I love the Grateful Dead, they are the best…

A lot of people can’t see it but yes, I am a huge fan of the Grateful Dead. Always have been. I don’t know if you’ll consider me a true Deadhead or not ’cause what a true Deadhead is a Grateful Dead fan who has owned all of their studio albums, owned a lot of their live albums and has seen them in concert many times. A true Deadhead is someone who owns a lot of the band’s merchandise like T-shirts, posters and other types of memorabilia. A true Deadhead is someone who wears tie-dye shirts and looking like a hippie and stuff, ya know? I don’t really look like that… but I do consider myself a huge Dead fan if that makes any sense.

I’ve always had a huge interest in the band. I’ve had other cousins in my life who were true Deadheads and my interest in the band grew from them. That’s how I got turned on into listening to the Grateful Dead ’cause family and friends were obsessive fans. More obsessive than I was.

I bought a few of their albums in the past before and bought a few of their live albums on CD but I either got rid of them or family members borrowed them from me and never gave them back. Thanks for the Ipod and Itunes, I’m now starting to collect all Grateful Dead studio albums. The Grateful Dead has a total of 13 studio albums and so far, I have 9 on my Ipod Touch.

The Grateful Dead studio albums I own by them so far are: “American Beauty”, “Anthem of the Sun”, “Aoxomoxoa”, “Blues For Allah”, “Grateful Dead” (self-titled debut), “In the Dark”, “Shakedown Street”, “Wake of the Flood” and “Workingman’s Dead”.

The only Grateful Dead albums that I need to get left are: “Built To Last”, “Go To Heaven”, “Terrapin Station” and “From The Mars Hotel”. I’ll buy those from Itunes pretty soon.

I have also read a few books on Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia in the past before so my interest in the band is pretty immense. I don’t need to look like a hippie and don’t need to do drugs to enjoy the music. I listen to them ’cause I enjoy the music. End of story.

My only regret is never being able to see the band live back when Jerry was alive. I still want to get a chance to see the Dead & Company w/ John Mayer, though.

The Grateful Dead are one of my favorite bands in the history of music. Honestly, they’re one of reasons I became a musician. Other than Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead also helped sparked my interest in guitar playing. They helped sparked my interest in improvisational music ’cause I love improv jams. That’s just me.

Yeah, I do love the jam band genre too. I do love the Allman Brothers and I do love Phish too.

Back to the Grateful Dead though, even though the band’s been gone for so long since Jerry died, they’re still extremely popular, though. We will always love the Grateful Dead and we will never forget the band ever. I guess that’s why Bob Weir wanted to bring Grateful Dead music back with the Dead & Company ’cause he knows the fans still love Grateful Dead music after all these years.

The Dead were an amazing band and I’m a huge fan too.


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