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Report: Jimmy Page confirms more Led Zeppelin shows in the fall…

After the Foo Fighters concert at Wembley Stadium in the UK, Jimmy Page was interviewed by the UK Telegraph newspaper, they of course, asked him if Led Zeppelin will play more live shows in the future. Jimmy Page surprisingly confirms, yes, Led Zeppelin is planning to get back together for more shows in the fall. Jimmy says Led Zep fans will have to wait until the other members of the band are finished with their other musical projects.

Robert Plant is still touring with Allison Krauss and Jason Bonham is touring with Foreigner. Jimmy and Jonesy are not doing any touring which is why they said yes to playing the Foo Fighters show at Wembley.

More on it here:


I hope this one’s true this time and not just some big rumour started by a newspaper. Rumours of Led Zeppelin touring has been happening since the 02 show and it’s hard to believe, don’t believe everything you read online unless you hear from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant about a tour yourself.

I prefer Led Zeppelin make a new album with new songs first before a tour though.



BREAKING NEWS: The Foo Fighters plays with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page at Wembley Stadium!!!

Last night at Wembley Stadium in the UK, the Foo Fighters played a concert there which Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foos say it’s their best gig and most amazing gig in history of the band’s career. Many rumours speculated that the Foo Fighters will play a few shows together with Led Zeppelin and those rumours turned out to be true at last night’s Wembley Stadium concert.

At last night’s show, after the show was over, Dave Grohl invited John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page to the stage to play a few Led Zeppelin songs for the encore. Jason Bonham and Robert Plant were not there. It was just Jimmy and Jonesy jamming with the Foos. Grohl’s dream of jamming with Led Zeppelin just came true!

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Sounds like a good show, I hope the Foos release that concert to DVD. They probably will.



Report: Jimmy Page interview at Rollingstone.com…

Rollingstone.com has a nice interview with Jimmy Page. My hero and inspiration in guitar playing who made me want to play music to begin with. As usual, Rollingstone asks musicians stupid questions to the musicians. While Rollingstone is a music magazine it is not aimed at musicians (like Guitar World, Guitar Player, etc.) Rollingstone is a music magazine aimed to the non-musicians, the regular music listeners.

Page give out the secrets where the energy and the tight playing in Led Zeppelin, he also explains how he inspired to bow an electric guitar.

Rollingstone.com reports:


That’s where all the tight and energetic playing comes from in my music, it’s because I listen to too much Led Zeppelin. While I listen to a lot of music out there, Led Zeppelin is everything to me.



Report: Whitesnake claims tour with Led Zeppelin…

David Coverdale’s longtime band Whitesnake claims they are planning to go on tour with Led Zeppelin. First the Foo Fighters, then the Velvet Revolver, then the Stone Temple Pilots, and god knows what other bands has brought up shit to tour with Led Zep.

David Coverdale and Jimmy Page both released an album together titled “Coverdale/Page” released back in 1993.

Blabbermouth.net reports:


I wish these famous bands would stop bringing up rumours of Led Zeppelin touring. Just goes to show that these bands has gigantic egos as well.

Led Zeppelin has denied a world tour ever since the O2 show last year. They still seem to be ignoring a possibility of a tour today as well.

I don’t think Led Zeppelin will tour! It is all up to the band if they want to! Get the hell over it people!



Report: Stone Temple Pilots hopes to open for Led Zeppelin…

Stone Temple Pilots spoke with MTV News revealing why they reunited. The reason why they reunited is that the band hopes to open for Led Zeppelin. If Led Zeppelin confirms a full fledged world tour in the future, STP offers Led Zeppelin to contact the guys in STP if Led Zep ever needs an opening act.

MTV.com reports:


Who doesn’t want to open for Led Zeppelin? Anybody would, even I would.

Ever since Led Zeppelin reunited, it inspired more bands from the past to come back.

The latest band from the past to reunite recently was Janes Addiction.



BREAKING NEWS: A few good Led Zeppelin news!!!

NME, a UK magazine for music news brought up a few good latest news about Led Zeppelin.

The first Robert Plant seems to be in a better mood about playing more shows with Led Zeppelin and seems more positive about it. He says Led Zeppelin will be all up to playing more shows only for the right reasons. Like the last time was a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, “special” reasons would be things like that. They may not go on a full fledge tour but they’ll probably play some more shows. Hopefully they play MSG in New York one more time to relive “The Song Remains the Same” concert in 1973.


John Paul Jones hinted that Led Zeppelin could go back into the studio again to record a new Led Zeppelin album. For many months now Jimmy Page has been hinting us that he’s working on new music that was meant to be for Led Zeppelin. Lets keep our fingers crossed that there could be a new Led Zep album in the future!


And the last, Jimmy Page hinted that last year’s December 10th O2 show could be getting released on DVD in the future. He confirmed the show was videotaped but he said creating the DVD of the show would be a lot of hard work. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a DVD release of this show as well.


This is pretty sweet news here.

If anything, I want a new Led Zeppelin studio album more. I would like to see what new changes and style of music Led Zeppelin would sound like today if they worked on new material. If they work on a studio album and release it, then they can do several more shows to support it.

Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Ac/Dc….coming back to music again?

I said it before and will say it again, “We need our rock n’ roll back dammit”. If those three bands come back to the national music industry full time, people can start caring about mainstream music again.


Report: Slash deny Velvet Revolver tour with Led Zeppelin…

Slash the guitarist for the Velvet Revolver came out to the public to confirm the rumours of the Velvet Revolver touring with Led Zeppelin is untrue. The rumour was first brought up by Duff McKagan who is Slash’s longtime buddy, both men are former members of the legendary Guns N’ Roses. Slash defended Duff by saying the Velvet Revolver touring with Led Zep was taking out of context.

Slash even agrees that a Led Zeppelin tour isn’t possible and that Robert Plant has his project going on with Alison Krauss. Slash confirms the Velvet Revolver will head back to the studio very soon to record a new record with the band.

More on it here:


I don’t think the Velvet Revolver are breaking up anytime soon. From the sounds of things, Slash seems very serious with the band and loves playing with them. When Scott Weiland claims “this is the final Velvet Revolver tour” he was probably just talking shit and maybe be a bit drunk/stoned out of his ass. I don’t think Weiland would really leave Velvet Revolver for STP. He’s just a crazy guy that likes to talk shit, that’s all.

I’m happy that someone from the Velvet Revovler came out and cleared everything, kudos to Slash. He’s da man! I don’t want that band touring with Led Zeppelin anyways. No band should tour with Led Zeppelin.


Report: The Velvet Revolver claims they’ll tour with Led Zep…

First The Cult, now the Velvet Revolver is bringing up rumours of touring with Led Zeppelin.



The rumours of Led Zeppelin touring just won’t end, eh? Even if Led Zeppelin keeps denying a tour, that doesn’t help destroy the rumours either.

Get the hell over it people! In the words of Jason Bonham, he said “Begging for a tour” is greedy. And I agree with him.

I’m not upset of Led Zeppelin not touring. I’m happy enough they finally got to gig together for one last time. Who cares if Led Zeppelin don’t tour! Be happy that they came back to us for one last round.

And for the record, the Velvet Revolver is a shitty band. They suck. Led Zeppelin were never known to share concerts with other bands. They only shared with other bands at the O2 gig ’cause it was a tribute for Ahmet Ertegun.

I wish these delusional bands like the Velvet Revolver would stop fantasizing about touring with Led Zeppelin, keep dreaming boys, it will never happen.