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The Black Crowes officially returns once again and they are still killing it after all these years!!!

The Black Crowes first album. “Shake Your Money Maker” which had this song may have came out in 1990 but the Black Crowes are still killing it even to this day. I love watching live band performances on the Howard Stern show ’cause the sound quality is so damn good in that studio. When you hear bands perform on Howard Stern, you can hear every instrument pretty clearly which is amazing. Whoever does the sound on the Stern show definitely knows what he’s doing when it come to sound quality.

Anyway, this performance was fucking awesome and they still kill it as you can see.

Yeah, I know the Robinson brothers always had a hard time getting along over the years and the Black Crowes play on and off ’cause they keep breaking up all the time it seems. Well it seems that Chris and Rich has buried the hatchet once again but it’ll be interesting to see how long this one will last, though. It’ll be interesting to see how long their 2020 tour will last. We’ll see, though.

Hopefully the Black Crowes will stick together for a while longer and hopefully their 2020 tour will be a success without them breaking up again. We’ll see. Hopefully they put out a new record as well.

I only have one album by the Black Crowes which is “Shake Your Money Maker” and it’s a great album. I’ve always liked the Black Crowes and glad they’re back for now anyways. They’re just another one of those bands where they have members that don’t get along so well.

I loved watching that performance above… Chris is still killing it on the vocals and his voice is sounding better than ever too.


Song Of The Day: “She Talks To Angels” by the Black Crowes…

So as everyone knows, Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes announced the break up of the iconic rock band after a 24 year long career. I didn’t even know they were still together until now.

I am a fan of the Crowes; however, I only own one album by them in my music collection. The only album I own of theirs is “Shake Your Money Maker”, their first one. It’s a great album.

These guys are definitely future rock n’ roll Hall of Famers and I’m sure there will probably be future reunions. The Crowes breakup is too bad. They only have about 9 albums in their discography. I wish the dudes best of luck.


Jimmy Page is back!!!

Today is a huge day in the world of music, because guitar legend and one of my biggest idols, Jimmy Page is back! Jimmy Page finally launched his official website today.

Check it out, here.

Keep in mind that the website will be very slow loading because of heavy traffic, plus you need to register to see the full site which I did register this morning. I’m still taking time to look through the whole site and there are a lot of broken links on there, but I understand. It’s brand new. Jimmy Page and his webmasters are new to this official website thing. Jimmy never had an official website before. Robert Plant and John Paul Jones had their own official sites for years, never Jimmy. It’s just that Jimmy was never into the internet until now.

So far, I’m loving the site. It shows everything about Jimmy’s career from the past until now. No news on an new album, but I’m sure he’ll announce a new musical project.

Seriously, guys, I love Jimmy Page so much as a guitarist and a musician. He’s pretty much the reason I got into music. I wanted to play guitar like him. I’m always looking deep into his guitar style to figure how he does things. Most of my own guitar playing is Jimmy Page inspired

In other Jimmy Page news, Jimmy reunited with the Black Crowes in London last night. Check out the cool video below. Glad the man is back, finally!!!


Report: The Black Crowes “Warpaint Live” being released April 28th!!!

The Universal Music Group just contacted me asking me if I would spread the word on the new upcoming Black Crowes live album, “Warpaint Live” being released, April 28th along with a free mp3 by the label’s permission.

Press release and free mp3 of the Black Crowes live track, “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” below:


New York, NY (April 6, 2009)—Specializing in a free-spirited, blues-infused form of rock ‘n’ roll, The Black Crowes are an essential piece of rock music history. Through its Eagle Records subsidiary, Eagle Rock Entertainment is releasing a 2CD set from the rock luminaries. Warpaint Live is hitting the shelves on April 28 [Pre-book Order Date April 8, Retail Sales Price $17.98]. An accompanying DVD will be released later this year.
After ten years of touring around the world and 20 million records sold, The Black Crowes took a five year hiatus. In 2005 the band re-united and re-ignited. Three years later, they released Warpaint, their first new studio album in seven years. Warpaint Live is a celebration of this new album, performed before a sold-out Los Angeles crowd. The first live Black Crowes release since 2006’s critically acclaimed Freak ‘n’ Roll…Into The Fog CD and DVD (Eagle Rock), they took this fresh work of art and allowed fans to experience this new album in its entirety live, with extended versions of the Warpaint tracks. Throwing in a few classic songs, such as “Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye”, as well as some previously unreleased covers, The Black Crowes deliver, proving that they are one of the most powerful and best live rock ‘n’ roll acts around.
For those interested in all things Robinson, the Brothers Of A Feather – Live At The Roxy CD/DVD is also available through Eagle Rock (released September 2007).
Eagle Rock Entertainment is an international media production and distribution company operating across audio visual entertainment programming. Eagle Rock Entertainment works directly alongside talent to produce the highest quality programming output covering film, general entertainment and musical performance. Eagle Rock Entertainment has offices based in London, New York, Germany & France.
Track Listing:
Disc 1:
1.) Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution
2.) Walk Believer Walk
3.) Oh, Josephine
4.) Evergreen
5.) Wee Who See The Deep
6.) Locust Street
7.) Movin’ On Down The Line
8.) Wounded Bird
9.) God’s Got It
10.) There’s Gold In Them Hills
11.) Whoa Mule
Disc 2:
1.) Poor Elijah – Tribute To Johnson (Medley)
2.) Darling Of The Underground Press
3.) Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
4.) Don’t Know Why
5.) Torn And Frayed
6.) Hey Grandma

Listen to “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” here:




EDIT TO ADD: I know some readers out there are thinking that this maybe some kind of fake, that Universal Music Group didn’t really contact me, but they really did.

This is the real deal. UMG sending me the mp3 from Eagle Rock label is just proof that they really contacted me directly. Special thanks go out to UMG, Eagle Rock and the Black Crowes band for letting me post this. UMG obviously have to get Eagle Rock’s and the Black Crowe’s permission first before sending me this free track so I can be able to post it legally. Just wanted to point that out. – Kev

Whose Side Are You On: The Black Crowes vs. Gretchen Wilson…

First the Black Crowes whine about Maxim’s review of their new album, now they are whining about country star Gretchen Wilson. The band is accusing Gretchen Wilson of exploiting her own song “Work Hard, Play Harder” she wrote for the TV show “Saving Grace” and the band is claiming it is sounding pretty close to their 1991 hit “Jealous Again”.

The band didn’t threaten to sue her, they just sent her copyright infringement notices, as in a warning type of thing.

Billboard reports:


So I post both songs in videos below so you can be the judgement if they sound the same.

I’m sorry, but Gretchen wins this one, so I’m with her on this all the way. Her song sounds nothing like “Jealous Again” if you listen carefully and closely to both songs. Gretchen sings it much differently.

It’s her song, her copyright, she’s perfectly safe 100%. Watch the judge drop this when they battle it out in court. I think the Crowes are “Jealous” of Gretchen because she is a bigger star than the Crowes are, and the Black Crowes new album “Warpaint” bombed and didn’t sell any copies.



Gretchen Wilson’s “Work Hard, Play Harder” for Saving Grace TV ad

Black Crowe’s “Jealous Again” video