Greta Van Fleet drops new song, “My Way Soon”… pretty awesome… digging it…

I’m really digging the new Greta Van Fleet song as well… and they don’t sound like Led Zeppelin at all this time, lmao. Even though they are trying to stay away from Led Zep comparison’s, they still have a classic rock vibe in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

They sound more like Skynyrd and Fleetwood Mac here, in my opinion. Looks like Greta Van Fleet about to release their 2nd album soon and looking forward to it. They still don’t disappoint.

First Ac/Dc makes comeback and Greta Van Fleet too? Yup… pop, rap music and country still dominating the industry but rock music is still alive and well. Rock n’ roll may not be as mainstream anymore but it’s trying to make a mainstream comeback.

I was late discovering Greta Van Fleet but now I’m a fan of everything they’re doing. Can’t wait for their next record.


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