Greta Van Fleet and Ghost are two of my favorite new bands right now… I love both of them!

I am not into today’s music that much but there are a few rock bands of today that impress the hell out of me. They are Greta Van Fleet and Ghost. In my opinion, these are the two best bands going in today’s rock music industry.

I admire Greta Van Fleet ’cause they simply rock and I respect the fact that they are just young talented kids trying to bring “rock n’ roll” back into the mainstream. Their second EP “From the Fires” is really good shit and I’m always listening to it all the time. I see that the band are working on their first full length album so I can’t wait for that. A lot of people think they sound very much like Led Zeppelin… they do sound like Led Zep some, but they have other styles of music going on in there too. I do respect the band Greta Van Fleet a lot and I predict one day Greta Van Fleet will help bring rock n’ roll back into the mainstream again. I think the reason a lot of people respect Greta Van Fleet ’cause they’re simply fed up with country, pop and rap still dominating the industry and the people just wants to support something different by bringing rock n’ roll back. We want to see rock n’ roll back and we believe Greta Van Fleet can do that. They are a killer band and I love ’em.

As far as the Swedish band Ghost goes, I’ve been admiring them for a long while now. The first album I bought by them was “Infestissumam” which was pretty amazing stuff and I listened to that album quite a lot. Now I got two other albums by them called, “Meliora” and their newest album, “Prequelle”. I thought all three of those albums were really good shit. I still gotta get their first album, “Opus Eponymous”, though and I will. The reason I love this band so much is ’cause they know how to make their songs sound so melodic. They make songs that can never leave your head and it stays there. The guys in Ghost know melody is important and when you listen to them, it shows. Not only the vocals are very melodic, all the instruments are very melodic too… the guitar playing, the bass, the organ, etc. The band writes beautiful stuff. They are exploding in the industry and they seem to be getting more popular each album they put out. They seem to be getting better each album they put out too. The band’s singer Tobias Forge who goes under many different names in the band is a really good singer… I love his voice. I hope one day to get to see Ghost live ’cause I would love that and yes, they are playing in Albany this year at the Palace Theater in Dec. and I would love to try and go.

Yeah, these two bands are my favorite right now and I’m always listening to them. I would love to buy a t-shirt of both of these bands too. If you’re looking for some good music to listen to, you should check out these two bands too. You won’t be disappointed.



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