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I didn’t watch the Oscars last night like most… but they only did 4 things right…

Yep, like most people I skipped the Oscars last night just like I did last year. It’s a shame ’cause I used to enjoy the Oscars, but they seem to be getting worse each year. Yeah, The Oscars going political is a major problem, but that’s not the only problem with the Oscars. They have more problems like their nominations are always terrible every year and this year is the worst with their nominations! The only films I saw out of the nominations for “Best Picture” this year were: “Dunkirk”, “Get Out” and “Lady Bird”. The rest of ’em I haven’t even seen. The only other movie I want to see out of the Best Picture nominations is the film “Darkest Hour”. That’s another film that interests me and I want to see it. I’m planning to pick up the BluRay for “Darkest Hour” when I hit Best Buy this week.

With that being said, the Oscars did 4 things right when giving away awards last night. I was happy when the Oscars gave Gary Oldman his first award. Surprisingly enough, Gary Oldman never won an Oscar before until now. That man is a very talented actor. He’s one of the best and I’m glad he finally got an Oscar. That was long over due. Jordan Peele winning the Oscar for “Best Original ScreenPlay” on the “Get Out” movie was the right move ’cause the writing for that movie was really good. “Get Out” was a really good movie except the only thing I didn’t like about it was all the Obama worship but what do you expect from liberal Hollywood, hey? Other than that, “Get Out” was a great psychological horror film. I actually liked it a lot and watched it a couple of times. The other two things the Academy got right was giving awards to Blade Runner: 2049 for “Best Cinematography” and “Best Visual Effects”. These were the things that the Oscars got right last night, but all the other awards given last night were terrible.

It doesn’t surprise me that the TV ratings for this year’s Oscars are at an all time low. The Oscars were down 16% from last year’s Oscars. The Oscars get worse every year ’cause of the liberal propaganda and bad shows. Bad nomination choices is another factor of why the ratings are so low. Again, I used to love the Oscars, but Hollywood is going downhill pretty fast. It’s a shame ’cause I am a huge movie buff as you all know. I love watching movies ’cause it’s one of my favorite hobbies.

I’m glad I didn’t watch last night. I too had no interest in Hollywood lecturing us how much they despise Trump and ramming their liberal propaganda down our throats. I’m fed up with all that too. When will they learn that politics and entertainment don’t mix? Instead, I watched the movie “Casino” w/ Robert De Niro on Netflix which was even better. Fuck the Oscars. I’m completely done with award shows. I don’t watch any of them anymore.


Guns N’ Roses reunion to make TV appearance on Kimmel on Jan. 6th…

Turns out that the original GN’R lineup will make their return to the industry sooner than expected. They will make their TV return on Kimmel Jan. 6th. They’re probably gonna play a few songs and Kimmel will probably interview Axl after to discuss the reunion. The band will confirm their “Coachella” performance and a possible tour. New album too? Maybe.


It is pretty exciting news and it’s long overdue for sure. I’m glad Axl finally decided to bury the hatchet with his old bandmates. Axl always get a lot of spiteful criticism ’cause of his ego and all that but give him a chance, Axl can be a man with class and that man has heart. Proof of that is that Axl knows what the fans want. The fans wanted the original guys back for years and Axl is finally giving it to them so you gotta hand it to Axl this time! \m/

I’m planning on listening to all Guns N’ Roses music on Apple Music streaming so I can be reminded of all their music.


Will Michelle say “You got it, dude” one more time???

John Stamos, the star of the sitcom “Full House” has revealed that the show is coming back to Netflix with a 13 episode all-new season. The name of the new show will be titled, “Fuller House”.

Stamos will produce and he will reprise his role as Uncle Jessie as a guest star… probably meaning, he will appear as a cameo in some episodes.

The crew are in negotiations with the other cast members such as Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, the Olsen Twins and Lori Loughlin.

The new show will focus on the two Tanner sisters DJ and Stephanie living together in San Francisco to help raise DJ’s two boys.


There’s no doubt that Bob and Dave will probably return but will the Olsen twins? Will Mary Kate and Ashley reprise their roles as the iconic role of Michelle? Without Michelle, I don’t think the revival is gonna work. Michelle was the whole reason “Full House” got popular to begin with. We’ll have to wait and see.

Yeah, Mary Kate and Ashley are full grown adults by now but I think they can still handle the Michelle catch phrases quite well.

I admittedly used to watch this show myself but not by choice… a lot of times I got dragged into watching the show with other people when the show used to be on TV.

I expect the 8 seasons of the original show will be made streamable for Netflix soon now this is happening.


Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Blvd.

The mighty Van Halen performs on Jimmy Kimmel live. This is the band’s first TV appearance since they reunited with David Lee Roth in 2007. I’m a longtime Van Halen fan. I’ve been listening to them for years.

I’ll have to say that Eddie is definitely looking much happier and healthier in these videos. As some of you know, Eddie spent most of his life as an alcoholic and behind the scenes, Eddie was always a difficult guy to get along with. That is why the band broke up too many times over the years. It seems that he’s been staying sober these days and he’s looking real good. Hope Eddie stays this way and it’s good to see him smiling on stage again.


Obama on Kimmel, “Ferguson was worthy of protest”… um, really???

How was Ferguson worthy of a protest when Michael Brown was proven to be a thug over and over again? It turns out that Michael Brown’s, “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie and Eric Holder admitted it was a lie. Many others are starting to admit that “Hands up, don’t shoot” claim was a lie. Eric Holder couldn’t charge Darren Wilson on anything ’cause why? Well, my belief is that Holder couldn’t find any evidence to charge Officer Wilson on something. Holder probably found that it was out of “self defense” on Officer Wilson’s part. So Holder have to continue to make even more lies that black people are being unfairly treated by police officers in America.

In my opinion, all the Ferguson protesting, rioting and looting was all for nothing. They wasted their time and didn’t solve anything.

So Obama and Holder’s response to the two officers getting shot was a tweet on the White House twitter page? Really? Then Obama appears on Kimmel?

If we had a real president, he wouldn’t appear on talk shows and wouldn’t send a statement on twitter. A real president would have gave a statement on live TV. A real president would have visited the two officers in the hospital to show his respects which I’m sure Obama himself wouldn’t even do. A real president would have united blacks and white, not divide them again.

The two officers getting shot were partly Obama’s and Holder’s fault, absolutely. They were the ones who incited those riots in Ferguson to begin with and they should feel ashamed of themselves. They need to be in jail for this but of course, nothing will happen to them.


Even the White House says the Constitution protects free speech like I’ve been saying…

In response to a petition to kick Jimmy Kimmel off of his show for saying something offensive about China, the White House addressed this issue and said:

“”The Federal government cannot force ABC to remove this show,” a statement from the White House read. “The First Amendment of the Constitution protects free speech, even if individuals might personally find it offensive or distasteful. It may be upsetting when people say things we might personally disagree with, but the principle of protected free speech is an important part of who we are as a nation.

There you have it, folks. Straight from the White House in a direct response to a Jimmy Kimmel petition. In what was quoted above, they didn’t make claims that the 1st Amendment protects you from government interference. They made a pretty clear point that the 1st Amendment is here for us all.

While Freedom of Speech rights is dying in this day and age only very few celebrities survive it. Glad Jimmy isn’t going through what Phil Robertson and Evander Holyfield is going through. So congrats to Jimmy. He got lucky on this one!


EDIT TO ADD: I forgot to add that as long as you don’t say anything bad about gay people, you get to have your freedom of speech rights, damn liberals!!!! Damn ’em all to hell!!!!

Cool Video: Watch Sean Rowe & Railbird on Jimmy Kimmel…

In case you missed Sean Rowe & Railbird jamming together on Jimmy Kimmel last night, here’s the video. I was pretty impressed with the performance. It was pretty tight. Railbird did a great job. Sean Rowe and the band Railbird, are all musicians from the Troy/Albany, N.Y. area. Sean Rowe is mainly an acoustic solo act, he collaborates with the band, Railbird often.

Sean didn’t go from playing small bars/cafes to landing a national TV gig for nothing. He worked his ass off and he came a long way for sure. Sean Rowe is proof that any musician or band can go forward and make the big time, doesn’t matter where you live. Congrats to Sean and Railbird.

I would admit, however though, I would like to get the same successes with my own music. I would love to get big. Move forward and get recognized for my music like any musician would.

Enjoy the performance below. I expect more upcoming TV performances for Sean in the future. Jimmy Fallon, Letterman, Leno? Possibly. This is just the beginning of Sean’s fame. I have a feeling, he will become a big mainstream artist in the future.


Cool Video: The Killers parody Kanye West by having Jimmy Kimmel interupt band’s set…

The Killers are about to jam onto “Pretty In Pink” with the Psychedellic Furs, but Jimmy Kimmel, the late night talk show host, interupted the band’s set as they were about to start the song, and pretended to be Kanye a bit.

I think this will be a popular thing at concerts, famous bands and artists making fun of Kanye.


Report: Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman split after five years as a couple…

Actress/comedian Sarah Silverman and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel just split up after five years of being a couple. The two first met at a Hugh Hefner roast party, that’s when Kimmel decided to hire her to do voice overs for the puppet themed TV show “Crankyankers” which was aired on Comedy Central.

More on it here:


Hmmm…I guess Sarah really was fucking Matt Damon. I’m sure you were predicting that joke coming.

It’s about time they’ve split up! What the hell is a sexy and gorgeous woman like Sarah doing with a freaky looking chubby dude?

Now she is free to get herself a better man! Kudos to you Sarah! Good move!


Report: Stone Temple Pilots to perform on Jimmy Kimmel in May…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots will have their first TV appearance in many years and the episode will air May 2nd on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

From Blabbermouth.net:


I’ll have to tune into this to see what song they’re gonna do. It wouldn’t surprise me if it would be “Plush” or “Big Empty” so they can let the world know that the band is back.