nobody cares about anymore… I mean, Neil has only 6 million listeners in Spotify which technically is not good and that’s proof of it. Joe Rogan himself has more than 11 million listeners and tons of subscribers so what’s Neil’s problem? Jealous much?

I love Neil Young’s music and still do but at the same time, I think the guy is an arrogant asshole and always has been. I still do listen to Neil Young music but I’m allowed to disagree with him.

Joe is entitled to his opinions and beliefs. He’s allowed to say what he wants. Joe is a leftist guy himself but he has some right-wing opinions so I see Joe as a centrist kind of guy. His political views are mixed and I’m okay with that.

I’m a big podcast listener myself and I’ve listened to some of Joe’s show before.


Neil Young left Pegi Young for Daryl Hannah and now Pegi is dead, hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Young!

Man, this is sad and terrible news. Neil and Pegi were a couple for 36 years — they were married for a pretty long time. Then Neil starts dating “Splash” actress Daryl Hannah while Neil was still married to Pegi. Then Neil files for divorce on Pegi and a few years later, he marries Daryl.

Pegi Young has been battling cancer for a while now from what I’ve read but unfortunately, looks like she lost the battle.


Neil maybe a talented musician and all, I’ve admired his music for a pretty long time and am a fan but I’m not afraid to admit that Neil is a horrible person in real life. The man is an asshole and kind of a douchebag.

When you’ve been with the same woman for over 30 years you stay with that woman forever but apparently Neil never cared. It’s pretty clear that Neil cares more for Daryl than Pegi. You think Neil would be with Pegi while she tried to battled cancer and now she’s gone. Sounds like Neil wasn’t by her side when she peacefully passed and he should have been. Neil is now a certified piece of shit.

Will Neil put out a statement about Pegi’s passing? He really should but he probably won’t. We’ll wait and see. I’m sure he’s devastated yes but he should have been with her while she was battling the cancer. I’m sure Pegi wanted Neil by her side before she passed.

I know Pegi is a musician and singer herself. I’ve heard her solo songs before and she’s quite good. RIP Pegi.



Neil Young will yank his music off streaming services… I think he’s still living in the past…

Neil Young has been a long time critic of today’s “sound quality” in music so it’s no surprise that he will whine and bitch about the sound quality of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. This inspired Neil to create his own MP3 player called, PONO.

Ya know, when Neil complains about today’s sound quality in music… after thinking about it a while, I think he’s still living in the past. Hey NEIL! Get over yourself dude, it’s called “technology”! I really believe he’s still living the past. Is there something wrong with Neil’s ears? After thinking about it, I think today’s sound quality is perfectly fine. I think there is something wrong with Neil’s ears as I can recall that he said he had “tinnitus” many times in interviews. Maybe if he didn’t have “tinnitus”, he would appreciate today’s sound quality better. I think he’s still living in the past ’cause I believe he still hears music in a “vinyl” kind of way, ya know? I think that’s what it is.

I think the sound quality is fine and Apple does give you the option to improve the sound quality yourself by using the Equalizer. I just believe Neil doesn’t understand the way music works today since he’s “old school” and still living in the 60’s.

He thinks he’s doing this as a way to make his fans “happy” but he isn’t. If you read some of the comments, he’s angering a lot of fans and many disagree with him. I disagree with him too.

Oh well, as I said in a post before… when you make something new in the music industry, it’s not gonna make everyone happy. It’s gonna upset a few artists for sure and like the old saying goes, “You can’t please everybody”.

At least Lars Ulrich of Metallica came out and said he appreciates “streaming services”:


I think Neil needs to get over himself. He’s talented, a legend and all but I think he’s an asshole and an egomaniac sometimes. I think today’s sound quality is fine, he’s full of it.


Donald Trump and Neil Young are still friends, despite Neil not letting him use his song…

Since the news broke out today that Neil Young said that the Donald was not authorized to use his song “Rockin’ In the Free World” at his president announcement at Trump Tower, this news got libtards all excited. I’ve seen a lot of dumb posts and comments in Facebook, begging Neil Young to sue. Look like that’s not gonna happen ’cause despite Neil not letting Trump use his song, they’re still friends so it looks like a lawsuit isn’t gonna happen. Sorry to disappoint you libtards.

Trump defended himself and claims he did get the rights for the song but he will respect the musician’s wish if he doesn’t want him to use it.

Neil himself wrote a statement on his facebook page as you can see above… clarifying that he makes music for people and not for Presidential candidates.

Even though it may look like that they’re enemies over the use of the song, they’re not enemies at all. Neil is just trying to protect his music which he has the right to do.


Just more proof how dumb and childish libtards really are.

Anyway, while I am a huge Neil Young fan and have a lot of his albums… I skipped his previous album “Storytone” and I’m gonna skip his next one too ’cause I don’t believe in this save the world and get rid of GMO stuff. I’m not interested in that stuff but I still think Neil makes amazing music even though he is a liberal guy.


The real Neil Young finally performs with his impersonator on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

For the past couple of years, Jimmy Fallon have been impersonating Neil Young on his late night talk shows but the real Neil Young have never came out to perform with him until now. It finally happened last night and it was a great performance too. Even Jimmy did a great job. I did watch this episode last night ’cause as some of you may know I’m a pretty big Neil Young fan. Neil went on his show to plug in his Pono player and his album, “Storytone”, plus Neil performed a song with the Roots too.

Neil Young is 69 and he’s still killing it.


Neil Young finally lands on the Howard Stern show and the interview was entertaining as hell!!!

Neil Young finally lands an interview on Howard Stern. Howard have been trying to get Neil on his show for a long time and Howard finally got him. I listened to the whole interview this morning in the video below.

This interview makes me respect Neil even more now. Neil was very polite and humorous throughout this interview. I loved how they joked about Neil not knowing how to tune a guitar by ear. When Neil says in the interview that he doesn’t know how to tune a guitar by ear, he’s just joking and kidding around. Of course he knows how to tune a guitar by ear.

I enjoyed listening to all the topics Neil and Howard discussed.

In the beginning of the interview, they talked about Neil growing up and how he became a musician and all that. They talked about Neil’s projects over the years like Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and his solo career.

Of course, later in the interview they talked about the Pono player and toward the end they mostly talked about the Earth and “energy” type of stuff. My favorite part is when Neil ripped into Obama a little bit about the Fracking. Even if Neil seems to be a liberal/democrat, it doesn’t sound like he’s a big fan of Obama at all.

Neil and Howard never talked about the divorce with Pegi but they did bring up Neil’s feud with David Crosby a little bit by Neil saying, “I wish nothing but the best of him”. Darryl Hannah was brought up a little bit in the interview too keeping the divorce with Pegi out of things. While I’m sure Neil was willing to answer any question that Howard asked him, Howard didn’t ask Neil about his divorce out of respect which is cool of Howard. A divorce shouldn’t be talked about publicly. Who cares about the details of the divorce between Neil and Pegi, that should be between them, not us. I’m glad they kept the divorce discussions off the interview.

It was an entertaining as hell interview and worth a listen. I’m looking forward to getting his new album, “Storytone”.

I’ve been a Neil Young fan for a long time myself. He’s one of my heroes. I also loved it when Neil admitted that he’s not the greatest singer in the world. Neil was pretty humble throughout the interview, no ego in him at all. You should give this interview a listen too when you have the free time.


Look like a David Crosby vs. Neil Young feud have just ignited…

Look like a David Crosby Vs. Neil Young feud just ignited and it all started after talk if Neil will ever reunite for CSNY. At a solo show, Neil claimed that he will never rejoin CSN but he claims that he still loves those guys. Later on fans asked David Crosby for an explanation and David claimed that Neil is “very angry with him”. Then it was speculated that the reason Neil is angry with David is ’cause David called Darryl Hannah (who is rumored to be Neil’s new girlfriend) a poisonous predator in an interview


Sounds to me that David is only trying to warn Neil not to trust Darryl Hannah. To me, he wasn’t really trying to upset Neil. Just trying to warn him that Darryl is gonna hurt him terribly and just trying to tell him that she is a bitch. Calling her a “poisonous predator” was just a polite way of saying it. Sounds like David doesn’t like Darryl. David does have a point, though.

I mean, Neil ends his 36 year marriage with Pegi and then he hooks up with “Splash” actress, Daryl Hannah? Something sounds a bit fishy here. Somehow I get this feeling that Darryl talked Neil into it. She’s probably a gold digger who wants Neil for the money. She’s about to get Neil destroyed and he doesn’t realize it.

I’ve read that Neil and Daryl have been dating for months before Neil filed the divorce papers so maybe he have been cheating on Pegi after all???

It’s no surprise that Neil would go crazy over a woman like Daryl since both are heavily into political activism and protesting. I remember Daryl have gotten arrested a lot for her protests too.


Daryl’s gonna end up getting Neil arrested so maybe David has a point!

The CSNY album, “De Ja Vu” is a masterpiece, though. That’s one of my favorite albums of all time. I really should get that album from Itunes for my Ipod soon!!!


Could Temple of the Dog reunite at Bridge School Benefit???

I just noticed that Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are booked for Neil’s Bridge School Benefit. Does that mean there is a possibility that there is going to be a Temple of the Dog reunion? Remember Temple of the Dog was a super group that had just Chris Cornell singing with Pearl Jam members including, Eddie.

That would be kick ass if Temple of the Dog gave us a surprise performance… maybe for a few songs or they perform that untitled album in it’s entirety. It be cool to see Eddie and Chris sing, “Hunger Strike” together again and I’m sure they will.


Neil Young’s “Bridge School Benefit” still happening despite his divorce with Pegi…

Neil and Pegi Young have been running the “Bridge School Benefit” concerts together since 1986. They’ve been doing it a long time but despite their divorce, “Bridge School Benefit” is still going on this year. Neil announced some big surprises in the lineup: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Florence and the Machine, Tom Jones, Nora Jones & Puss n Boots and others.

Oddly enough, Pegi’s band, Pegi Young and the Survivors is billed for a slot on the show too.


So even if Neil and Pegi are divorced, I take it that those two are still friends??? Maybe Neil isn’t even cheating on her at all and it was an amicable divorce, after all. Still, though, it’s pretty strange how Neil would dump Pegi for Daryl Hannah.

I thought Neil and Pegi would be a long lasting couple until they’re dead. Unfortunately not.

Anyway, I’m glad Neil Young and Pearl Jam are getting back together again.