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Led Zeppelin wins “Stairway” case once again, will you accept that they aren’t thieves and move on?

I think this Michael Skidmore clown needs to accept that Jimmy didn’t steal the “Stairway” riff from “Taurus” and move on. Of course this Skidmore guy never will… he’ll figure out another way to get at Led Zep.



I think Led Zeppelin getting accused of being song thieves is getting old and tiresome. It’s all pretty silly, in my opinion. Even if Led Zep did take bits and bits from other songs here and there, I wouldn’t call it “stealing” or “ripping off”… it’s more like “borrowing”. There is nothing wrong with “borrowing” from other songs for your own original music ’cause bands & artists do these things all the time. There is nothing wrong with taking a little piece of music that you like from another song to try and re-write it to make your own. It’s unfair that artists get called “song thieves”.

Congrats to Led Zep on another victory, though. I’m sure Page, Plant and Jones are pretty happy about this.



Steven Tyler explains what it’s like singing for Led Zeppelin for rehearsal… it was originally going to be for the Led Zep reunion tour that never happened…

After Led Zeppelin’s reunion show at O2 arena back in Dec. 10th of 2007, Led Zeppelin were planning a full reunion tour but Robert Plant didn’t want in on it. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham were all for a full reunion tour… and they were getting ready to go on without him so they started looking for singers. They rehearsed with two different singers: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. After those two rehearsals, the tour never ended up happening ’cause Led Zeppelin kept getting a public backlash for continuing on without Robert and John Bonham.

Steven here goes on the Howard Stern show explaining how he got the Led Zeppelin rehearsal gig and what it’s like practicing with them. It’s a very cool story and Steven seems like a very nice man too.

Imagine what Led Zeppelin would have sounded like with Steven Tyler on lead vocals? Can you hear it? Steven singing all the Led Zep hits??? “Immigrant Song”, “Stairway”, “Heartbreaker”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Ramble On”, “Rock and Roll”, “Black Dog”, “No Quarter’, “Achilles Last Stand”, etc. Tyler would have nailed them all and killed it. When I listen to Aerosmith music, I’ve always thought Steven’s vocals reminded me of Robert a little bit. I hope somebody recorded that rehearsal with Steven and hope it gets released to the public someday. I’m sure everybody’s dying to hear what Steven sounds like singing Led Zep songs. I’m sure Myles Kennedy did a good job with them too.

It’s sad that a reunion tour never happened but if only Jimmy Page ever gets his solo album out then we can all enjoy that for now.

I can’t blame Steven for going for the rehearsal gig ’cause they’re fucking Led Zeppelin. How can you say no to that? You’ll be insane if you did!


Greta Van Fleet being hated on for being a Led Zeppelin rip off is unfair but at the same time, it’s a good thing…

Oh my god. Greta Van Fleet is being hated on left and right in the music industry. They are even being hated on by other famous musicians and bands. It’s crazy, ya know? A lot of famous musicians voiced their opinions on Greta Van Fleet and they aren’t good. In the music industry, there are mixed opinions about Greta Van Fleet… some are positive and some negative. Well, it’s expected when the band is about ready to blow up in the industry big time which they already did.

Yeah, the band sounds very much like Led Zep but who cares, ya know? Greta Van Fleet is still a rockin’ band. They are all talented musicians and they are all on point. Bands ripping off other bands is nothing new so why does Greta Van Fleet get targeted for ripping off other bands? I mean look at all the Nirvanas out there who ripped off Nirvana. Look at all the Metallicas out there who ripped off Metallica. Look at all the Alice In Chains’s who ripped off Alice In Chains. Look at all the Pearl Jams out there who ripped off Pearl Jam. Okay, I think you get my point. Bands rip each other off all the freakin’ time.

On top of that, there were too many other bands who ripped off Led Zeppelin long before Greta Van Fleet came around! What’s funny about all of this is that Led Zeppelin even ripped off their sound from other bands ’cause I’ll admit it Led Zep stole a lot of stuff.

Why is Greta Van Fleet getting targeted for ripping off other bands when bands ripping off each other is a pretty common thing in the industry? Like I said, who cares! It’s just music, ya know?

Anyway, while all of this is unfair for Greta Van Fleet, at the same time, it’s a good thing that they’re getting accused of ripping off Led Zeppelin. It means they’re doing something right. I think people are getting mad at Greta Van Fleet is because they know that they came this close to sounding exactly like Led Zeppelin and no other bands could come close to matching their sound. I think people hate for that reason. They know that Greta Van Fleet and Led Zep almost sound exactly the same. Other bands try to sound like Led Zeppelin but they all fail. The only band that could do it is Greta Van Fleet. I think they just hate out of jealousy nothing more ’cause they wish they could sound like Led Zeppelin.

It’s not Greta Van Fleet’s fault that they sound like Led Zep. They just happen to be huge fans of the band and that’s what happens to musicians when they are influenced by someone. When you’re influenced by a musician you admire, you tend to sound like them by listening to them for a long time. That happens with all musicians, you sound like your heroes.

By the way, I think Greta Van Fleet is a kick ass band. I love them. I’ll buy every album they come out with and I hope I get my chance to see them live.


Led Zeppelin officially celebrates 50 years… their first studio album released 50 years ago today…


Today officially marks the release of the very first Led Zeppelin album which came out 50 years ago today. This is not only the 50th year of that album, it’s also the 50th year of the band Led Zeppelin. Today is a good day for the band ’cause they celebrate 50 years being in the music industry. With that being said, happy 50th birthday Led Zep! Jan. 12th, 1969 was the birth of Led Zeppelin.

I picked up the guitar because of Led Zeppelin pretty much. Jimmy Page made me do what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Jimmy made it cool for people to love the guitar and many out there have picked up the guitar because of him. A lot of us bands and musicians play guitar ’cause of Led Zep whether you want to admit it or not.

Of course, the first Led Zep album wasn’t how I discovered them. I discovered them by listening to “Stairway To Heaven” and that was the song that made me become obsessed with Led Zep so the first album I bought by them was Led Zep IV Zoso. The band only made 8 studio albums together but their career was still pretty historic and legendary. I love all Led Zeppelin albums except I didn’t like their last one “In Through the Outdoor”. That’s the only album I wasn’t too thrilled with at all and I still stand by it which is why I don’t own “In Through the Outdoor”.

My favorite Led Zeppelin albums were “Physical Graffiti” and “Presence”. They were the albums that did it to me.

Happy 50 years Led Zep and congratulations.

Here are my top 5 favorite Led Zep songs in celebration of their 50th.


Pitchfork magazine totally trashes Greta Van Fleet’s debut album… my thoughts…

I just read Pitchfork magazine’s review of Greta Van Fleet’s first and new album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”. While the review was pretty harsh and mean, it did give me a good laugh too. So Greta Van Fleet, a young band trying their best to make it in the industry and they just did by finally releasing their debut full length album… and already they just received a scathing review by Pitchfork.

The thing is, when Led Zeppelin were around back in the late 60’s and through the 70’s, they got a lot of bad reviews for their albums over the years too through music magazines and the press. Now Greta Van Fleet is going through some negative reviews.


I just laugh when people accuses them of sounding exactly like Led Zep. Yeah, Greta Van Fleet do sound like Led Zep some but there are other influences. In my opinion, Greta Van Fleet’s got their own original and unique sound. My question is, why is Greta Van Fleet always getting picked on for sounding like Led Zeppelin when there were so many other bands in the past that sounded like Led Zeppelin? What about bands like Whitesnake, Wolfmother, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Kingdom Come, Heart and even the White Stripes. How come those bands I listed didn’t get attacked for sounding like Led Zep yet everybody’s targeting Greta Van Fleet instead? Is it because they are young kids? I would say so.

Everybody wants to accuse Greta Van Fleet of ripping off Led Zep but I don’t see it as ripping off. It’s about playing music honoring your heroes and there’s nothing wrong with that ’cause bands do this all the time. Making music that sounds like their heroes. When a band sounds like another band, it’s not their fault ’cause they just play whatever they listened to over the years. It’s about inspiration, ya know?

You see when I listen to music, I go by my own opinion and my own opinion alone. I think Greta Van Fleet is a fucking sick band. They’re my favorite right now and I love what they’re doing. I love that Greta Van Fleet are trying their best to keep rock n’ roll alive and that’s what they’re trying to do. Whether you like their music or not, you should respect them for that.

I think “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is a pretty sick album. I listened to it three times this week.

What made me laugh about that review above was that they trashed the band for the clothes that they wear and called them a costume band. Hmmmmmmm… looking at the Pitchfork website, it seems they mostly promote pop and R&B artists on there. Mostly pop stars who wear the strangest clothes and you don’t see Pitchfork calling them a “costume” act. On the Pitchfork website, they have female pop stars with big fake breasts and showing cleavages and stuff… yet they call Greta Van Fleet a “costume band”.

My advice to you is, don’t listen to Pitchfork or any music critic online bashing Greta Van Fleet. They’re a young band trying to keep rock n’ roll alive but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. Just give the album a chance and give it a listen. I think the band is amazing and I would love to see them in concert if they ever play around here.

I rarely read music reviews but had to read this one out of curiosity since the whole internet was talking about it. Just don’t listen to Pitchfork and give the album a listen. Only go by your own opinion.


The Smashing Pumpkins covers “Stairway to Heaven” live on stage… pretty good but Billy’s voice doesn’t fit the song…

Well the Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour begins and this live performance was taken from their first show on the tour. As you can see here, The Pumpkins tries to cover “Stairway to Heaven” which is Led Zep’s most iconic song.

I thought the band played the song pretty well but like the title of this blog topic says, Billy’s voice doesn’t fit which is understandable. “Stairway” is a very difficult song to sing vocally. I noticed the band transposed the song to a lower key so it can fit Billy’s voice ’cause I know Billy has a pretty low range singing voice. At the “As we wind on down the road” part, Robert sings really high in that part but Billy sang it his way.

Are the costumes, gimmicks and the video screen in the background really necessary? I understand that Billy is trying to make the Smashing Pumpkins shows more theatrical like but that is not needed. How about focusing on the music?

Other than that, the band played the music well like I said. I thought the best part was Jeff Schroeder nailing the solo. That Schroeder dude is a great lead guitarist for sure.


Led Zeppelin to reunite one more time after all??? Here’s hoping…

Some of you may already know that Led Zepprelin are my musical heroes. They were the ones who helped me get into music in the first place and they helped me inspire to pick up the guitar. Led Zep hasn’t played another reunion gig or a tour since their one-off Dec. 10th, 2007 gig which happened 11 years ago.

Many fans begged Led Zep to do a full tour after that; however, there was a slight problem. Jimmy Page was down for another Led Zep tour, John Paul Jones was down too and Jason was down as well except for Robert who kept repeatedly saying he never wanted anything to do with Led Zep ever again. What’s ironic about Robert’s statement is that Robert keeps performing Led Zep songs with his solo band aka the Sensational Space Shifters.

Led Zep got together to work on a book to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and because of this, rumors swirling around again that they might do one more show and it might be at Glastonbury 2019.


Could Led Zep reunite one more time after-all? We’ll have to wait and see. Yeah, Robert is the only member in the band who no longer wants anything to do with Led Zep but who knows, maybe Jimmy convinced Robert to change his mind somehow?

I think Led Zep should do one more show… that way they can play more songs live that they haven’t played at the 2007 show. I would like to see them do “Achilles Last Stand”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, “Nobody’s But Fault But Mine”, “Friends”, “The Rain Song”, “Gallows Pole”, “The Immigrant Song” and so much more to choose from.

They should give it one more shot and Glastonbury sounds like the perfect place for them.


Led Zeppelin reunited again but it’s not what you think… it’s for a book!

Led Zeppelin got together again to celebrate a new book that the band has been working on lately. It’s a book to help celebrate the band’s 50th Anniversary. The book will feature rare photos of the band on stage and off stage of their career. The book will also feature art work from the band’s archive and contributions by photographers. This book will be kind of similar to the Jimmy Page photo book.

As a huge Led Zeppelin fanatic, I’m probably gonna buy this for sure. Led Zeppelin maybe done touring but I’m sure the guys will put on some event for the book’s release like maybe an autograph signing and meet & greet ’cause that would be pretty cool if they did that.

They’re still looking good together, though. I will always love Led Zeppelin no matter what people says or thinks. They had a great career and a great run. Let them retire. I would like them to go on another tour but if they don’t want to, that’s fine with me. I wish people would leave them alone and let them do what they want to do.

I wish Jimmy Page would go solo again… it would be nice if he put a new project out. I actually want a new Jimmy Page solo album more than another Led Zeppelin tour and I really mean that.


Is Led Zeppelin about to reunite once more? Probably not but it would be cool, though!

Something strange is going on at Robert Plant’s official website, check it out:


Robert’s website has gone dark for whatever reason, on his website says, “Anytime now…” which means Robert is teasing something huge. What is it? Is Robert about to announce a new solo record with the Sensational Space Shifters? No, probably not ’cause if Robert was to announce a solo album, he wouldn’t tease something that big so it’s got to do with something about Led Zeppelin.

Rumor got out that Led Zeppelin may reunite once more for the Desert Trip 2017 concert this summer. If that’s the plan, I’m all for another Led Zeppelin reunion ’cause we definitely do deserve one more. The guys in Led Zeppelin has been trying to make it happen since their 02 December 10th reunion in 2007.

Ever since that show at the 02 arena in 2007, Robert Plant still sings Led Zep songs during his solo tours and he still sings Led Zep songs quite well. (See videos above)

If it’s not a Led Zeppelin reunion, then maybe a Robert Plant & Jimmy Page duo can make a comeback? Remember that? Page & Plant reunited to make the “Unledded: No Quarter” live album and they also made the studio album together, “Walking Into Clarksdale” which they went on tour with together. That happened during the 90’s. Since Jimmy Page isn’t doing anything musically at the moment, it would be cool if Page & Plant duo would comeback.

If a full Led Zep reunion is about to happen again then that would be cool too! There are so many great Led Zep songs that could be played live that they didn’t play at the 2007 concert songs like “Achilles Last Stand”, “In the Light”, “The Rain Song”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, “Heartbreaker”, “Communication Breakdown”, “Thank You, “That’s the Way”, “Tangerine”, “Friends”, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, etc. All those songs were never played at the 2007 reunion show and they deserve to get played! The 2007 reunion setlist was good but we wanted to hear more! That’s why we kept begging them to do a tour or do one more reunion show.


What is it with Led Zeppelin songs appearing in movie trailers lately? I think it’s awesome!

So the “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer is finally here which looks like a badass movie btw and I’m planning on seeing it for sure but I love how Led Zeppelin songs have been appearing in a lot of movie trailers lately.

Check out this article here:


I’m sure the film makers had to get Jimmy Page’s written permission in order to put Led Zeppelin songs in movie trailers so Jimmy Page is obviously all for it. This is a great way to keep Led Zeppelin’s legacy alive and that’s probably the reason why Page is all for it.

In this new generation of music fans, there are still some people who don’t even listen to Led Zeppelin and this is a great way to promote the band still. I do agree though that Led Zeppelin songs do make movie trailers a lot more exciting.

Can’t wait to see “Thor: Ragnarok” as I’m a pretty big Thor fan.