Neil Young finally lands on the Howard Stern show and the interview was entertaining as hell!!!

Neil Young finally lands an interview on Howard Stern. Howard have been trying to get Neil on his show for a long time and Howard finally got him. I listened to the whole interview this morning in the video below.

This interview makes me respect Neil even more now. Neil was very polite and humorous throughout this interview. I loved how they joked about Neil not knowing how to tune a guitar by ear. When Neil says in the interview that he doesn’t know how to tune a guitar by ear, he’s just joking and kidding around. Of course he knows how to tune a guitar by ear.

I enjoyed listening to all the topics Neil and Howard discussed.

In the beginning of the interview, they talked about Neil growing up and how he became a musician and all that. They talked about Neil’s projects over the years like Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and his solo career.

Of course, later in the interview they talked about the Pono player and toward the end they mostly talked about the Earth and “energy” type of stuff. My favorite part is when Neil ripped into Obama a little bit about the Fracking. Even if Neil seems to be a liberal/democrat, it doesn’t sound like he’s a big fan of Obama at all.

Neil and Howard never talked about the divorce with Pegi but they did bring up Neil’s feud with David Crosby a little bit by Neil saying, “I wish nothing but the best of him”. Darryl Hannah was brought up a little bit in the interview too keeping the divorce with Pegi out of things. While I’m sure Neil was willing to answer any question that Howard asked him, Howard didn’t ask Neil about his divorce out of respect which is cool of Howard. A divorce shouldn’t be talked about publicly. Who cares about the details of the divorce between Neil and Pegi, that should be between them, not us. I’m glad they kept the divorce discussions off the interview.

It was an entertaining as hell interview and worth a listen. I’m looking forward to getting his new album, “Storytone”.

I’ve been a Neil Young fan for a long time myself. He’s one of my heroes. I also loved it when Neil admitted that he’s not the greatest singer in the world. Neil was pretty humble throughout the interview, no ego in him at all. You should give this interview a listen too when you have the free time.


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