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David Lee Roth crashes bachelor party in Las Vegas but the guys in the party had no idea who he was…

This video is some funny shit. David Lee Roth, the legendary frontman has his own podcast show and the people who works for his show walks by a room in a hotel with Van Halen music blasting from another room. The DLR Show staff went to tell David himself who was in his hotel room so he decided to come out and crash these guys party who were having a bachelor party.

As soon as the door opens, there were several drunk men in the hotel room and the guy who answered the door is wearing a black Harambe muscle tank. David introduced himself and said he heard Van Halen music and told the Harambe shirt guy, “We’re your neighbors”.

It’s funny ’cause these guys didn’t even know who David Lee Roth was? David probably thought they were going to be star struck but David didn’t get the response he wanted. Instead, the drunk men apologized for the loud noise. David was probably hoping for this response: “OH MY GOD, IT’S DAVID LEE ROTH FROM FUCKING VAN HALEN. COME ON IN AND PARTY WITH US, DUDE. HAVE A FEW BEERS WITH US!” Unfortunately, David didn’t get invited into the party and didn’t know who he was.

Some of you may ask… why would they play Van Halen music on a stereo and not know who David Lee Roth is? Well, they were probably playing music on an Ipod through a stereo system and they had it on shuffle.

Welcome to 2019, David. An era where music fans forgot that rock n’ roll existed. We’re in an era that is still dominated by pop, rap and country… nobody knows their rock n’ roll anymore. Gene Simmons is right that rock n’ roll is completely dead.

While David was laughing about it, deep down inside I’m sure he was pissed as fuck and offended. He was looking kinda pissed toward the end of the video. He’s probably thinking to himself: “Nobody knows who I am anymore?”

Yep, welcome to 2019 indeed. This is how music is right now.



Album Review: Van Halen “Live at Tokyo Dome”…

Last night, I listened to the new Van Halen live album, “Live at Tokyo Dome”. It’s the first live album by Van Halen with David Lee Roth as the front man. Before this album, Van Halen never did a live album with David Lee Roth. Van Halen already did a live album with Sammy Hagar too, though.

I listened to “Live at Tokyo Dome” from start to finish. I thought it was a really great live album to be honest with you. I was pretty impressed with it. Ya know, Van Halen still kill it live. Eddie still kills it with his guitar playing of course and I still think DLR sings very good. So many people are shitting on DLR’s vocals and I can’t understand why. To me, all it’s showing that people are uneducated when it comes to music and they’re horrible at giving opinions. Sure, DLR doesn’t sing as powerful and strong as he used to but keep in mind, DLR is a 60 year old man now. As a singer age, he’ll lose most of what he had ’cause that’s what aging does to your voice. I mean, look at what happened to Robert Plant? I still think DLR is a great singer. In my opinion, he’s still got the head voice and all that stuff.

The rest of the band still have their energy and power. They still play tight. I was pretty impressed with Eddie’s guitar sound on this album too which is no surprise. Eddie is an expert when it comes to guitar tone. He knows how to get a good sound out of a guitar.

I thought it was really good live album. While the band makes good music in the studio, they sound even better live which is what they are known for mostly. They’re known as live performers and entertainers.

Back to Dave’s vocals, you don’t need to sing perfect ’cause
“perfection” is overrated. Just get up on stage and be yourself. That’s what performing is all about. Dave was just being himself. You don’t need to be an opera singer to have a good time so all those critics need to shut their mouths on Dave’s vocals ’cause it’s unfair, in my opinion. Dave is still a good singer, don’t care what anyone says.

“Live at Tokyo Dome” by Van Halen is a great live record and it’s recommended if you’re a Van Halen fan.


Sammy Hagar calls out Eddie Van Halen on “Showing Michael Anthony what to play” comments…

What’s with Eddie Van Halen trash talking his former and current band members of Van Halen? Is Eddie back on the booze again? Eddie did an interview with Billboard magazine and in it he said some pretty hateful things about David Lee Roth, Gary Cherone and Michael Anthony. In this interview… Eddie claims that he and DLR aren’t friends and sounds like he was criticizing David’s hairstyle and his taste in music.

Then he goes on to say some harsh things about their former bassist, Michael Anthony… claiming that he had to teach him how to play all the bass parts for the Van Halen songs. Eddie also went on to claim that all the back up vocals in Van Halen around the time Anthony was in the band weren’t his vocals, they were actually Eddie’s. Is Eddie trying to make Michael Anthony look like an amatuer and trying to take credit for the backup vocals? That’s what it’s looking like to me.


Anyway, Sammy Hagar here read the Billboard interview and he isn’t happy about it. Sammy made a video here, calling Eddie out. Sammy says Eddie is a liar and tries to explain that Michael Anthony is actually a pro! Sammy knows from experience ’cause he used to be a member of Van Halen!

Wow! So Eddie is willing to trash talk all of his members of Van Halen except for Alex and Wolfgang. Why won’t he talk shit about Alex and Wolfgang? Well, obviously because they are Eddie’s family. Alex is Eddie’s brother and Wolfgang is Eddie’s son.

After reading Eddie’s comments about his past and current bandmates, I am now starting to see why Van Halen had too many problems over the years. Maybe it’s because Eddie is an asshole?


Man, who cares if David Lee Roth’s singing isn’t as good anymore, just shut up and enjoy!!!!

Man, ever since those new Van Halen TV performances on Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen started surfacing the internet this week, David Lee Roth’s singing is getting knocked like crazy. Most people can agree that the rest of the band sounds pretty sick and tight but what they’re criticizing is David’s singing. They are saying things like that David should spend lesser time on showmanship like running around the stage, swinging his microphone stand around and all that stuff and just concentrate on the singing. I read all that stuff and I’m like really?

Welcome to the new generation of young music fans where people don’t know anything about rock n’ roll.

When you perform live in rock n’ roll, it doesn’t matter if your singing is good or bad. It’s all about the music. In rock n’ roll showmanship is pretty important as a way to entertain the crowds. Why would a singer want to stand there looking like a fucking zombie??? The goal is, a rock n’ roll singer needs to be all about showmanship as a way to put on an entertaining show… running around on stage, dancing, smiling, swinging the mic and all that stuff, ya know?

If you find all that stuff annoying about Van Halen, then you must be new to them. I got news for ya, people. Van Halen has always been about showmanship. David Lee Roth has always been that kind of performer with his Van Halen career and his solo career. He has always been the same old David Lee Roth.

Sure, David doesn’t have the strong and powerful voice like he used to but he’s still a good singer, in my opinion. When you sing for rock n’ roll, you don’t need to be a perfectionist. I love Van Halen and am planning to get their new “Tokyo Dome” live album pretty soon.


Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Blvd.

The mighty Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel live. This is the band’s first TV appearance since they reunited with David Lee Roth in 2007. I’m a longtime Van Halen fan. I’ve been listening to them for years.

I’ll have to say that Eddie is definitely looking much happier and healthier in these videos. As some of you know, Eddie spent most of his life as an alcoholic and behind the scenes, Eddie was always a difficult guy to get along with. That is why the band broke up too many times over the years. It seems that he’s been staying sober these days and he’s looking real good. Hope Eddie stays this way and it’s good to see him smiling on stage again.


Report: Van Halen squashes rumors of not getting along, they just want to take a break and take it easy…

Van Halen was quick to respond to rumors that were started by Rollingstone magazine, and other music fans. The band wants to set the record straight, that the band, Van Halen, still get along and love each other like brothers. Even Dave and Eddie are both best friends, still. It’s just that the past 18 months overwhelmed the band, and they just want to enjoy the summer for themselves. I can’t blame them!

I have always been a fan of Van Halen, still am too. Glad the guys are all good and cool.

Read the band’s write up about it, here.


Report: Van Halen postpones summer tour dates for reason not yet known, band not getting along again???

Van Halen announced, the band have postponed their Summer tour but they haven’t explained why. Sources say, the band haven’t been getting along again.

More on the story, here.

It wouldn’t surprise me if David L.R., and Eddie are fighting again. What do you expect when you bring back two icons of rock n’ roll together? Ego and jealousy will get in the way with things. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the band breaks up again.