As I predicted, Donald Trump beat Jeb Bush in the GOP polls… despite Mexican controversy…

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is now the frontrunner of the GOP candidate in the upcoming Elections. WHy? Like I said, more and more conservatives in America respected him for being realistic. That’s what the American people wanna see, that’s who the American people wanna support… real honest people. Americans are getting fed up with liars so since Donald Trump has been doing nothing but telling the truth, that’s why more and more people are starting to support him.

I’m also noticing that Bernie Sanders is the no. 1 frontrunner for the Democrat side so it may as well be Trump vs. Sanders on the nomination? Hillary doesn’t have a chance ’cause of all the scandals she has: Benghazi, the e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, etc. Hillary will have no choice but to quit like she did last time.

Even though I’m not a big fan of Sanders, I can deal with him more than Hillary, though. Anybody is better than Hillary! Still though, Bernie Sanders better watch out ’cause Jim Webb just jumped on the Democratic race so Webb could potentially beat Sanders in the polls.

Anyway, back to Trump, his honesty maybe controversial yes but controversy is good. It’s what he needs to do to earn more votes. Love him or hate him all you want to, Trump could easily get past the primaries.

We really need a guy like Trump in the White ’cause he’s a good negotiator. Obama was never a good negotiator. Trump could negotiate with other world leaders pretty well.

I really hope we get Trump in the White House ’cause we really need him.

What’s weird about all this is… everyone is accusing Trump of “racism” when what he really said wasn’t racist at all but George Takei said something really racist and doesn’t get any shit back. How come Al Sharpton didn’t go after George?

Anyway, I think Donald Trump is gonna do good in the election. All this stuff about the Mexican illegal aliens being criminals is just the beginning.


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