My deadlift form is mostly pretty good but I gotta stop hitting the bar against my knees when I bring it down, though…

Deadlifting is my favorite workout of them all and I love doing it. People say that my form is pretty good but there’s always going to be people telling me to correct a few things which I did. I do a good job lifting bar up and locking my body perfectly straight but I’m having a few issues bringing the bar back down to the floor, though. A lot of times the bar would hit my knee caps when I bring it back down and I’m trying to stop that happening. When I walk up to the bar when it’s on the floor, my setup is perfectly good but I’m still trying to bring the bar up and down in a vertical motion like you’re supposed to.

When you’re new to deadlifting, you aren’t going to be perfect at first. It does take some practice to get the form right. I think my problem is on why the bar sometimes hits my knee caps when bringing it back down is ’cause I keep bending the knees before the bar comes down and I got to stop doing that.

When I want to make sure my form is right or not, I’ll video tape my workout and post it online for all to see. If someone wants to point me out mistakes or if I notice mistakes, I’ll go looking through youtube for video tutorials on how to get the form better. In youtube, there are a bunch of great bodybuilding channels that teaches you good form. I can’t afford a personal trainer so I use youtube as my personal trainer, lmao.

Getting perfect form on the deadlift can be pretty tricky though ’cause there’s so much to learn. I got the form down on the barbell squat finally, just had to use lighter weight on that. I’m not a heavy squatter as of this point as I got tons of work to do on that still.

I think what I need to do in order to stop making the barbell hit the knees when I bring the bar back down is that I need to keep my legs locked and when the bar goes past the knees that’s when you can bend the knees. You want to bend the knees after you bring the bar down, not before. That’s my problem, bending the knees too soon and I gotta stop that. Next time I will.


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