The debut album of Greta Van Fleet titled, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is pretty great… amazing album really…

I pre-ordered the new Greta Van Fleet album titled, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” and then I had it downloaded to my Itunes yesterday. Then I downloaded the album on my Ipod so I can listen to it at the gym which I did listen to it this morning while I did my back day workout.

This the band’s very first album. Before then, they released two EP’s. Their second EP “From the Fires” which I have as well became a huge hit and now they finally have their first record.

I was pretty impressed and was blown away with this album. The songwriting on the album was pretty amazing shit. I loved the album all the way through. Every song is great but I thought the best track was the very first track titled “Age of Man”. The track is pretty awesome.

All the musicians played the music very well but I’m most impressed with the singer’s voice. The singer is what made me a huge fan of the band to begin with. Josh Kiszka, that dude can fucking sing for sure… his pipes are impressive. Many are comparing him to Robert Plant but he has other influences too, though.

I’m interested in seeing how well this album sells in the Billboard charts. Could this album sell really high? Yeah definitely. It would definitely sell in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts but I don’t think it’ll be a #1 hit record, though… ya never know… it could hit #1, we’ll have to wait and see.

Yeah, rock n’ roll tries to make its way to the mainstream of the music industry but fails every time ’cause why? The only reason ’cause country, pop and rap music continues to dominate the industry. Country, pop and rap has been dominating the industry for over a decade now. The last time rock music took over the music industry was of course, the grunge era in the 90’s and alternative rock too.

After Greta Van Fleet,  I think rock could possibly explode in the industry again but we’ll wait and see, though.

This album is pretty sick. Greta Van Fleet are my favorite band right now. I’m not into today’s music industry that much but there are two of my favorite bands going which are Greta Van Fleet and Ghost. Both bands are fuckin’ amazing.

I’m still trying to keep up with new music the best I can, though. I don’t listen to new music that much. With that being said, the new Greta Van Fleet album kicks total ass. You should definitely get it.


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