Apple Music is actually very impressive, WOW! I don’t get all the hate!

Whenever Apple tries something new, chances are the company is gonna get all kinds of haters no matter what they do. I think what they’re doing is very good and I’m actually pretty impressed with Apple Music. I might even subscribe to that service after all and ditch Spotify. Apple Music costs $9.99 pr. month once the free months are up. Once I subscribe to Apple Music full time, I’ll no longer have to buy music from Itunes which is what they made the streaming service for is so they can help people save money, ya know?

This afternoon, I started adding music that I want to my Itunes library on my Ipad. All the albums that I wanted to hear from Joe Satriani, Opeth, Grateful Dead, Dream Theater, Joe Bonamassa, BB King, etc. to the “My Music” section on my Ipad so I can listen offline. I’ll also be able to listen to all the Led Zeppelin Deluxe albums ’cause they’re all on there too.

How would I get these albums on my Ipod Touch, the 4th generation? I got the 4th Generation Ipod Touch, the 6.1.6 version so I can’t get Apple Music on there. If I wanted Apple Music on my Ipod Touch, I would have to buy the latest edition of the Ipod Touch which I will sometime in the future. I’m sure there’s a way to get these albums from Apple Music on my Ipod Touch, I’ll figure it out. I like to have albums on my Ipod Touch ’cause I like to listen to music while working out at the gym or listen to music while running and doing my cardio.

So far, I have no problem with Apple Music and don’t see why it’s getting hated on? The sound quality is pretty good and still the same. The only issues are that the Apple Music when browsing for artists, it’ll start to slow down and crash but keep in mind, the service is new so there’s gonna be a lot of technical issues which I’m sure they will fix soon.

I wish I thought of this before I bought those 5 albums from the Itunes store today. Maybe I should send those back and get my refund?

Yeah, I definitely might go with Apple Music instead of Spotify.


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