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Eddie Van Halen makes public appearance at Tool concert in Los Angeles… turns out he is a huge fan of Tool…

For a long while now, Eddie Van Halen, the iconic guitar virtuoso stayed out of the public eye and tried to lay low until now. Amidst reports of throat cancer, here is Eddie attending Tool’s concert in Los Angeles while on tour for their new album “Fear Inoculum”.

I remember in the past through interviews, Eddie kept saying he doesn’t listen to music and doesn’t keep up with the industry at all but it turns out Eddie is a huge fan of Tool. Eddie and his son Wolfgang both went to the band’s concert in Los Angeles.

Above is a pic of Eddie and Adam Jones hanging backstage at the show. There were reports saying that Eddie isn’t looking good and Alternative Nation website claims to have leaked a photo where Eddie isn’t look good but don’t believe any of that “click bait” shit.

Even if Eddie maybe battling throat cancer, he’s looking very good in the photo above and seems to be good spirits too, Eddie smiling and all.

Anyhow, here’s a funny story that Wolfgang shared when a Tool fan asks Eddie to take a pic of him with the stage behind him but when the fan asks Eddie to take a pic of him, he never realized the man taking the pic was Eddie Van Halen himself.


Eddie seems like a good man in real life and it was cool of Eddie to take a pic of the Tool fan even though the fan didn’t even recognize Eddie.

It really does seem like people totally have forgotten who Van Halen were. I remember the video when David Lee Roth tried to crash a bachelor party at a hotel and the guys in the party didn’t even recognize him. Same thing happened here when the fan didn’t recognize Eddie.

I don’t blame the band for no longer getting recognized anymore. Blame the music industry for ignoring rock n’ roll. Nowadays, it’s hard for any rock and metal band to get recognized when this young generation is still so hung up on pop, country and rap music.



Congrats to the band Tool, “Fear Inoculum” is no. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 beating out Taylor Swift…

Even after a long 13 year hiatus from the music business, people still haven’t forgotten about Tool after all these years. Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” finally comes out and it’s already the biggest selling album which isn’t surprising. The album somehow went up to no. 1 on the Billboard 200, beating out Taylor Swift’s new album, “Lover”.


This is impressive and amazing really. Nowadays, it’s still very difficult for any rock band to make it high on the Billboard 200 ’cause pop, country and rap are still a dominating industry. You can still see that rock and metal is still slowly trying to make a mainstream comeback.

It’s not surprising that “Fear Inoculum” would turn out to be a pretty big seller ’cause it’s a pretty great album. I love it. It’s their best one in their career for sure.


Tool is the greatest rock band going today, tell me I’m wrong???

Well this weekend at the gym, I listened to Tool’s two other albums “10,000 Days” and “Lateralus”. I’m blown away by both of them. I listened to “Undertow” and “Aenima” lots of times so I already know those two albums are great too. There is a reason why this band is so huge and popular they are now. There is a reason they have a huge buzz going ’cause they really are the greatest band in rock. I haven’t listened to their new album, “Fear Inoculum” yet but gonna get around to it this weekend.

The band Tool are the greatest songwriters in rock right now. Their riffs are really cool and I love Adam’s guitar tone for sure. Maynard James Keenan sings with a lot of heart and many singers in bands don’t sing with heart like that. When a rock band plays tight that helps get the singer going and Maynard is good like that. One thing I love about Maynard’s vocals is that he is very melodic. Whenever you hear him sing, you can hear him sing in your head and that’s a part of what makes Tool so great. Maynard is definitely one of the greatest singers in rock.

Yeah yeah yeah, the guys in the band Tool are all liberals and they’re Trump haters for sure but who cares. Their music is still freakin’ awesome. I don’t care about a band’s political views, it’s the music, ya know? I really love this band, always did. I used to have the “Undertow” and “Aenima” albums on CD back in high school but someone borrowed them and never gave them back so I re-bought those two albums on CD again. The rest of the Tool albums are digital on my Ipod.

Tool is an amazing band and I find myself listening to their albums a lot now that I got them. I keep going back to them… that’s the powerful thing about music. Tool definitely knows how to grab someone’s ear. I also love how the band don’t change their style of music too. Every album they do, their style is the same and I love that.

I haven’t heard “Fear Inoculum” yet but I just wanted to hear their previous albums first before the new one so I can get familiar with their music. I’m sure the new album is great and I’ll review that too after a few listens.



Tool finally has change of heart with digital platforms and streaming services… this Friday you’ll finally be able to stream their albums on Spotify/Apple music and buy them from Itunes as well!!!

To all you Tool fans out there who are wondering if you got to try and go drive around to find previous Tool albums on CD, well you no longer have to wonder ’cause the band Tool just announced that they’ll be releasing their entire catalog to all digital services and streaming formats. Yes, that means you’ll be able to listen to Tool music on Spotify/Apple Music and you’ll even be able to buy the albums off of Itunes if you want to own them for yourself.

They’re releasing everything to digital including their new upcoming album “Fear Inoculum”  which won’t come out ’til August 30th but their previous 5 releases will be released to digital and streaming this Friday.

This is good news that Tool finally had a change of heart with digital releases ’cause they’ve been against it and avoided it like the plague for years until now. Glad that Tool finally joined the digital bandwagon which was long overdue.

I’m a huge fan myself. Used to listen to “Undertow” and “Aenima” a lot when I was a kid in high school. I used to bring my digital CD player and would listen to those albums a lot on the school bus years back. I didn’t have those albums on CD anymore so I re-bought them on CD from FYE not too long ago. Now I listen to them on my Ipod and both are pretty amazing albums. I’m gonna get “Lateralus, “10,000 Faces” and their EP “Opiate” soon.

Wonder what made them finally change their mind about digital releases? They probably got the hint that no one is buying CD’s anymore and they’re finally realizing it.


Tool… the greatest rock band going today? I would say so!!!

Yesterday, I just picked up two Tool albums: “Undertow” and “Aenima” from FYE. They had a small shelf of Tool albums and they were all on sale so I bought two of them… yes, on physical CD as you can see. Since Tool don’t have their music on Itunes, Spotify or anywhere online yet… I figure I would take advantage and get their music on CD. So I took these two albums home, ripped them into my Itunes and synced them onto my Ipod Touch.

I listened to “Undertow” and “Aenima” at the gym earlier today and I forgot how much of a masterpiece these two albums really are. Like the instagram post says, I used to have these albums when I was young, probably during high school so I re-bought them. F.Y.E. had a small shelf of Tool albums and put ’em all on sale ’cause I guess they’re getting ready for the new Tool album which is album no. 5. Tool only has 4 studio albums out so far and album no. 5 will be released at the end of August.

“Undertow” and “Aenima” are both pretty sick albums and I still remember every song on both of those albums ’cause I used to listen to them both so much. I used to be a massive Tool fan during high school and still am, I guess. I haven’t heard “Lateralus” and “10,000 Faces” yet but I’m planning on buying those albums soon before the new album comes out.

I gotta say though that Maynard james Keenan is definitely one of the best rock vocalists alive. That man definitely can sing and Adam Jones is a pretty sick guitarist too. I can’t wait for Album No. 5 in August and I’ll buy it when it comes out. These guys are avoiding online downloads of their music like the plague so you’ll have no choice but to buy their music on CD. The band didn’t release the title of the new album yet but I’m sure they will very soon. Can’t wait for their new record, though. Even though these guys avoid putting their music online, I’m sure their new record will sell well on CD even though no one buys CD’s anymore. I’m sure people will go out and buy the new Tool album on CD. I know I’m gonna get it.


Is Maynard James Keenan a big “Tool” himself? I’d say yes!!!

So I take it that Maynard James Keenan hates his own fanbase? It seems so. He seems to hate Tool fans anyway which seems to be the reason why Maynard has been staying away from Tool lately. The other guys in Tool want him back for a full reunion so they can release a new album and go on a full tour but it seems that Maynard doesn’t want to. Instead, Maynard agreed to do a one-off show with the band in which they will headline, Monster Mash Music Festival.



It seems to me that Maynard isn’t in it for the fame or popularity. That’s pretty obvious, I think. He seems to be into music for himself, pretty much. He just probably wants to make a living off of it, that’s all he pretty much cares about.

Sorry but this Maynard James Keenan seems like a real “Tool” himself. He seems like a big douche. He maybe a talented frontman and I’m a fan of Tool myself but it can’t be denied that the guy is an asshole. I can’t stand those musicians who’ll hate on their own fans. It’s not cool really. Unprofessional and dumb.

I think the other guys in Tool should just get rid of him and replace a new singer, that’s what a lot of iconic bands seems to be doing lately. If Tool wants to keep moving forward with their music and if Maynard is being all difficult and a huge pain in the ass, then they should boot him. Get someone else. I can see the band doing something like that for sure.

I do like Tool, though. Used to listen to them a lot when I was in high school.