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Will There Ever be a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material??? Wolfgang says you’ll have to wait…

Wolfgang Van Halen who is the son of Eddie Van Halen was a guest on the Howard Stern show. Now that Eddie is gone, fans are probably wondering if they’ll release a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material.

Wolfie here says that there are plenty of unreleased material in the vault and he says it would take forever to go through all those tapes. Yeah, EVH’s studio is pretty huge and I’m sure he has a whole library and stacks of tapes in the vault. I’m sure Eddie recorded plenty of unreleased Van Halen songs and I’m sure Eddie recorded a bunch of riffs and guitar licks for ideas and stuff.

Eddie probably threw that stuff in the vault ’cause he thought they were no good but I’m sure there are some amazing stuff in there. There’s gotta be instrumentals he wrote that were way more impressive than “Eruption”. I’m sure he wrote plenty of unreleased Van Halen material that were meant for the band to play and for David Lee Roth and even Sammy Hagar to sing over. I’m sure there’s tons of unreleased material through every era of Van Halen.

Wolfie probably has access to Eddie’s private vault but it would take hours to listen through all that stuff. I can understand. Someday it could happen, we’ll have to wait I guess.


What will happen to Eddie Van Halen’s massive Guitar & AmP collection? His home Studio As Well…

With Eddie Van Halen being gone now, I’m sure a lot of musicians and music lovers are now wondering what’s gonna happen to his massive guitar and amp collection. What’s gonna happen to his homestudio which he named it 5150???

Nobody knows yet whether or not Eddie wrote a will before he passed and I’m sure he did. I’m sure he picked someone important to him where he’ll pass most of his belongings to.

When it comes to a guitar master like Eddie Van Halen, you can imagine that he would have a massive guitar and amp collection… all probably stored at his 5150 studios at his home. Eddie wasn’t shy showing off his home studio over the years as he has giving tours and allowed other musicians to hang with him in there. A lot of famous guitar virtuosos have their own home studios… a lot of their studios look perfectly clean and they have all sorts of state of the art and expensive music gear all over the place. You would think EVH’s homestudio would be the same but not really…

Eddie’s studio was kind of a shithole, lol… look through youtube and pics of that for proof. In Eddie’s studio, you’ll see guitars all over the place… there are torn apart guitar parts as well and Eddie building/repairing guitars that are unfinished… there are wires, tools, all kinds of music gear and walls of amplifiers all over that studio. It’s kind of crazy. Van Halen recorded most of their albums in there.

I’m sure Eddie would want his closest family to own his home studio, maybe he’ll switch ownership of 5150 Studios to his brother Alex or his son Wolfgang, either one of them would take over. As for who will own all of his guitars and amps, maybe Wolfgang for sure… we’ll see what’s gonna happen to all that stuff. I’m sure some of his guitars and amps will be sold to rock museums all over the United States to put on for display… especially the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Hard Rock Cafes.

We’ll know all this stuff real soon, I’m sure ’cause this stuff will get out to the music media and the press especially magazines like Guitar World which Eddie was pretty close to over the years. I’m sure Guitar World magazine will want to know.

I’m still bummed by the passing of EVH. Can’t believe it myself.


RIP: Eddie Van Halen 1955 – 2020…

Today is a sad day in the rock music world and 2020 did it again. Eddie Van Halen, guitar virtuoso was known to starting the band Van Halen with his brother, Alex. At the start, Eddie and Alex began on the piano at first when they were little kids. Then Eddie got interested in the drums for a little bit until he got interested in the guitar inspired by his brother, Alex. Eddie would learn and practice guitar for hours when growing up. Eddie would even walk around in his home as a teen with his guitar strapped on. Yes, Eddie loved the guitar that much.

Eddie and Alex formed Van Halen in 1972 w/ bassist Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth on the lead vocals. The band released their first record in 1978 which included their hits, “Ain’t Talking About Love”, “You Really Got Me” (the Kinks cover) and their iconic instrumental “Eruption” which became their anthem of some sort.

The band became a commercially successful band in the late 70’s and early 80’s… the Roth era were hit makers and had a string of hits that everyone loves. The band went through some lineup changes over the years and had a few singers come and go. Sammy Hagar joined the band in the late 80’s and stuck with them through the late 90’s. Gary Cherone joined the band as a singer but only made one album with them, “Van Halen III”. Then David Lee Roth re-joined and released their 12th and probably gonna be their last album, “A Different Kind of Truth” released in 2012.

Eddie is one of the most respected guitarists in the history of music. If you play the guitar yourself, you were probably inspired by him. People of all ages loved Eddie’s guitar playing, even little children looked up to him. When you listen to Eddie play, you can’t help but listen and be mesmerized by him. While Eddie was known for his shredding and his two handed-tapping technique, he was also a great rhythm player too which not many people talk about. He wrote some pretty great riffs.

I’ve always been a fan of Van Halen myself. I don’t have all their records but I’ve heard a lot of ’em. I only have a very few Van Halen records in my collection but planning to get more.

Eddie was more than just a guitar genius, he was also a genius at guitar tone and sound. He always knew what he wanted his guitar and amp to sound like. He was definitely a tech genius when it comes to that guitar stuff. I’m sure he played all brands of guitars but one thing no one wants to talk about are his custom signatures that he’s known for… of course, everybody knows his custom Frankenstein guitar with those weird colors but he had other custom guitars too. He also had a few custom guitar amps most notably the 5150. Eddie worked with guitar companies to make him his own guitar signatures. Eddie definitely had a good ear when it comes to sound and tone. He took guitar sound very seriously and was a perfectionist.

Eddie was one of the reasons I play guitar myself, he helped inspired me of course. He’s definitely one of my top 10 favorite guitarists.

Eddie passed today at 65 years old after a long battle with throat cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and his bandmates.

Remember when David Lee Roth said that “Van Halen is finished” and everybody thought he was crazy and never believed him? Well this is a good time for David to say, “I toldyaso”. David wouldn’t talk about Eddie’s health and wouldn’t go any further ’cause he respected Eddie’s privacy. Eddie was a very private man. Everybody knew he had throat cancer but no one knew how he was since he was so private about it. Eddie was one to never talk about his private life publicly and I respect that. He was all about the music.

RIP Eddie and thanks for the great music.


Eddie Van Halen makes public appearance at Tool concert in Los Angeles… turns out he is a huge fan of Tool…

For a long while now, Eddie Van Halen, the iconic guitar virtuoso stayed out of the public eye and tried to lay low until now. Amidst reports of throat cancer, here is Eddie attending Tool’s concert in Los Angeles while on tour for their new album “Fear Inoculum”.

I remember in the past through interviews, Eddie kept saying he doesn’t listen to music and doesn’t keep up with the industry at all but it turns out Eddie is a huge fan of Tool. Eddie and his son Wolfgang both went to the band’s concert in Los Angeles.

Above is a pic of Eddie and Adam Jones hanging backstage at the show. There were reports saying that Eddie isn’t looking good and Alternative Nation website claims to have leaked a photo where Eddie isn’t look good but don’t believe any of that “click bait” shit.

Even if Eddie maybe battling throat cancer, he’s looking very good in the photo above and seems to be good spirits too, Eddie smiling and all.

Anyhow, here’s a funny story that Wolfgang shared when a Tool fan asks Eddie to take a pic of him with the stage behind him but when the fan asks Eddie to take a pic of him, he never realized the man taking the pic was Eddie Van Halen himself.


Eddie seems like a good man in real life and it was cool of Eddie to take a pic of the Tool fan even though the fan didn’t even recognize Eddie.

It really does seem like people totally have forgotten who Van Halen were. I remember the video when David Lee Roth tried to crash a bachelor party at a hotel and the guys in the party didn’t even recognize him. Same thing happened here when the fan didn’t recognize Eddie.

I don’t blame the band for no longer getting recognized anymore. Blame the music industry for ignoring rock n’ roll. Nowadays, it’s hard for any rock and metal band to get recognized when this young generation is still so hung up on pop, country and rap music.



Turns out Eddie Van Halen might be battling cancer after all but it’s just a rumor for now, though… wait until Eddie confirms the news himself…

It turns out that Eddie Van Halen might be battling cancer after all but it’s turning out to be throat cancer… however, this news is coming from news reports. Like they all say, you can’t believe everything the news says ’cause they aren’t always accurate so don’t believe it for now. Wait until you hear from Eddie himself or his manager/lawyers/staff and then you can believe it.


If it’s true that Eddie is now battling throat cancer then my heart goes out to him and hope he kicks the cancers ass hard. There was a lot of talk of a Van Halen tour happening but the tour has been plugged and this could explain why. That’s understandable ’cause health should always come first before everything else.

So Eddie maybe battling throat cancer just like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

Eddie Van Halen is one of my favorite guitarists for sure and he was one of those responsible for inspiring me to pick up the guitar myself. I wish Eddie the best and praying for him.


Which members of Van Halen are having health problems??? Rumors swirling that it may be Eddie himself…

There has been a lot of talk that Van Halen maybe possibly reuniting for a tour but it looks like it may never be happening. I’ve been listening to a lot of this stuff on the Eddie Trunk podcast that the tour was gonna happen with Michael Anthony coming back on bass and backing vocals but Michael says the band pulled the plug on the tour for whatever reason.

Later on, David Lee Roth claims Van Halen may be finished for good but there has been no official confirmation from the band themselves yet.

Now Steve Lukather here confirms that some of the members of Van Halen maybe having health issues which is why they aren’t touring or making new records.


Very strange. People are saying that some of the guys in Van Halen are having health issues and it has been said that Eddie Van Halen himself might be very sick, but the news hasn’t got out yet. It’s just a rumor for right now. People are saying that Van Halen are dealing with health issues but no one is saying anything… probably out of respect for privacy and all, ya know?

I just hope that whatever’s going on behind the scenes that Eddie and the other guys in Van Halen are okay.

I’m a huge Van Halen fan, have been for years. They are one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time… love ’em or hate ’em all you want to. If health reasons is what’s stopping them from touring, that’s understandable.

I just hope Eddie isn’t secretly battling cancer or anything ’cause it must be pretty serious if he’s keeping it private. So far Eddie himself hasn’t confirmed any of this but we’ll wait and see, though. I do hope Van Halen reunites someday still… never say never.


When Eddie Van Halen claims he doesn’t listen to others music…

Toward the end of this video after Eddie Van Halen gave us a little guitar lesson, he claims that he stopped listening to music after he listened to Eric Clapton in Cream.

Eddie pretty much said the same thing in his latest interview with Billboard:


So he’s a guitar player and doesn’t listen to music. Kind of strange isn’t it? Now I see why Eddie Van Halen isn’t the greatest songwriter in the world. Yes, he’s one of the greatest guitar players of all time, yes but when it comes to the songwriting department, he’s terrible.

You’d think if he would listen to a lot of music that would help him become a better songwriter with his band, Van Halen. It’s a known fact that Eddie isn’t the best songwriter.

Even Sammy Hagar knows that Eddie isn’t great at songwriting. Back in 2012, Sammy called out Eddie for the Van Halen song, “Tattoo”.

From this article:

“He says Eddie Van Halen isn’t as good at songwriting as he is at guitar, before directly comparing him to his Chickenfoot colleague Joe Satriani. “Eddie is a genius guitar player and he can really play and he’s got a million things he can lay on you but you’ve got to try to make a song out of it,” he said. “Joe comes with the song, done, all I have to do is write lyrics and figure out what I’m going to sing to it.


This is why I believe Eddie should have just been an instrumental guitarist but instead he have chosen to make a lot of money making a bunch of hit songs.

I think if you wanna become a great songwriter when you play an instrument, it’s important to listen to as much music as possible. I’ve always believed it was important to do.

I love Van Halen, the band but only the early David Lee Roth stuff. Most of the newer music by Van Halen isn’t really all that good. I think Eddie is best at being an instrumental guitarist ’cause “Eruption” is one of his best work. I really hope Eddie will one day make an instrumental solo record but I don’t think he will. He needs to make big hits in order to continue to make a living.

It’s no wonder Van Halen hasn’t made great music as of late ’cause Eddie doesn’t listen to others music that could influence and inspire him.

He’s still a genius guitar player, though.


Sammy Hagar calls out Eddie Van Halen on “Showing Michael Anthony what to play” comments…

What’s with Eddie Van Halen trash talking his former and current band members of Van Halen? Is Eddie back on the booze again? Eddie did an interview with Billboard magazine and in it he said some pretty hateful things about David Lee Roth, Gary Cherone and Michael Anthony. In this interview… Eddie claims that he and DLR aren’t friends and sounds like he was criticizing David’s hairstyle and his taste in music.

Then he goes on to say some harsh things about their former bassist, Michael Anthony… claiming that he had to teach him how to play all the bass parts for the Van Halen songs. Eddie also went on to claim that all the back up vocals in Van Halen around the time Anthony was in the band weren’t his vocals, they were actually Eddie’s. Is Eddie trying to make Michael Anthony look like an amatuer and trying to take credit for the backup vocals? That’s what it’s looking like to me.


Anyway, Sammy Hagar here read the Billboard interview and he isn’t happy about it. Sammy made a video here, calling Eddie out. Sammy says Eddie is a liar and tries to explain that Michael Anthony is actually a pro! Sammy knows from experience ’cause he used to be a member of Van Halen!

Wow! So Eddie is willing to trash talk all of his members of Van Halen except for Alex and Wolfgang. Why won’t he talk shit about Alex and Wolfgang? Well, obviously because they are Eddie’s family. Alex is Eddie’s brother and Wolfgang is Eddie’s son.

After reading Eddie’s comments about his past and current bandmates, I am now starting to see why Van Halen had too many problems over the years. Maybe it’s because Eddie is an asshole?


Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Blvd.

The mighty Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel live. This is the band’s first TV appearance since they reunited with David Lee Roth in 2007. I’m a longtime Van Halen fan. I’ve been listening to them for years.

I’ll have to say that Eddie is definitely looking much happier and healthier in these videos. As some of you know, Eddie spent most of his life as an alcoholic and behind the scenes, Eddie was always a difficult guy to get along with. That is why the band broke up too many times over the years. It seems that he’s been staying sober these days and he’s looking real good. Hope Eddie stays this way and it’s good to see him smiling on stage again.


The great Eddie Van Halen speaks at the Smithsonian…

The Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. held a special event there titled, “What It Means To Be An American” and they did a special sit down interview with Eddie Van Halen, the iconic guitarist himself.

I sat here and watched this whole 55 minute video and it was very entertaining. Eddie seems like a cool as hell guy, very humble and down to earth! Of course, the audience at this event was full of obsessive Van Halen fans.

Eddie talked about his life story as a musician. He talked about how he became a musician and how he became what he is. Eddie explained that he didn’t start playing guitar right away though. He explained that he got his start playing piano. Then he moved on to playing drums. When he found that he couldn’t play drums well and his brother Alex was of course, the better drummer than he was, that’s what inspired Eddie to switch to guitar.

This conversation is worth a listen. Eddie tells some very cool stories. Man, I wish I could sit in front of Eddie and listen to him talk. I could listen to this guy talk about music all day!

Of course, Eddie plays a little bit of guitar in this video so he can explain how he came up with the two-handed fret tapping he’s famous for. Yes, he does play a little bit of “Eruption” too!!! That EVH 5150 amp sounds fucking killer, WOAH!!! In that video, Eddie gets up to play at about 24:44 if you wanna see.

What I love about Eddie is that he takes guitar sound and tone pretty seriously. He’s an expert at guitar sound and this guy knows exactly what he wants.

I’m a long time Van Halen fan myself. Been listening to their music for years. Eddie is a guitar genius and he was one of the guitarists who inspired me to play myself.