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Happy birthday, Jimmy Page…

Jimmy Page is the reason why I do what I do, playing guitar and making music. I’ve always been a music lover but my interest in guitar playing myself didn’t pick up until I heard the music of Led Zeppelin. Once I discovered Led Zep, I knew I wanted to play guitar my whole life. I wanted to play rock guitar like Jimmy Page and if you ever wanted to know why my own guitar playing is always so tight and aggressive, well mostly because Jimmy Page inspired me to rock out like that.

I may like a lot of music out there but Led Zep will always be my no. 1.

Thanks Jimmy.

Led Zeppelin official film Documentary coming out soon…

Led Zeppelin just announced that the band is releasing their very first ever film documentary. Yes, that’s right. The band never made one before. A lot of big and legendary bands made plenty of film documentaries but Led Zeppelin never did one until now. Sure… Led Zep released one concert movie, “The Song Remains The Same” which took place at Madison Square Garden and the film included scenes in which the 4 members took turns acting in. The band also released a few live DVDs but never had extra documentary like footage. Now the band is finally doing their very own rock doc.

The film is titled “Becoming Led Zeppelin” and judging by the title, you can betcha it’s gonna be about the formation of Led Zeppelin and the early days of the band. The documentary will feature interviews with surviving members: Jimmy Page, Plant and Jones… since John Bonham passed on in 1980, I’m sure the doc might have an interview with Jason Bonham so he can talk about his father’s life in Zeppelin. I’m also sure there will be plenty of John Bonham footage in the film for sure. The film will probably feature some old John Bonham interviews, probably and old interviews with Led Zep manager, Peter Grant.

The doc will be about the formation of Led Zeppelin so I’m sure the doc will feature all the bands the guys were in before Led Zep… so you can expect a lot of Yardbirds stuff in it. Robert Plant and John Paul Jones were in bands before Led Zep too so the film will talk about that. I think the film will lead to the formation and to the recording of Led Zeppelin’s first album.


As a die hard Led Zeppelin superfan that I am, I’m definitely looking forward to this. I’m probably gonna get the BluRay when it’s out.

Why is Led Zep coming out with all these projects like the photo books, the remaster albums and this film, etc.??? Some may call it a cash grab but I don’t think so… it’s about keeping Led Zeppelin’s legacy alive and that’s Jimmy’s mission. It’s important to keep the band known even if they’re no longer around. They deserve to keep their name alive.


Jimmy Page reveals that Led Zeppelin were going to make a way more heavier and riffier rock album after “In Through The OutDoor”…

Jimmy Page has a new book coming out and to help promote it, he just did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

Jimmy just revealed that Led Zeppelin WAS on the verge of making their 9th studio album before John Bonham died. They were going to make their follow up to “In Through the Outdoor” but after Bonham died, the band split up. Anyhow, Jimmy and John Bonham were in discussions at the time making plans of their next album after “In Through The Outdoor”. Jimmy revealed that Led Zeppelin were going to make an even heavier and riffier Led Zeppelin album. They wanted to make their next album a lot harder than “Presence”. They wanted the riffs to be a lot trickier.

With an album like “In Through the Outdoor” being a totally different album than the albums they did in the past, I guess they wanted to rock out loud again. “In Through the Outdoor” was kind of a mellow and soft album with all the keyboards and pianos and stuff. It was different.

Just imagine if John Bonham didn’t die and they made that heavy album Jimmy was talking about. It would have been cool to hear ’cause Led Zep is best when they are loud and heavy. Jimmy says the next album would have been a lot heavier but too bad it didn’t happen.


I can picture in my head of what that album would have sounded like… Jimmy banging away heavy riffs with distorted guitars with John banging on the drums, Robert’s usual screaming vocals and John Paul Jones trying to stay in the pocket with his bass and also adding some organ/keyboards like usual.

If John didn’t pass on, I’m sure Led Zep would have continued.


Happy birthday, Jimmy Page!

Without this guy, I wouldn’t be doing what I would be doing. Playing the guitar! Seriously though, it was all Jimmy Page that made me want to pick up the guitar and become a rock n’ roll guitarist myself. When I heard the music of Led Zeppelin, hearing their studio albums, all their live stuff and live concert footage… I’m like, “That’s what I want to be one day… an electric rock guitarist!”. I’ve been inspired to play both rhythm and lead guitar ’cause of Jimmy Page. He really is my favorite guitar hero. I may like a lot of guitarists out there but Jimmy will always be my number 1.

When I play lead guitar, admittedly I try to play like him and borrow a lot of licks from him. Jimmy is a genius on the guitar. I don’t understand why Led Zep has a lot of haters still. Before Black Sabbath, it was Led Zep that started “heavy” music. So to all of you who love hard rock and metal, thank Led Zep for that. Led Zep was and still is my favorite band ever.

The Led Zep IV album is what did it to me. I’m a die-hard Led Zep fan and I’m proud of it. I’ll never get tired of listening to Led Zeppelin. I love all of Jimmy Page’s side projects too: Coverdale/Page, the Black Crowes and everything else he has done.

I really do hope Jimmy does something new musically, though. Since there will never be a Led Zep reunion ever again… I can see Jimmy doing a new side project sometime soon. There’s been a lot of talk of Jimmy going solo again, but whatever he plans to do, I’m sure will be genius. I think he and Dave Grohl should do something together ’cause that would be an awesome collaboration!

Thanks Jimmy for the awesome guitar playing over the years!


Is Led Zeppelin about to reunite once more? Probably not but it would be cool, though!

Something strange is going on at Robert Plant’s official website, check it out:


Robert’s website has gone dark for whatever reason, on his website says, “Anytime now…” which means Robert is teasing something huge. What is it? Is Robert about to announce a new solo record with the Sensational Space Shifters? No, probably not ’cause if Robert was to announce a solo album, he wouldn’t tease something that big so it’s got to do with something about Led Zeppelin.

Rumor got out that Led Zeppelin may reunite once more for the Desert Trip 2017 concert this summer. If that’s the plan, I’m all for another Led Zeppelin reunion ’cause we definitely do deserve one more. The guys in Led Zeppelin has been trying to make it happen since their 02 December 10th reunion in 2007.

Ever since that show at the 02 arena in 2007, Robert Plant still sings Led Zep songs during his solo tours and he still sings Led Zep songs quite well. (See videos above)

If it’s not a Led Zeppelin reunion, then maybe a Robert Plant & Jimmy Page duo can make a comeback? Remember that? Page & Plant reunited to make the “Unledded: No Quarter” live album and they also made the studio album together, “Walking Into Clarksdale” which they went on tour with together. That happened during the 90’s. Since Jimmy Page isn’t doing anything musically at the moment, it would be cool if Page & Plant duo would comeback.

If a full Led Zep reunion is about to happen again then that would be cool too! There are so many great Led Zep songs that could be played live that they didn’t play at the 2007 concert songs like “Achilles Last Stand”, “In the Light”, “The Rain Song”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, “Heartbreaker”, “Communication Breakdown”, “Thank You, “That’s the Way”, “Tangerine”, “Friends”, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, etc. All those songs were never played at the 2007 reunion show and they deserve to get played! The 2007 reunion setlist was good but we wanted to hear more! That’s why we kept begging them to do a tour or do one more reunion show.


What is it with Led Zeppelin songs appearing in movie trailers lately? I think it’s awesome!

So the “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer is finally here which looks like a badass movie btw and I’m planning on seeing it for sure but I love how Led Zeppelin songs have been appearing in a lot of movie trailers lately.

Check out this article here:


I’m sure the film makers had to get Jimmy Page’s written permission in order to put Led Zeppelin songs in movie trailers so Jimmy Page is obviously all for it. This is a great way to keep Led Zeppelin’s legacy alive and that’s probably the reason why Page is all for it.

In this new generation of music fans, there are still some people who don’t even listen to Led Zeppelin and this is a great way to promote the band still. I do agree though that Led Zeppelin songs do make movie trailers a lot more exciting.

Can’t wait to see “Thor: Ragnarok” as I’m a pretty big Thor fan.


Classic Rock magazine names Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” as no. 1 guitar solo ever but what are Jimmy Page’s thoughts about that?

Classic Rock magazine has named Led Zep’s “Stairway To Heaven” as their no. 1 guitar solo but did Jimmy Page, the man himself accept that honor? Not really. Page said the solo on Led Zeppelin IV for “Stairway” was pretty good but not his best. Everyone may say that the solo is the best but Page begs to differ. Page says there are a few different versions of the “Stairway” solo and Page likes the other versions better.


I wonder why Page ended up picking the version that’s on “Led Zeppelin IV” but not the others? Probably for radio airplay, I bet.

Gotta give props for Jimmy’s humbleness and honesty. Whenever a musician has made it on a best of poll or whatever, the musician would be like, “Oh that’s great, I’m honored” but not Jimmy. He’s just trying to keep it all real. Trying to leave his ego at the door which is a great attitude to have.

Fuck all those best of poll things, I don’t pay any attention to that garbage.


Happy birthday, Jimmy Page…

Seriously, I love Led Zeppelin so much. I may like a lot of music out there but Led Zeppelin will always be my no. 1 favorite band. Yeah, I’m a die hard Led Zep fanatic and very proud of it! I’ll always stay loyal to Led Zeppelin. People can say all kinds of negative things about the band all they want to and try to get me to turn my back on them but it’s never gonna happen. I just fuckin’ love Led Zep.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them. If it weren’t for Led Zeppelin, I wouldn’t have picked up the guitar and became a musician myself. I’m a guitar player ’cause of Jimmy Page. When I saw what he did, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I want to play guitar like him.

Happy birthday, Jimmy and thanks. \m/


Jimmy Page’s photographic memoir book review…

I’ve read many Jimmy Page books and many Led Zeppelin books that weren’t written by any of the band members. Finally, we get an official Led Zeppelin biography that is actually by a member from the band! Since there are too many Jimmy Page biography books out there, they all just tell the same story so most of us already know about Jimmy’s life and career. Finally, we get a story from Jimmy Page the man himself. However, instead of telling his story by text… he wanted to do something a little different by telling his story by photographs which is an interesting idea.

This is a pretty amazing book and I’m happy he did this. It only took me two days to finish looking through it. The photos are amazing too. Lot of rare ones and a lot of photos I’ve already seen before.

Just to be aware of something, this is strictly about music. You will not learn about Jimmy’s personal life. It’s all about his contribution to music over the years and it covers everything. It covers all of his music projects from when he was a young kid all the way up to the Led Zeppelin reunion O2 show.

It’s a pretty cool book and a must-see to any Led Zep fan. A lot of you know I’m a die-hard Zeppelin fanatic. I may love a lot of music out there but Led Zep will always be my no. 1.



Jimmy Page planning possible instrumental album next year…

Now that Jimmy Page has finally finished all of them Led Zeppelin remasters, he’s ready to get back into music again. There will never be another Led Zeppelin reunion but that’s still not stopping Jimmy from going solo again.

Jimmy reveals what his plans will be for his next solo album. He’s planning his next solo album to be all instrumental and he’s planning to have all kinds of music on it meaning everything from rock n’ roll, blues, acoustic, etc. After he’s finished with the album… things could change, though. If he feels that his instrumentals will need vocals then he’ll probably hire a vocalist or more than one vocalist if he’s planning to do another one of those albums where they have many special guest singers like he did with “Outrider”.


If he did suddenly decide to have singers on his album, who would he work with? My top 5 choices:

  1. Robert Plant (even if they will never reunite for Led Zeppelin ever again, there’s still no stopping Jimmy & Robert working together again. Could they do a follow up album to “Walking Into Clarksdale”? Would be cool. Would love to see the Robert & Jimmy duo to make a comeback.)
  2. Chris Cornell (This would be an awesome team up.)
  3. David Coverdale (Wouldn’t it be cool if Page & Coverdale buried the hatchet and finally make a second Coverdale/Page album? I doubt this would ever happen but it would be badass.)
  4. Dave Grohl (This could be a definite possibility. Page and Grohl has been long time friends so I can see them working together on something. If Dave doesn’t end up being the singer on Jimmy’s album, I could see him drumming for it as well.)
  5. Josh Homme (The singer for QOTSA/Them Crooked Vultures would be a pretty cool team up. )

Anyway, I would prefer Jimmy to keep his new album instrumental ’cause I’ve always wanted him to do an instrumental album. A Jimmy Page instrumental guitar album would be badass but whatever he decides to do, I’m sure would be badass!

I’m a huge Jimmy Page fan. I followed everything he did throughout the years, even all of his post Led Zeppelin projects.