What will happen to Eddie Van Halen’s massive Guitar & AmP collection? His home Studio As Well…

With Eddie Van Halen being gone now, I’m sure a lot of musicians and music lovers are now wondering what’s gonna happen to his massive guitar and amp collection. What’s gonna happen to his homestudio which he named it 5150???

Nobody knows yet whether or not Eddie wrote a will before he passed and I’m sure he did. I’m sure he picked someone important to him where he’ll pass most of his belongings to.

When it comes to a guitar master like Eddie Van Halen, you can imagine that he would have a massive guitar and amp collection… all probably stored at his 5150 studios at his home. Eddie wasn’t shy showing off his home studio over the years as he has giving tours and allowed other musicians to hang with him in there. A lot of famous guitar virtuosos have their own home studios… a lot of their studios look perfectly clean and they have all sorts of state of the art and expensive music gear all over the place. You would think EVH’s homestudio would be the same but not really…

Eddie’s studio was kind of a shithole, lol… look through youtube and pics of that for proof. In Eddie’s studio, you’ll see guitars all over the place… there are torn apart guitar parts as well and Eddie building/repairing guitars that are unfinished… there are wires, tools, all kinds of music gear and walls of amplifiers all over that studio. It’s kind of crazy. Van Halen recorded most of their albums in there.

I’m sure Eddie would want his closest family to own his home studio, maybe he’ll switch ownership of 5150 Studios to his brother Alex or his son Wolfgang, either one of them would take over. As for who will own all of his guitars and amps, maybe Wolfgang for sure… we’ll see what’s gonna happen to all that stuff. I’m sure some of his guitars and amps will be sold to rock museums all over the United States to put on for display… especially the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Hard Rock Cafes.

We’ll know all this stuff real soon, I’m sure ’cause this stuff will get out to the music media and the press especially magazines like Guitar World which Eddie was pretty close to over the years. I’m sure Guitar World magazine will want to know.

I’m still bummed by the passing of EVH. Can’t believe it myself.


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