Powerlifting training is going well… Starting to feel strong again…

Well it’s been several weeks already of me going back to the gym and I’m already getting used to powerlifting training again. Feeling really good doing bench and deadlift again but squats, I’m just still trying to get good form with that.

I’m always pretty good with bench and deadlift but squats I’ve always had a little trouble with ’cause it’s the most complex lift really. I am finally able to get the good form down with squats by using lighter weights. When I’m squatting above parallel, I could squat like 130 lbs. – 150 lbs. but when I’m squatting below parallel, I can only hit like 125 – 130 lbs which is okay in my eyes.

Squatting below parallel is kind of tough ’cause I’m kind of a short guy and it feels wicked deep squatting below parallel. To squat below parallel in powerlifting the hip crease (or upper leg area) needs to be lower than the top of the knees. That means you must descent until the hamstrings touch your calves and your hips are below the knees. That’s the legal powerlifting squat in order to get all 3 white lights. It’s tough to do but I’m getting better at squats now, I think.

I made a vow that I wouldn’t miss a lift in my training cycle in powerlifting on the big three: deadlift, bench and squat. Lately I haven’t been missing lifts on the deadlift and bench but for some reason I missed a couple of lifts on squats ’cause I’m still learning the form. Think I got it now so I’ll try my best not to miss a lift on squats again. When I do miss a lift on squats, I’ll take some weight off and go a little lighter so I can make that lift to end the squat session with.

I’m really hoping to bring up my numbers on the big three lifts before the year ends. Really improve. Hoping to make my deadlift go past 300 lbs. for reps, go past 200 lbs. for reps on bench and I want to bring up my squat numbers some too ’cause that’s kind of low right now. Low squat numbers was intentional ’cause I’m trying to squat with the right “depth”… break parallel that’ll make the powerlifting judges happy.

I just figured that the more you improve your deadlift, the more you improve your squat numbers too ’cause the deadlift takes a lot of leg work. Deadlift works out your entire lower body just like the squat does.

I’m training smart this time around. Now that I’m back in the gym after a little vacation from it, no more messing around and train like a real powerlifter.

The problem with powerlifters even the longtime veterans, they miss a lot of lifts in their training during off-season. I’m not gonna do that. If you want to bring your numbers up, you gotta do the numbers that you know you can hit. You gotta leave room in the tank in order to hit the bigger ones.

I’m gonna keep my powerlifting training going throughout the fall & Winter and bodybuilding training too. Consistency is key to getting stronger.

For deadlift today, I just easily smashed a 280 lb. single. So if I could do that, I could probably go past 300 lbs. in another month or two. I’m almost there, anyway.


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