Will Van Halen continue as a band after the death of Eddie???? Probably not… band is probably done for good…

We haven’t heard yet whether or not the band Van Halen is going to continue after the death of Eddie Van Halen, the band’s longtime founder, leader and guitarist. We haven’t heard from the other bandmates… Wolfgang, Alex, David Lee Roth, etc. on whether or not they plan on continuing without Eddie yet. No statement from the band yet but I’m sure we’ll hear from them soon. I think they’ll make an announcement real soon that the band will probably be done for good.

The band can make its many lineup changes as they wanted to over the years but Eddie is irreplaceable. There can’t be a Van Halen without Eddie ’cause his guitar playing is the band’s sound. That can’t be replaced.

The other bandmates in Van Halen will probably take some time to grieve of Eddie’s passing quietly and then they’ll make a statement sometime this week or later. I say whatever time they need ’cause they need to discuss privately on whether or not they should continue and they’ll probably hang it up.

While the band will probably be done for good, the music of Van Halen will live on. I’m sure David Lee Roth will continue to perform Van Halen songs in his solo career and I’m sure Sammy Hagar will continue to do Van Halen songs in his era.

Other bands and music artists will try to cover Van Halen music but they can’t copy Eddie’s sound and style ’cause Eddie had his own. Eddie irreplaceable.

Are the surviving members of Van Halen gonna put on a tribute concert for Eddie, though? Could be a possibility and wouldn’t surprise me if it happens. We’ll have to wait. I’m sure all kinds of tributes will be happening for Eddie in the future. We’ll hear from the band real soon, I’m sure.


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