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When Eddie Van Halen claims he doesn’t listen to others music…

Toward the end of this video after Eddie Van Halen gave us a little guitar lesson, he claims that he stopped listening to music after he listened to Eric Clapton in Cream.

Eddie pretty much said the same thing in his latest interview with Billboard:


So he’s a guitar player and doesn’t listen to music. Kind of strange isn’t it? Now I see why Eddie Van Halen isn’t the greatest songwriter in the world. Yes, he’s one of the greatest guitar players of all time, yes but when it comes to the songwriting department, he’s terrible.

You’d think if he would listen to a lot of music that would help him become a better songwriter with his band, Van Halen. It’s a known fact that Eddie isn’t the best songwriter.

Even Sammy Hagar knows that Eddie isn’t great at songwriting. Back in 2012, Sammy called out Eddie for the Van Halen song, “Tattoo”.

From this article:

“He says Eddie Van Halen isn’t as good at songwriting as he is at guitar, before directly comparing him to his Chickenfoot colleague Joe Satriani. “Eddie is a genius guitar player and he can really play and he’s got a million things he can lay on you but you’ve got to try to make a song out of it,” he said. “Joe comes with the song, done, all I have to do is write lyrics and figure out what I’m going to sing to it.


This is why I believe Eddie should have just been an instrumental guitarist but instead he have chosen to make a lot of money making a bunch of hit songs.

I think if you wanna become a great songwriter when you play an instrument, it’s important to listen to as much music as possible. I’ve always believed it was important to do.

I love Van Halen, the band but only the early David Lee Roth stuff. Most of the newer music by Van Halen isn’t really all that good. I think Eddie is best at being an instrumental guitarist ’cause “Eruption” is one of his best work. I really hope Eddie will one day make an instrumental solo record but I don’t think he will. He needs to make big hits in order to continue to make a living.

It’s no wonder Van Halen hasn’t made great music as of late ’cause Eddie doesn’t listen to others music that could influence and inspire him.

He’s still a genius guitar player, though.



Sammy Hagar calls out Eddie Van Halen on “Showing Michael Anthony what to play” comments…

What’s with Eddie Van Halen trash talking his former and current band members of Van Halen? Is Eddie back on the booze again? Eddie did an interview with Billboard magazine and in it he said some pretty hateful things about David Lee Roth, Gary Cherone and Michael Anthony. In this interview… Eddie claims that he and DLR aren’t friends and sounds like he was criticizing David’s hairstyle and his taste in music.

Then he goes on to say some harsh things about their former bassist, Michael Anthony… claiming that he had to teach him how to play all the bass parts for the Van Halen songs. Eddie also went on to claim that all the back up vocals in Van Halen around the time Anthony was in the band weren’t his vocals, they were actually Eddie’s. Is Eddie trying to make Michael Anthony look like an amatuer and trying to take credit for the backup vocals? That’s what it’s looking like to me.


Anyway, Sammy Hagar here read the Billboard interview and he isn’t happy about it. Sammy made a video here, calling Eddie out. Sammy says Eddie is a liar and tries to explain that Michael Anthony is actually a pro! Sammy knows from experience ’cause he used to be a member of Van Halen!

Wow! So Eddie is willing to trash talk all of his members of Van Halen except for Alex and Wolfgang. Why won’t he talk shit about Alex and Wolfgang? Well, obviously because they are Eddie’s family. Alex is Eddie’s brother and Wolfgang is Eddie’s son.

After reading Eddie’s comments about his past and current bandmates, I am now starting to see why Van Halen had too many problems over the years. Maybe it’s because Eddie is an asshole?


Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Blvd.

The mighty Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel live. This is the band’s first TV appearance since they reunited with David Lee Roth in 2007. I’m a longtime Van Halen fan. I’ve been listening to them for years.

I’ll have to say that Eddie is definitely looking much happier and healthier in these videos. As some of you know, Eddie spent most of his life as an alcoholic and behind the scenes, Eddie was always a difficult guy to get along with. That is why the band broke up too many times over the years. It seems that he’s been staying sober these days and he’s looking real good. Hope Eddie stays this way and it’s good to see him smiling on stage again.


The great Eddie Van Halen speaks at the Smithsonian…

The Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. held a special event there titled, “What It Means To Be An American” and they did a special sit down interview with Eddie Van Halen, the iconic guitarist himself.

I sat here and watched this whole 55 minute video and it was very entertaining. Eddie seems like a cool as hell guy, very humble and down to earth! Of course, the audience at this event was full of obsessive Van Halen fans.

Eddie talked about his life story as a musician. He talked about how he became a musician and how he became what he is. Eddie explained that he didn’t start playing guitar right away though. He explained that he got his start playing piano. Then he moved on to playing drums. When he found that he couldn’t play drums well and his brother Alex was of course, the better drummer than he was, that’s what inspired Eddie to switch to guitar.

This conversation is worth a listen. Eddie tells some very cool stories. Man, I wish I could sit in front of Eddie and listen to him talk. I could listen to this guy talk about music all day!

Of course, Eddie plays a little bit of guitar in this video so he can explain how he came up with the two-handed fret tapping he’s famous for. Yes, he does play a little bit of “Eruption” too!!! That EVH 5150 amp sounds fucking killer, WOAH!!! In that video, Eddie gets up to play at about 24:44 if you wanna see.

What I love about Eddie is that he takes guitar sound and tone pretty seriously. He’s an expert at guitar sound and this guy knows exactly what he wants.

I’m a long time Van Halen fan myself. Been listening to their music for years. Eddie is a guitar genius and he was one of the guitarists who inspired me to play myself.


Thought: Did Van Halen remake one of their older songs for “Tattoo”???

Van Halen is in the middle of some controversy over their new single they just released, “Tattoo”. A lot of their fans are pointing out that it’s a complete remake of one of their songs from the 70’s with DLR on vocals. Fans point out that “Tattoo”, is a complete redo of one of their older songs titled, “Down In Flames”, in which the band was originally going to release for the album, “Van Halen II”. It’s an unreleased track from the, “Van Halen II”, recording sessions that didn’t make the album.

I totally agree that the song is a complete remake. Both songs have the same guitar riffs and similar solos, but of course, DLR’s lyrics & singing is different in both songs.

A lot of people are acting like what the band did here is a bad thing. The band is being accused of having no talent and no new ideas for songwriting, so they remake their older stuff.

In defense for the band, I’m sure this wasn’t the first time they did this. I’m sure they re-did plenty of their other songs they had in the past. Bands DO IT ALL THE TIME. Even I do it with my own music.

Bands just throw songs away, then years later, they go back to it, re-write it, to try and make the song better.

Van Halen lost the public’s respect because basically, Michael Anthony is no longer in the band and he’s playing with Chickenfoot now. Michael Anthony is most famous for his catchy backup vocals with Van Halen, that he’s known for. People are used to hearing Van Halen songs with Michael Anthony doing the backup vocals. That’s pretty much the only reason Van Halen is having a hard time being accepted today. If Michael Anthony was back in the band, I’m sure everyone would love Van Halen again. I agree that Michael Anthony is a talented bass player, and singer but he moved on from Van Halen and the band moved on from him. It’s time to try and challenge people with a new lineup.

As for the “Tattoo” song itself, I actually kinda like it. They still have the 80’s pop feeling they always had. It’s a feel good, party song. Some people say it’s terrible, but they say that to all the legendary bands that want to continue to make music to this day. All legendary bands get so much hate and disrespect.

The fact is, that Van Halen is still staying true to their sound and style. The same sound they always had. Van Halen has always been one of those bands that you either love or hate, it’s been going on for years. The band have been putting up with mixed opinions ever since they started.

People are whacked when it comes to music. Everyone wanted DLR to come back to VH, the fans got what they wanted and now they’re mad ’cause VH remade one of their older songs. Don’t be surprised if they did the same thing with the rest of the songs for the rest of the album.

Bands just do what they want to do. That’s all there is to it.


Why the Van Halen return matters…

Ever since Van Halen announced their tour in 2012 a few days ago, the internet have been having mixed opinions about this. Of course, the longtime fans of Van Halen, approve their return and some don’t approve their comeback at all. Why do some don’t approve their comeback? Well, the most popular arguments I’ve been seeing in facebook and other forums is that they are being wrongly accused of being ego-maniacs. Old washed up has-beens, and they are being blamed for coming back for the money. Plus, Van Halen lost some of their fans because the band is different without Michael Anthony. A lot of people also lost their respect for the band during the Gary Cherone era.

I wish people wouldn’t be so negative and harsh over Van Halen. With those arguments I listed above, I’m sure the guys in the band hear those things from people 50 times a day, so I’m positive they are used to being criticized by now.

People say it’s not a real reunion without their original members. Well I got news for ya, people. It’s not a reunion. Even the guys in the band said so themselves in interviews plenty of times. It’s more like a new era of Van Halen, minus Michael Anthony. Van Halen had different members over the years. Why does Eddie Van Halen keeps his band going?

Well, because Eddie is the leader. He owns the band. He started it, I’m sure he owns the trademark for the Van Halen band name. As long as he is in full ownership of the band, which he is, he can do whatever he wants. You can have many other different members all you want to, but in order for Van Halen to break up, that will only happen if Eddie quits playing.

David Lee Roth being back in the band is a big deal, because it was pretty obvious it was going happen. People have been wanting D.L.R. back in the band ever since the Gary Cherone, flop. So they got their wish. No matter what you think of Van Halen now, the duo of David Lee Roth and Eddie V.H. are so legendary and iconic.

Van Halen is the reason we all love music. Eddie is the reason that makes guitar playing so cool. He kept people interested in guitar playing and kids fell in love with the guitar because of Eddie. Not only that Eddie is most famous for his double fret tapping technique, he is also famous for his knowledge with guitar sound. I mean, the guy is a fuckin’ perfectionist. Over the years he had made customized guitars & amps to get the sound that he wants. He’s great with guitar tone. Only Eddie could come up with the idea of the Frankenstrat guitar and the EVH 5150 amp head. Only he could create those sounds, nobody else.

Eddie is also being accused of not being able to play guitar again because of his past with his drug/alcohol addiction. I believe he is clean & sober now, he got out of rehab a long while back. I’m sure he still has what it takes to play a killer live show.

The music of Van Halen in the 80’s meant a lot to all of us. If there was no Van Halen, then many of your favorite bands wouldn’t even be around today. The David Lee Roth era was amazing and we all deserve to re-live it again. Bring back memories from the past. That’s what this tour is about.

Kids of today’s generation deserve to know who Van Halen are. Van Halen wrote too many great songs. Not just their hit radio singles, all of their songs with DLR are great. I also loved the Sammy Hagar era too.

So is Van Halen coming back all about the money & ego? No, not at all. These guys are musicians. That’s what they do. Play music & rock out. I don’t see it as a job for them. It’s all about the love of music. That’s why they continue to do what they do. Bands change and evolve. All bands have different members over the years. Eddie keeps doing what he does as a way to help make himself a better person and helps get him out of his personal problems. Eddie and DLR are like brothers and they just want to have fun again like the good old days.

When people bash the band, they usually have nothing intelligent to say. Haters are just going to hate, hate, hate. That’s all they do. I like to treat music in a positive direction.

I’m looking forward to Van Halen coming back ’cause I’ve been a longtime fan of them.