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Greta Van Fleet, they still get so much hate but I don’t know why, they rock!

I was late getting into Greta Van Fleet’s music but I’m glad that I got into them. I was into them before “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” though. Someone in Facebook recommended me that I should really check them out ’cause they’re like Led Zeppelin 2.0. When I decided to check out Greta Van Fleet for myself in youtube, I was like, “Holy Fuck”. They do sound like Led Zeppelin. All the members in Greta Van Fleet plays like the guys in Led Zeppelin. It’s crazy, they blew my mind and I’ve been supporting that band ever since.

Yeah, they got Led Zep influences going on in there for sure but I also hear a lot of 60’s and 70’s classic rock vibe like the Who, Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd and such bands as though. I also hear a lot of blues influence in the band as well. I read interviews with the band online and in magazines and they’re more inspired by the blues than rock, though.

For a long time now, the band got slammed by fans and music critics for sounding too much like Led Zeppelin but that’s one of the reasons why I respect them so much. There are too many bands that sound like Led Zep out there but none of the others were able to nail Led Zep’s sound and style but Greta Van Fleet somehow did it.

The band got so tired of the Led Zep comparisons. They were flattered at first but as years went along they grew tired of it so they made an album that sounds totally different. They released a new album titled, “Battle of the Garden’s Gate” which I got this week. I haven’t heard it yet but going to. Even though I heard that album is different, I’m sure there is still Led Zep influence even though they tried to sound different than them. I’m a huge fan of this band and love what they’re doing. Their musicianship and playing is very impressive. Josh is a helluva singer, that young man can sing and that’s one thing the haters won’t admit.

People complain about dance and rap taking over the industry but here comes Greta Van Fleet, letting you know that rock isn’t quite dead yet…, though people are still hating on them.

I think they’re one of the great bands left nowadays and I respect them so much. Thankfully they stay out of politics and focus on the music. They are probably left-wingers but it don’t matter, I just love ’em for the music and that ‘s it. I think they’re talented dudes. Don’t care what anyone says.


Greta Van Fleet drops new song, “My Way Soon”… pretty awesome… digging it…

I’m really digging the new Greta Van Fleet song as well… and they don’t sound like Led Zeppelin at all this time, lmao. Even though they are trying to stay away from Led Zep comparison’s, they still have a classic rock vibe in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

They sound more like Skynyrd and Fleetwood Mac here, in my opinion. Looks like Greta Van Fleet about to release their 2nd album soon and looking forward to it. They still don’t disappoint.

First Ac/Dc makes comeback and Greta Van Fleet too? Yup… pop, rap music and country still dominating the industry but rock music is still alive and well. Rock n’ roll may not be as mainstream anymore but it’s trying to make a mainstream comeback.

I was late discovering Greta Van Fleet but now I’m a fan of everything they’re doing. Can’t wait for their next record.


Greta Van Fleet being hated on for being a Led Zeppelin rip off is unfair but at the same time, it’s a good thing…

Oh my god. Greta Van Fleet is being hated on left and right in the music industry. They are even being hated on by other famous musicians and bands. It’s crazy, ya know? A lot of famous musicians voiced their opinions on Greta Van Fleet and they aren’t good. In the music industry, there are mixed opinions about Greta Van Fleet… some are positive and some negative. Well, it’s expected when the band is about ready to blow up in the industry big time which they already did.

Yeah, the band sounds very much like Led Zep but who cares, ya know? Greta Van Fleet is still a rockin’ band. They are all talented musicians and they are all on point. Bands ripping off other bands is nothing new so why does Greta Van Fleet get targeted for ripping off other bands? I mean look at all the Nirvanas out there who ripped off Nirvana. Look at all the Metallicas out there who ripped off Metallica. Look at all the Alice In Chains’s who ripped off Alice In Chains. Look at all the Pearl Jams out there who ripped off Pearl Jam. Okay, I think you get my point. Bands rip each other off all the freakin’ time.

On top of that, there were too many other bands who ripped off Led Zeppelin long before Greta Van Fleet came around! What’s funny about all of this is that Led Zeppelin even ripped off their sound from other bands ’cause I’ll admit it Led Zep stole a lot of stuff.

Why is Greta Van Fleet getting targeted for ripping off other bands when bands ripping off each other is a pretty common thing in the industry? Like I said, who cares! It’s just music, ya know?

Anyway, while all of this is unfair for Greta Van Fleet, at the same time, it’s a good thing that they’re getting accused of ripping off Led Zeppelin. It means they’re doing something right. I think people are getting mad at Greta Van Fleet is because they know that they came this close to sounding exactly like Led Zeppelin and no other bands could come close to matching their sound. I think people hate for that reason. They know that Greta Van Fleet and Led Zep almost sound exactly the same. Other bands try to sound like Led Zeppelin but they all fail. The only band that could do it is Greta Van Fleet. I think they just hate out of jealousy nothing more ’cause they wish they could sound like Led Zeppelin.

It’s not Greta Van Fleet’s fault that they sound like Led Zep. They just happen to be huge fans of the band and that’s what happens to musicians when they are influenced by someone. When you’re influenced by a musician you admire, you tend to sound like them by listening to them for a long time. That happens with all musicians, you sound like your heroes.

By the way, I think Greta Van Fleet is a kick ass band. I love them. I’ll buy every album they come out with and I hope I get my chance to see them live.


Greta Van Fleet has the perfect response to haters who dislike their music…

Greta Van Fleet maybe a great band but they’re not for everyone. They unfortunately have some haters too. Here is the band’s response to people who don’t like them and their music and it’s perfect:

“When we’re in the studio, we’re not thinking about what the people will like,” says Kiszka. “We make music for ourselves, honestly. We sculpt the album to be the way we want it to be rather than thinking, ‘Well, this might be catchy’ or ‘This may be more effective to grab listeners.’ When we released the album, we thought, ‘Well, here goes nothing.’”


I  know the haters are probably gonna say, “That’s the most arrogant and egotistical thing for a band to say”.

No, not really. It’s actually a good attitude to have when you’re a musician or if you play in a band or whatever. There’s really nothing wrong with making music for yourself. There are too many musicians and bands out there worried about people not liking their music. My thoughts? Who cares whether or not people like your music, ya know? Just make music for  you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with listening to your own music and nothing wrong with enjoying your own music. That’s why you play music to begin with, right? You pick up an instrument or sing just for you. Remember that.

With my own music, I’m not worried about what other people think of my music. I’ve always made music the way I’ve wanted. I’ve made the guitar playing the way I wanted, I sung the songs the way I wanted and wrote the lyrics however I wanted.

Some of you may think, I don’t care about the “fans” who actually support my music but I do. Always did. I’m flattered and honored that some people actually like my original songs. If people like my original music, that’s great. If people don’t, that’s great too. If you’re proud of your music, that’s all that matters. I don’t write songs to please other people but I try.

Speaking of original music, I gotta get back into songwriting again and I will this year, I promise. I’m itching for new songs.



Pitchfork magazine totally trashes Greta Van Fleet’s debut album… my thoughts…

I just read Pitchfork magazine’s review of Greta Van Fleet’s first and new album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”. While the review was pretty harsh and mean, it did give me a good laugh too. So Greta Van Fleet, a young band trying their best to make it in the industry and they just did by finally releasing their debut full length album… and already they just received a scathing review by Pitchfork.

The thing is, when Led Zeppelin were around back in the late 60’s and through the 70’s, they got a lot of bad reviews for their albums over the years too through music magazines and the press. Now Greta Van Fleet is going through some negative reviews.


I just laugh when people accuses them of sounding exactly like Led Zep. Yeah, Greta Van Fleet do sound like Led Zep some but there are other influences. In my opinion, Greta Van Fleet’s got their own original and unique sound. My question is, why is Greta Van Fleet always getting picked on for sounding like Led Zeppelin when there were so many other bands in the past that sounded like Led Zeppelin? What about bands like Whitesnake, Wolfmother, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Kingdom Come, Heart and even the White Stripes. How come those bands I listed didn’t get attacked for sounding like Led Zep yet everybody’s targeting Greta Van Fleet instead? Is it because they are young kids? I would say so.

Everybody wants to accuse Greta Van Fleet of ripping off Led Zep but I don’t see it as ripping off. It’s about playing music honoring your heroes and there’s nothing wrong with that ’cause bands do this all the time. Making music that sounds like their heroes. When a band sounds like another band, it’s not their fault ’cause they just play whatever they listened to over the years. It’s about inspiration, ya know?

You see when I listen to music, I go by my own opinion and my own opinion alone. I think Greta Van Fleet is a fucking sick band. They’re my favorite right now and I love what they’re doing. I love that Greta Van Fleet are trying their best to keep rock n’ roll alive and that’s what they’re trying to do. Whether you like their music or not, you should respect them for that.

I think “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is a pretty sick album. I listened to it three times this week.

What made me laugh about that review above was that they trashed the band for the clothes that they wear and called them a costume band. Hmmmmmmm… looking at the Pitchfork website, it seems they mostly promote pop and R&B artists on there. Mostly pop stars who wear the strangest clothes and you don’t see Pitchfork calling them a “costume” act. On the Pitchfork website, they have female pop stars with big fake breasts and showing cleavages and stuff… yet they call Greta Van Fleet a “costume band”.

My advice to you is, don’t listen to Pitchfork or any music critic online bashing Greta Van Fleet. They’re a young band trying to keep rock n’ roll alive but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. Just give the album a chance and give it a listen. I think the band is amazing and I would love to see them in concert if they ever play around here.

I rarely read music reviews but had to read this one out of curiosity since the whole internet was talking about it. Just don’t listen to Pitchfork and give the album a listen. Only go by your own opinion.


The debut album of Greta Van Fleet titled, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is pretty great… amazing album really…

I pre-ordered the new Greta Van Fleet album titled, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” and then I had it downloaded to my Itunes yesterday. Then I downloaded the album on my Ipod so I can listen to it at the gym which I did listen to it this morning while I did my back day workout.

This the band’s very first album. Before then, they released two EP’s. Their second EP “From the Fires” which I have as well became a huge hit and now they finally have their first record.

I was pretty impressed and was blown away with this album. The songwriting on the album was pretty amazing shit. I loved the album all the way through. Every song is great but I thought the best track was the very first track titled “Age of Man”. The track is pretty awesome.

All the musicians played the music very well but I’m most impressed with the singer’s voice. The singer is what made me a huge fan of the band to begin with. Josh Kiszka, that dude can fucking sing for sure… his pipes are impressive. Many are comparing him to Robert Plant but he has other influences too, though.

I’m interested in seeing how well this album sells in the Billboard charts. Could this album sell really high? Yeah definitely. It would definitely sell in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts but I don’t think it’ll be a #1 hit record, though… ya never know… it could hit #1, we’ll have to wait and see.

Yeah, rock n’ roll tries to make its way to the mainstream of the music industry but fails every time ’cause why? The only reason ’cause country, pop and rap music continues to dominate the industry. Country, pop and rap has been dominating the industry for over a decade now. The last time rock music took over the music industry was of course, the grunge era in the 90’s and alternative rock too.

After Greta Van Fleet,  I think rock could possibly explode in the industry again but we’ll wait and see, though.

This album is pretty sick. Greta Van Fleet are my favorite band right now. I’m not into today’s music industry that much but there are two of my favorite bands going which are Greta Van Fleet and Ghost. Both bands are fuckin’ amazing.

I’m still trying to keep up with new music the best I can, though. I don’t listen to new music that much. With that being said, the new Greta Van Fleet album kicks total ass. You should definitely get it.


Greta Van Fleet and Ghost are two of my favorite new bands right now… I love both of them!

I am not into today’s music that much but there are a few rock bands of today that impress the hell out of me. They are Greta Van Fleet and Ghost. In my opinion, these are the two best bands going in today’s rock music industry.

I admire Greta Van Fleet ’cause they simply rock and I respect the fact that they are just young talented kids trying to bring “rock n’ roll” back into the mainstream. Their second EP “From the Fires” is really good shit and I’m always listening to it all the time. I see that the band are working on their first full length album so I can’t wait for that. A lot of people think they sound very much like Led Zeppelin… they do sound like Led Zep some, but they have other styles of music going on in there too. I do respect the band Greta Van Fleet a lot and I predict one day Greta Van Fleet will help bring rock n’ roll back into the mainstream again. I think the reason a lot of people respect Greta Van Fleet ’cause they’re simply fed up with country, pop and rap still dominating the industry and the people just wants to support something different by bringing rock n’ roll back. We want to see rock n’ roll back and we believe Greta Van Fleet can do that. They are a killer band and I love ’em.

As far as the Swedish band Ghost goes, I’ve been admiring them for a long while now. The first album I bought by them was “Infestissumam” which was pretty amazing stuff and I listened to that album quite a lot. Now I got two other albums by them called, “Meliora” and their newest album, “Prequelle”. I thought all three of those albums were really good shit. I still gotta get their first album, “Opus Eponymous”, though and I will. The reason I love this band so much is ’cause they know how to make their songs sound so melodic. They make songs that can never leave your head and it stays there. The guys in Ghost know melody is important and when you listen to them, it shows. Not only the vocals are very melodic, all the instruments are very melodic too… the guitar playing, the bass, the organ, etc. The band writes beautiful stuff. They are exploding in the industry and they seem to be getting more popular each album they put out. They seem to be getting better each album they put out too. The band’s singer Tobias Forge who goes under many different names in the band is a really good singer… I love his voice. I hope one day to get to see Ghost live ’cause I would love that and yes, they are playing in Albany this year at the Palace Theater in Dec. and I would love to try and go.

Yeah, these two bands are my favorite right now and I’m always listening to them. I would love to buy a t-shirt of both of these bands too. If you’re looking for some good music to listen to, you should check out these two bands too. You won’t be disappointed.