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Tool finally has change of heart with digital platforms and streaming services… this Friday you’ll finally be able to stream their albums on Spotify/Apple music and buy them from Itunes as well!!!

To all you Tool fans out there who are wondering if you got to try and go drive around to find previous Tool albums on CD, well you no longer have to wonder ’cause the band Tool just announced that they’ll be releasing their entire catalog to all digital services and streaming formats. Yes, that means you’ll be able to listen to Tool music on Spotify/Apple Music and you’ll even be able to buy the albums off of Itunes if you want to own them for yourself.

They’re releasing everything to digital including their new upcoming album “Fear Inoculum”  which won’t come out ’til August 30th but their previous 5 releases will be released to digital and streaming this Friday.

This is good news that Tool finally had a change of heart with digital releases ’cause they’ve been against it and avoided it like the plague for years until now. Glad that Tool finally joined the digital bandwagon which was long overdue.

I’m a huge fan myself. Used to listen to “Undertow” and “Aenima” a lot when I was a kid in high school. I used to bring my digital CD player and would listen to those albums a lot on the school bus years back. I didn’t have those albums on CD anymore so I re-bought them on CD from FYE not too long ago. Now I listen to them on my Ipod and both are pretty amazing albums. I’m gonna get “Lateralus, “10,000 Faces” and their EP “Opiate” soon.

Wonder what made them finally change their mind about digital releases? They probably got the hint that no one is buying CD’s anymore and they’re finally realizing it.


Purchased some albums from Itunes earlier today…

Well today I just purchased 9 albums from Itunes.

I got the last three Grateful Dead albums that I needed to complete their 13 studio album discography. Now I have all 13 Grateful Dead studio albums on my Ipod Touch. Yeah, I’m a huge Grateful Dead nerd or what they all call a Deadhead. Now that I have all their studio albums, I’m going to start collecting their live albums pretty soon.

I now have all 6 Alice In Chains studio albums. I have both the Layne Staley era and the William Duvall era. I love both eras of the band. I’ve been a huge Alice In Chains fan since the very beginning in the 90’s and still pretty loyal to that band to this day. I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitarist and songwriter. I’ve always admired and respected that man.

As for Guns N’ Roses “Appetite” album, I used to have that album on CD a long time ago but didn’t have it anymore so I decided to get it back digitally. I’ve always loved GN’R and still do. I listened to the “Appetite” album at the gym earlier today and forgot how amazing that album really is. It’s a classic record for sure.

I’ve also picked up two more Clutch albums ’cause I’m really getting into that band. I think I’m gonna collect their entire album discography too. Clutch is an addicting band to listen to and I’m loving them.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy!


Record stores… remember those???


I’ve always been a huge music addict. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always bought albums. Music was always a big part of my life and I just love supporting bands & artists. Always did and still do.

When there used to be record stores all over the place, I would go to them all the time and would browse around for hours. I never bought many cassettes and vinyls when  they were around but when the compact disc started coming out, I was all over them. I would come home with like 5 – 7 CD’s a week. That’s how I got a huge CD collection. In the past, my CD collection was a lot bigger than this but I probably sold a bunch of ’em, gave ’em away or people borrowed some and never gave them back. I still have many of my CD’s that I’ve bought over the years, though.

Thanks to Itunes, I now buy music digitally. That’s where I buy my albums now. There are still record stores around today but not as much as you have seen in the past. F.Y.E. still exists and you can still buy records at Barnes & Noble. I still buy albums on physical CD once in a blue moon. I buy a lot of albums from Itunes now since the record store era is pretty much dead.

I love listening to music. It’s always been a big part of my life and still is. I’m a proud music addict. I do miss the record store, though. Thanks to Steve Jobs who killed the record store era.


Reggae Gold 2015 album cover… is it just me or is this album cover sexy as hell???

I take a look at Itunes this week to see what’s new in the Itunes store and on the front page appeared this album cover at the top of Itunes. it immediately caught my eye as I’m sure it did the same to a lot of men out there. The album cover is pretty sexy as hell, in my opinion. Black chick looking hot on the cover.

Whatever it takes to sell an album, I guess. I’m sure people don’t listen to Reggae music much and I’m sure nobody heard any of the artists on this album before so they put a hot black chick on the cover to give it more attention.

I do enjoy reggae music sometimes but I’ll have to try to give this album a listen myself.


Finally, I found a positive review on Apple Music thanks to the New York Post…

Ever since the release of the new Apple Music streaming service, it of course sparked all kinds of controversy. Apple Music got mixed reviews, a love or hate kind of thing. Finally, I found a positive review toward Apple Music and this article defends the service a little bit too.

Take a read:


Like I said before, I have no problems with Apple Music at all as I’m pretty impressed with it so I’m probably gonna keep it after my three free months are up. I’ve been listening to a lot of music on there already. Like the article says, Apple doesn’t tell you when your monthly subscriptions are up but hopefully they stick to their word that their 3 free months will be 3 full months. I started my 3 free months in July so my free trial should go on through August and might end at the end of Sept, hopefully.

I’m definitely gonna keep the service for sure. Don’t listen to all the negative reviews out there. You should give Apple Music a try yourself. The playback is fine and the sound quality is fine. I wanna keep this service so I don’t have to keep buying music from the Itunes store as much anymore. I think that’s what they made it for to begin with.

The question you have to ask is since “streaming” music is a new trend and about ready to take over the industry, could this hurt record sales? If so, good ’cause I hate record labels to begin with. Online “streaming” of music could take record labels out of business and bands & artists can release music for these “streaming” services. The industry is changing. We have streaming services such as “Spotify”, “Pandora”, “Tidal” and now here comes “Apple Music”. Maybe I’ll have another blog post about this soon.


More on Apple Music…

Most of the day I added a whole BUNCH of albums from Apple Music to my library on my Ipad.

I’ve added a bunch of bands & artists such as Opeth, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Queensryche, The Scorpions, The Runaways, L7, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Billy Idol, Jeff Beck, George Benson, Django Reindhardt, BB King, The Ramones, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Bjork, Black Sabbath, Ozzy solo, Metallica, etc. The list goes on and on.

I only listened to one album that I saved from Apple Music which was an older album by Al Di Meola called, “Scenario” which was really good. I love Al Di Meola’s music. I just can’t stop listening to his stuff as well.

I’ve added a whole variety of music as you can see from metal to jazz to blues. I’ve still got some more albums to add which I will do tomorrow. Yeah I think I’ll definitely stick with Apple Music. I won’t mind paying the $9.99 subscription ’cause that’s cheaper than spotify. Of course Apple made the subscription cheaper than spotify… it’s their way of competing against them, I guess.

I just love listening to music. It’s a big part of who I am and like I said, I’m an “album” kind of guy. I’m old-school so I still listen to full albums while most people out there are pretty selective of what songs they wanna hear.

I got into the digital age of music ’cause the CD industry is pretty much dead… just about. I do miss buying physical CD’s, though and sometimes I still do buy CD’s once in a blue moon.

There are still some technical issues with Apple Music but I’m sure they will fix them… a lot of slowdowns and crashing but like I said before it’s new.

Listening to music is what I’m all about… I gotta be around it.


Apple Music is actually very impressive, WOW! I don’t get all the hate!

Whenever Apple tries something new, chances are the company is gonna get all kinds of haters no matter what they do. I think what they’re doing is very good and I’m actually pretty impressed with Apple Music. I might even subscribe to that service after all and ditch Spotify. Apple Music costs $9.99 pr. month once the free months are up. Once I subscribe to Apple Music full time, I’ll no longer have to buy music from Itunes which is what they made the streaming service for is so they can help people save money, ya know?

This afternoon, I started adding music that I want to my Itunes library on my Ipad. All the albums that I wanted to hear from Joe Satriani, Opeth, Grateful Dead, Dream Theater, Joe Bonamassa, BB King, etc. to the “My Music” section on my Ipad so I can listen offline. I’ll also be able to listen to all the Led Zeppelin Deluxe albums ’cause they’re all on there too.

How would I get these albums on my Ipod Touch, the 4th generation? I got the 4th Generation Ipod Touch, the 6.1.6 version so I can’t get Apple Music on there. If I wanted Apple Music on my Ipod Touch, I would have to buy the latest edition of the Ipod Touch which I will sometime in the future. I’m sure there’s a way to get these albums from Apple Music on my Ipod Touch, I’ll figure it out. I like to have albums on my Ipod Touch ’cause I like to listen to music while working out at the gym or listen to music while running and doing my cardio.

So far, I have no problem with Apple Music and don’t see why it’s getting hated on? The sound quality is pretty good and still the same. The only issues are that the Apple Music when browsing for artists, it’ll start to slow down and crash but keep in mind, the service is new so there’s gonna be a lot of technical issues which I’m sure they will fix soon.

I wish I thought of this before I bought those 5 albums from the Itunes store today. Maybe I should send those back and get my refund?

Yeah, I definitely might go with Apple Music instead of Spotify.


Apple Music is here but I don’t have IOS 8.4 yet…

I’m planning to give Apple Music a try but I don’t have IOS 8.4 yet but I’m sure it’ll come up soon in the “Software Update”. I’m not sure if you can get the new IOS 8.4 for the Ipad 2 but hopefully. I’ll find out soon. I know I won’t be able to get IOS 8.4 for my Ipod Touch ’cause I have an earlier edition of the Ipod Touch, I have the 4th generation I think… the 6.1.6.


I would love to give Apple Music a try ’cause if I decide to subscribe to that instead of Spotify, I’ll no longer have to buy music from the Itunes store at all. Apple Music subscription is cheap, $9.99 a month, cheaper than Spotify. Spotify costs $12.99.

I used to never agree with music streaming services and used to never agree with Itunes but I’m just starting to have a change of heart with all that stuff.

This week, I just started listening to a prog rock/metal band called, Opeth. I listened to their albums, “Orchid”, “Deliverance” and “Ghost Reveries”… they were all incredible albums too! I’m late getting into Opeth but I’m loving their music a lot.

Streaming music is awesome. I’d like to subscribe to either Apple Music or Spotify so I’ll no longer have to keep buying music from Itunes. Thinking about it.


Look like you won’t have to go to a theater to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer after all!!!

Are you dying to see that 88 second, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer but there’s no theater in your hometown that has it? Not too worries!!! The 88 second teaser will be exclusively released to “Itunes Trailers” on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

There’s a lot of claims that the trailer has been leaked online but I’m sure those leaks aren’t legitimate so I’ll wait to see the official one.

And remember, y’all… don’t expect to see so much on the trailer. You’re only gonna see very little as I said before. JJ loves his secrecy, he’s obsessed with it. I’m sure it’ll be a sick teaser and sure it will get everyone talking and debating about it.

On Friday, I’ll go to Itunes and check it out.


U2 finally releases their new album but they release it for FREE on Itunes!!!

Suddenly, U2 appeared out of the blue and announced they just finally released their new album titled, “Songs of Innocence”. Even though I stopped liking U2 for a while, I’ll check this album out as long as it’s free. Why not? I listened to a few clips of the album and it actually sounds pretty good. Look like they got their old-school sound back which is what I wanted from the band. I’m interested in hearing it ’cause they did a tribute for the Ramones on the album, they dedicated a song for them. 

Why are they releasing this album for free? Simply because it’s in celebration of their 10 year team up with Apple. 

I purchased the free album but it’s not in my Itunes library yet but on the U2 Itunes page, it says it will be soon so I guess we’ll have to wait. 

It’s funny, ya know… I could have sworn that U2 said they weren’t gonna release an album this year but guess they decided to release it earlier. Looking forward to hearing it, though!

I’ve heard every U2 album in their entire career. I just like their older stuff more than their new stuff.