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Report: Scott Weiland officially reunites with the Velvet Revolver as frontman…

Ever since Scott Weiland was booted from the Velvet Revolver, the band was trying to replace a new singer. The band never announced a new singer ever since Weiland left, but it appears that the band has officially buried the hatchet with him. The band plans on going on tour and then get to work on their 3rd album, with Weiland as frontman.

More on the story, here.

Good news, but who knows how long this will last? Tempers could flare again and Weiland’s next run with the band could be very short, never know. It’ll be interesting to see how long Weiland stays with them, next time around. I like the Velvet Revolver sure. Never owned their first two albums, but I’ve heard their stuff on the radio lots of times.


Report: Scott Weiland wants to rejoin Velvet Revolver!!!

Scott Weiland have been fired from Velvet Revolver a few years back due to having a bad attitude, being a drunk and having an ego problem, but things seem to be doing okay with him and the band now. Scott claims he have patched things up with the rest of the guys in Velvet Revolver. The band is getting along with him fine again. They still keep in touch like brothers. Scott revealed that he wants to rejoin the band for a few shows if possible. The other guys in the band are actually taking it in consideration ’cause they are having a tough time trying to find a new singer (they haven’t found anyone yet). Matt Sorum admits that it’s really hard to replace Scott.

Read the full article, here.

Look like they can’t find a different vocalist that would fit the style of their music. Only Scott’s voice can fit the music, so Scott is pretty much the star of the band, he can’t be replaced.

I’m sure everybody will accuse Scott of starting trouble again when he rejoins the band, but I don’t think that will happen. He rejoined Stone Temple Pilots and their latest run seemed to go fine with no problems. I think it’ll be okay if Scott rejoined Velvet Revolver. I like Velvet Revolver even though I haven’t bought their albums. I did hear all of their hits on the radio though.


Report: Velvet Revolver finally hires new singer but keeping identity anonymous for now…

Velvet Revolver’s Matt Sorum, revealed that the band finally found a new singer, but won’t reveal the singer’s name just yet.

More on it, here.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the singer is one of the singer’s off Slash’s solo album. Could the singer be Andrew Stockdale or Rocco Deluca? Maybe even Chris Cornell?  Who knows.


Cool Video: Slash rocks with kids at middle school…

This is very cool. Guitar icon, Slash, made an appearance at the East Los Angeles Belvedere, Middle School, to teach kids how to play guitar and other instruments by forming their own band in the classroom. You can see the kids jamming on “Sweet Child Of Mine” with Slash with a young girl singing the lead vocals.

See this cool video here:


As you music fans probably already know, Slash is a family man, with wife and has kids on his own, so you can tell that Slash is very good with kids as you see in this video. Plus, I’m sure Slash’s wife, Perla, talked him into doing this stuff.

What the hell is Axl Rose thinking when he talks trash at Slash publicily on the internet? Fuck Axl. Slash seems like a very nice and down to earth man from what I see here.

I enjoyed seeing the kids, playing “Sweet Child Of Mine”.

Heh, now this reminds me of the Jack Black movie, “School of Rock”. Way to go Slash!!! The man is doing a great thing and hopes he keeps doing stuff like that for kids!


Whose Side Are You On: Slash vs. Scott Weiland…

Scott Weiland came out to the public to attack the Velvet Revolver in return, saying the band kicked him out as a cover up because the band wasn’t getting along.

Billboard reports:


As much as I hate to admit it, I’m on Scott Weiland’s side 100%. Sure, Weiland maybe a drunk and a drug addict still, but who isn’t? A lot of rock stars and musicians are out there. Even Slash used to be.

Matt Sorum did say the band was in a turmoil and wasn’t getting along well, so Weiland is right on the money on this one.

I find it a cool thing Weiland is no longer in the band actually. The Velvet Revolver is crap. I love Slash as a guitarist and love Weiland as a rock singer, I just don’t like VR’s songwriting.

I want Weiland to be back with STP ’cause I’ve been a die hard STP fan my entire life. I own all of their albums and saw STP in concert once. It’s great STP is coming back. Maybe we’ll get a new Stone Temple album down the road after their summer tour. That be sweet!


Report: Slash deny Velvet Revolver tour with Led Zeppelin…

Slash the guitarist for the Velvet Revolver came out to the public to confirm the rumours of the Velvet Revolver touring with Led Zeppelin is untrue. The rumour was first brought up by Duff McKagan who is Slash’s longtime buddy, both men are former members of the legendary Guns N’ Roses. Slash defended Duff by saying the Velvet Revolver touring with Led Zep was taking out of context.

Slash even agrees that a Led Zeppelin tour isn’t possible and that Robert Plant has his project going on with Alison Krauss. Slash confirms the Velvet Revolver will head back to the studio very soon to record a new record with the band.

More on it here:


I don’t think the Velvet Revolver are breaking up anytime soon. From the sounds of things, Slash seems very serious with the band and loves playing with them. When Scott Weiland claims “this is the final Velvet Revolver tour” he was probably just talking shit and maybe be a bit drunk/stoned out of his ass. I don’t think Weiland would really leave Velvet Revolver for STP. He’s just a crazy guy that likes to talk shit, that’s all.

I’m happy that someone from the Velvet Revovler came out and cleared everything, kudos to Slash. He’s da man! I don’t want that band touring with Led Zeppelin anyways. No band should tour with Led Zeppelin.


Report: The Velvet Revolver breaking up? The return of Stone Temple Pilots?

Well, look like a Led Zeppelin and Velvet Revolver tour definitely won’t happen at all because there are some bad signs that the Velvet Revolver could be breaking up. At a concert in Glasgow, Scotland…lead singer Scott Weiland made an unexpected surprising announcement that shocked the fans and even the rest of the band members as well, that this is the final tour of the Velvet Revolver. Weiland was behaving very weirdly at the concert like dropping the microphone and walking off the stage, then coming back later to sing Gn’R song “It’s So Easy” in a crazy way.

There is also a big possibility that the Stone Temple Pilots may return to the national music scene full time with a full tour and possible new STP album. The other band members of the Velvet Revolver admitted the band has been in a turmoil lately.

MTV.com reports:


If the Stone Temple Pilots do indeed return to music again full time, then it’s no surprise to me. How many times have that band broken up and then came back? More than a few.

I don’t like the Velvet Revolver and I hope they do breakup so there can be a Stone Temple comeback. I want Slash to move on to something better, maybe he can make an instrumental solo album that I always wanted Slash to do ’cause he’s an incredible guitarist. I just don’t like Slash playing with VR and I know he’s better than that.