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Will There Ever be a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material??? Wolfgang says you’ll have to wait…

Wolfgang Van Halen who is the son of Eddie Van Halen was a guest on the Howard Stern show. Now that Eddie is gone, fans are probably wondering if they’ll release a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material.

Wolfie here says that there are plenty of unreleased material in the vault and he says it would take forever to go through all those tapes. Yeah, EVH’s studio is pretty huge and I’m sure he has a whole library and stacks of tapes in the vault. I’m sure Eddie recorded plenty of unreleased Van Halen songs and I’m sure Eddie recorded a bunch of riffs and guitar licks for ideas and stuff.

Eddie probably threw that stuff in the vault ’cause he thought they were no good but I’m sure there are some amazing stuff in there. There’s gotta be instrumentals he wrote that were way more impressive than “Eruption”. I’m sure he wrote plenty of unreleased Van Halen material that were meant for the band to play and for David Lee Roth and even Sammy Hagar to sing over. I’m sure there’s tons of unreleased material through every era of Van Halen.

Wolfie probably has access to Eddie’s private vault but it would take hours to listen through all that stuff. I can understand. Someday it could happen, we’ll have to wait I guess.


The Black Crowes officially returns once again and they are still killing it after all these years!!!

The Black Crowes first album. “Shake Your Money Maker” which had this song may have came out in 1990 but the Black Crowes are still killing it even to this day. I love watching live band performances on the Howard Stern show ’cause the sound quality is so damn good in that studio. When you hear bands perform on Howard Stern, you can hear every instrument pretty clearly which is amazing. Whoever does the sound on the Stern show definitely knows what he’s doing when it come to sound quality.

Anyway, this performance was fucking awesome and they still kill it as you can see.

Yeah, I know the Robinson brothers always had a hard time getting along over the years and the Black Crowes play on and off ’cause they keep breaking up all the time it seems. Well it seems that Chris and Rich has buried the hatchet once again but it’ll be interesting to see how long this one will last, though. It’ll be interesting to see how long their 2020 tour will last. We’ll see, though.

Hopefully the Black Crowes will stick together for a while longer and hopefully their 2020 tour will be a success without them breaking up again. We’ll see. Hopefully they put out a new record as well.

I only have one album by the Black Crowes which is “Shake Your Money Maker” and it’s a great album. I’ve always liked the Black Crowes and glad they’re back for now anyways. They’re just another one of those bands where they have members that don’t get along so well.

I loved watching that performance above… Chris is still killing it on the vocals and his voice is sounding better than ever too.


Steven Tyler explains what it’s like singing for Led Zeppelin for rehearsal… it was originally going to be for the Led Zep reunion tour that never happened…

After Led Zeppelin’s reunion show at O2 arena back in Dec. 10th of 2007, Led Zeppelin were planning a full reunion tour but Robert Plant didn’t want in on it. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham were all for a full reunion tour… and they were getting ready to go on without him so they started looking for singers. They rehearsed with two different singers: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. After those two rehearsals, the tour never ended up happening ’cause Led Zeppelin kept getting a public backlash for continuing on without Robert and John Bonham.

Steven here goes on the Howard Stern show explaining how he got the Led Zeppelin rehearsal gig and what it’s like practicing with them. It’s a very cool story and Steven seems like a very nice man too.

Imagine what Led Zeppelin would have sounded like with Steven Tyler on lead vocals? Can you hear it? Steven singing all the Led Zep hits??? “Immigrant Song”, “Stairway”, “Heartbreaker”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Ramble On”, “Rock and Roll”, “Black Dog”, “No Quarter’, “Achilles Last Stand”, etc. Tyler would have nailed them all and killed it. When I listen to Aerosmith music, I’ve always thought Steven’s vocals reminded me of Robert a little bit. I hope somebody recorded that rehearsal with Steven and hope it gets released to the public someday. I’m sure everybody’s dying to hear what Steven sounds like singing Led Zep songs. I’m sure Myles Kennedy did a good job with them too.

It’s sad that a reunion tour never happened but if only Jimmy Page ever gets his solo album out then we can all enjoy that for now.

I can’t blame Steven for going for the rehearsal gig ’cause they’re fucking Led Zeppelin. How can you say no to that? You’ll be insane if you did!


Metallica on Howard Stern… one word… WOW!

Is it just me or has Lars Ulrich improved on the drumming? It definitely seems like Lars has gotten way better on the drumming ’cause I admit he has falling off with the drumming a little bit in the past. So I guess he listened to the critics of his drumming skills and he decided to get better. Metallica has been sounding so tight lately and it’s Lars’s drumming is key. Lars’s drumming is the one that has been making Metallica sound tight. Lars seems to stay on tempo and keeping in time this time around which is good. His drumming doesn’t sound annoying like he used to.

Even if Metallica performs in a small room to a few people, they still play like they’reĀ in Madison Square Garden. Look at them, just 4 guys enjoying themselves. That’s what music is about. You can tell they love what they do by looking at their facial expressions as they play.

I don’t care what the haters think, Metallica is an excellent band and they still are. I will always love them and will always respect them. I can’t wait for their new album and I will buy it. I’ve heard everything Metallica has done in the past and still loyal to them now.


Interesting… Emily Blunt refuses to talk about Michael Buble cheating on her on Howard Stern…

Howard Stern has always been the master at getting celebrities and famous people to be more open and honest about their personal lives. Howard is always an expert at that; however, Emily Blunt is one of the few celebrities who refuses to open up to him. Howard keeps trying but she won’t.


I know getting cheated on sucks, Emily but welcome to the world of fame, darlin’. You can’t trust the rich and famous. A lot of guys who has fame & power will think they’re more important than everyone else so celebrity women needs to be careful out there.


Howard Stern says podcasts are for losers and sorry to say, I agree!!!

Howard Stern is under fire for claiming that “podcasts” are for losers and he claims that they don’t make any money off of that stuff.

Ya know something, I tried to listen to podcasts myself and I stopped listening to them. I tried to listen to Adam Carolla’s podcast, the Nerdist with Chris Hardwick and Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” but they all suck. I got bored easily and stopped listening to them. Howard is actually right that podcast people are pretty boring.

What Howard is saying here is that it takes a lot of skill, training and talent to get into talk radio. Howard knows from experience ’cause he didn’t get into the “talk radio” business over night, it took him a long time to get where he is now. When Howard started off, I think he started off as a radio DJ and he went from there.

To be good at talk show radio stuff, you have to have good speaking “skills” for one and that takes years of work. You may not like them but think about why Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are well-known talk show guys? It’s because they have years of experience in broadcasting probably. They proved their worth which is why they are still doing their thing today.

I think celebrities and professional wrestlers who have their own podcast show don’t have much of a career.

I mean, think of all the loads of work put into a podcast? It’s gotta take hours to perfect a podcast and put it together into one mp3 to upload it for the internet. A podcast also have to take a lot of space too, though. I’m sure it takes hours to edit your podcast and make it perfect enough and make it sound good enough. It’s just a waste of time.

Howard’s fans are angry at his opinion and defending “podcasts” but I think it’s because they can’t accept the truth and hate hearing it. Howard brings up valid points. I tried to get into podcasts myself but I stopped listening to them. Podcasts are for amateurs and hobbyists who don’t have a life pretty much.

Professional radio talk show hosts such as Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, etc. they spent most of their life in broadcast training and they proved their worth.

I thought about starting my own podcast but I’ve decided not to and will not waste all that time in all that work. I don’t listen to professional “talk radio” also but I respect them ’cause it takes blood, sweat and tears to go through all that.

Howard has a right to an opinion and if you don’t like it, why are you listening to him?


Neil Young finally lands on the Howard Stern show and the interview was entertaining as hell!!!

Neil Young finally lands an interview on Howard Stern. Howard have been trying to get Neil on his show for a long time and Howard finally got him. I listened to the whole interview this morning in the video below.

This interview makes me respect Neil even more now. Neil was very polite and humorous throughout this interview. I loved how they joked about Neil not knowing how to tune a guitar by ear. When Neil says in the interview that he doesn’t know how to tune a guitar by ear, he’s just joking and kidding around. Of course he knows how to tune a guitar by ear.

I enjoyed listening to all the topics Neil and Howard discussed.

In the beginning of the interview, they talked about Neil growing up and how he became a musician and all that. They talked about Neil’s projects over the years like Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and his solo career.

Of course, later in the interview they talked about the Pono player and toward the end they mostly talked about the Earth and “energy” type of stuff. My favorite part is when Neil ripped into Obama a little bit about the Fracking. Even if Neil seems to be a liberal/democrat, it doesn’t sound like he’s a big fan of Obama at all.

Neil and Howard never talked about the divorce with Pegi but they did bring up Neil’s feud with David Crosby a little bit by Neil saying, “I wish nothing but the best of him”. Darryl Hannah was brought up a little bit in the interview too keeping the divorce with Pegi out of things. While I’m sure Neil was willing to answer any question that Howard asked him, Howard didn’t ask Neil about his divorce out of respect which is cool of Howard. A divorce shouldn’t be talked about publicly. Who cares about the details of the divorce between Neil and Pegi, that should be between them, not us. I’m glad they kept the divorce discussions off the interview.

It was an entertaining as hell interview and worth a listen. I’m looking forward to getting his new album, “Storytone”.

I’ve been a Neil Young fan for a long time myself. He’s one of my heroes. I also loved it when Neil admitted that he’s not the greatest singer in the world. Neil was pretty humble throughout the interview, no ego in him at all. You should give this interview a listen too when you have the free time.


Howard Stern vs. Lena Dunham thoughts…

I love Howard Stern and all, but I think he really went over the line when he made fun of Lena Dunham’s weight. In my opinion, I think Lena is a gorgeous girl. Probably one of the most beautiful celebrity women out there. Lena is a natural beauty. I hope she keeps it that way. Lena is more real than all the other celebrity women who are mostly plastic surgery and full of breast implants. Not with Lena though. I’m pretty sure, Lena is all natural.

I respect the hell out of Lena. In fact, I’m a huge fan. I love her show, “Girls”. She has a lot of guts to show her naked body for the world to see. Yes, she maybe a little obsessed with nudity, but there is nothing wrong with it. These are the kind of women I like. The natural women. I would even date her, if I could.

She just wants to express herself, and Howard was wrong what he did. Glad he admitted it.

“Girls”, really is great. Check it out yourself, sometime.

Read the full story on the whole Stern vs. Dunham feud, here.


If Hogan staged the whole sex tape thing himself, that wouldn’t surprise me…

Ya know, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if Hogan was the one who set up the idea to bang Bubba’s wife, and Hogan himself actually set the video camera up in that room. Why would Hulk do something like this if it’s true? Think about it, this is a big money making opportunity for Hulk. His previous wife, Linda, left him, and Hulk is probably going broke, so he sues Bubba for $100 million, hoping to get rich quick. I like how Howard Stern is trying to play peacemaker and end this whole drama. You can’t trust Hulk and looks like Howard can’t trust him either since it looks like he’s on Bubba’s side. I’m sure this won’t even land in court ’cause it would be hard to find out who the put the video camera in there. My money, is that Hulk is behind this whole thing himself, for sure.

More on the story, here.


Thought: The recent news on Hulk Hogan… doesn’t surprise me…

Isn’t it kind of funny that Hulk Hogan’s sex tape has been leaked and all of a sudden, Linda Hogan (Hulk’s ex-wife) has been arrested for DUI at the same time?

The story going around that Hulk Hogan’s longtime friend and radio interviewer, Bubba the Love Sponge (most famous for having a radioshow interviewing professional wrestlers), supposedly leaked a sex tape with Hogan in it, banging Bubba’s wife. On Howard Stern, Hogan claims that Bubba gave him the blessing to bang his wife. Turns out that Bubba videotaped it all, and leaked it to the web for the world to see.

Of course, typical Hulk cries about it, and takes legal action.

For those who think Hogan disgraced himself with the sex tape, don’t get the wrong idea. Hogan disgraced himself and destroyed his reputation for years, goes way back in his wrestling career. The douche has always been a fuckin’ trainwreck, ya know? The guy is an egomaniac, and a liar. He will do anything to defend himself just to make himself look good publicly after he misbehaves behind the scenes. He really believes he is “Hulkamaniac”, and he will do whatever it takes, to save his legacy and character. He hurt many people in the past and lied to a lot of people. Especially, when he lied about burying the hatchet with Macho Man Randy Savage before his death. It was a lie. Randy Savage always hated Hulk. Plus, Hulk is known to destroying and hurting other wrestlers like Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man, etc. The list goes on.

Hogan’s a piece of shit. Always has been. I used to like Hulk Hogan back in the 80’s and during the 90’s WCW era when he was in the nWo. Hogan used to be cool, but now he’s a washed up loser.

Like I said plenty of times in this blog, if you don’t want nude photos or sex tapes leaked to the public where the whole world can see, then you shouldn’t have done that stuff at all. This was Hogan’s fault, clearly, and like always, he plays the innocent victim. Hulk is a lunatic and it’s just sad that he’s still going in wrestling working for TNA. A lot of legendary wrestlers have retired and moved on, but of course, Hulk keeps going. He thinks wrestling is all for himself. He’s a douche, a mess. To hell with Hulk.