Tool is the greatest rock band going today, tell me I’m wrong???

Well this weekend at the gym, I listened to Tool’s two other albums “10,000 Days” and “Lateralus”. I’m blown away by both of them. I listened to “Undertow” and “Aenima” lots of times so I already know those two albums are great too. There is a reason why this band is so huge and popular they are now. There is a reason they have a huge buzz going ’cause they really are the greatest band in rock. I haven’t listened to their new album, “Fear Inoculum” yet but gonna get around to it this weekend.

The band Tool are the greatest songwriters in rock right now. Their riffs are really cool and I love Adam’s guitar tone for sure. Maynard James Keenan sings with a lot of heart and many singers in bands don’t sing with heart like that. When a rock band plays tight that helps get the singer going and Maynard is good like that. One thing I love about Maynard’s vocals is that he is very melodic. Whenever you hear him sing, you can hear him sing in your head and that’s a part of what makes Tool so great. Maynard is definitely one of the greatest singers in rock.

Yeah yeah yeah, the guys in the band Tool are all liberals and they’re Trump haters for sure but who cares. Their music is still freakin’ awesome. I don’t care about a band’s political views, it’s the music, ya know? I really love this band, always did. I used to have the “Undertow” and “Aenima” albums on CD back in high school but someone borrowed them and never gave them back so I re-bought those two albums on CD again. The rest of the Tool albums are digital on my Ipod.

Tool is an amazing band and I find myself listening to their albums a lot now that I got them. I keep going back to them… that’s the powerful thing about music. Tool definitely knows how to grab someone’s ear. I also love how the band don’t change their style of music too. Every album they do, their style is the same and I love that.

I haven’t heard “Fear Inoculum” yet but I just wanted to hear their previous albums first before the new one so I can get familiar with their music. I’m sure the new album is great and I’ll review that too after a few listens.



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