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Trump is right to say: “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job???”….

Well I watched Trump’s address to the nation last night on TV and some of you probably wondering what my thoughts are on this. Well, Trump is right on one thing he said last night… “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does it job?”. If you can’t understand the point that he’s trying to make, let me explain then. If you let illegals into our country and continue to ignore how dangerous a lot of them can be, will Congress act on border security when they finally realize that illegals harming Americans get out of hand? Will Democrats in Congress act on Border Security when their loved ones are murdered by illegals for no reason, their kids get abducted by illegals and illegals start raping their daughters and wives? These things are gonna happen the more they keep it up with their “lets welcome illegals” bullshit.

The left knows that illegal aliens are bad people, many of them won’t admit it. Many on the left refused to watch Trump’s address to the nation ’cause they simply didn’t want to hear the truth.

After I finished watching Trump’s address last night, I was blown away. He was on fire. He was calling illegals exactly what they are “illegal aliens”. It showed that Trump is not afraid of the liberal pc police. Trump is not backing down.

When will liberals ever wake up about illegal aliens? A lot of them are accusing Trump of false information about them predictably. If the left really thinks that illegals are harmless and a bunch of sweethearts then why don’t they invite them into their home?

In Trump’s address, he was saying all the same things we’ve been thinking. Trump was simply calling out the hypocrisy of the left. I loved it when Trump was asking politicians why do they have their homes surrounded by fences and walls since they claim to be against border security.

Illegal aliens are not our friends. If you think they are then the mainstream media has you brainwashed pretty good. There’s a lot of people that don’t believe illegal aliens aren’t dangerous ’cause of the media brainwashing but deep down, they know that a lot of illegals are violent they just won’t admit it to you.

And what about that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi speech right after? What a freakin’ joke that was. The looks on their faces last night definitely had “Trump Derangement Syndrome” written all over them. You can tell they really despise Trump that much and quite honestly, it’s pretty scary.

I find it hilarious that Evil Schumer accuses Trump of “governing by temper tantrum” when Schumer has been doing exactly that ever since Trump got elected, “governing by temper tantrum”. More liberal hypocrisy there, nothing to see.

I would say keep the government shut down until the Democrats finally agree to border security. The whole reason I voted for Trump was for the border wall. We really need it pretty badly. Illegal aliens are definitely a danger to our society.

It’s amazing that liberals get so butt hurt over our feelings about illegal aliens. They don’t know these people and they don’t know what they’re capable enough.

People in the world of politics are crazy and nuts, I tell ya. All Trump wants to do is keep us all safe… he even wants to keep liberal Americans safe too but they don’t get it yet.


Thoughts on the Kate Steinle verdict… we really need that wall more than anything now!!!

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Like most, I too am outraged and disappointed in the Kate Steinle verdict. The San Francisco jury letting Kate’s killer walk a free man. Not surprising really ’cause this fuckin’ country has always been too afraid to call what illegal aliens really are… dangerous monsters. No doubt that Kate’s killer was totally guilty ’cause there was video evidence showing Kate’s killer fleeing the scene and throwing the gun into the San Francisco bay. There were witnesses who took photos and video of the incident. That stuff would have been good enough for a “guilty” verdict but not not surprisingly, the jury has decided to side with Kate’s killer.

This just proves that the justice system in law is pretty broken. It always has been for years. I’m so sick of this country acting like illegal aliens are harmless and lovable people. Pretty crazy, ya know??? For some reason, this country has a big problem kissing illegals asses and I’m sick of it. Illegal aliens have always been a problem in this country. The media refuses to call them for what they really are and politicians refuses to call them for what they are. It’s just dumb.

This is why we all voted for Donald Trump in office ’cause when he went down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency, and he gave that historic speech that’s when we all got on board to support him once he got into the topic of illegal aliens. Trump  blew us all away when he started calling illegal aliens for what they really are… dangerous and violent animals. Sure, not all illegal aliens are dangerous and violent. Some of them might be harmless but either way, they don’t belong here at all. We don’t want illegals living better lives than us actual citizens. We’re fed up with it at all and that’s why Trump got elected.

After the ridiculous Kate Steinle verdict, we really need that Border Wall more than anything. We need both Kate’s Law and the Border Wall. The Border Wall will be in honor of Kate. I used to believe the Border Wall wasn’t really as important but once again, we really need it more than anything now.

I’ve had it with liberals thinking there is nothing wrong with illegals… thinking they won’t hurt us. Are they fucking serious??? They’re defending people they don’t really know which is even more crazier. Liberals are so hung up on their “human rights” stuff that it’s gonna get us all killed. Liberals don’t care about actual Americans. It seems that they are more concerned about the well-being of Muslims and illegal Mexicans than us Americans which is sad. The reason is that liberals only care about control and more power. That’s why they do what they do. Liberals are delusional and mentally ill. I’ve gotten slammed by liberals for calling Muslims and illegal Mexicans violent. Got called every name in the book: racist, bigot, etc. I’m tired of it. We all are.

We really need to build the wall and deport them all. That’s what we elected Trump for. So far, Trump is doing a good job getting illegals out of the country with ICE but that’s not enough. WE NEED THAT WALL UP. The border wall is currently in construction right now but very slowly. Hopefully Trump gets a lot tougher on illegal immigration right now.

When will the left ever wake up on illegal aliens? When an illegal alien has a gun pointing at their face, would that be good enough for them to wake up then? No. They’ll still be afraid to hold them accountable after that. This country is messed up for sure.

Lets hope and pray that wall gets fully built before 2020. If not then Trump may lose my support and I’m serious about that. I’ll consider getting off the train. I’m saying I might. It’s not a definite yes.





Hey Upstate NY… how about hiring Americans for jobs and not illegals?

Awwwww poor babies. People in Upstate NY (in my area, where I live) are getting upset that the Trump administration are cracking down on illegal aliens everywhere in the United States. Even in small towns in my area: Upstate NY.

I just read this stupid blog and it’s pathetic. All of it. The Times Union is “FAKE NEWS” just like the MSM.


I’m so tired of this area trying to make illegal aliens look like they’re good people and I’m so tired of this area trying to make me feel sorry for illegals. Not happening. I could care less about illegals. They don’t deserve to live better lives then we do.

It’s hilarious how they claim that Trump cracking down on illegals is hurting the economy. LMAO… really? It’s actually a good thing that illegals are running and hiding ’cause that means more jobs for us US citizens. How about hiring Americans for these jobs, hey Upstate NY? I repeat, AMERICANS. Getting rid of illegals won’t have an affect on the economy in a negative way ’cause that’s actually helpful for the economy. All these claims that getting rid of illegals is gonna hurt the economy is pretty laughable. Have you forgotten that the dow jones have gone way up?

There are many Americans like myself who are still unemployed and struggling to find work. It’ll help the economy more if these businesses would start actually hiring real Americans.

Stop kissing ass to illegals so much. I’m so tired of that. I have no sympathy for businesses who hires illegals. There are illegals who work local jobs all over the place even in my hometown of Greenwich. They don’t deserve to live better than we do and it’s why I got on board to support Trump for the presidency.

If you’re scared of Trump cracking down on illegals, that’s good. There’s a new Sheriff in town so fucking deal with it, you crybabies.

I don’t care if illegals are violent people or not, they don’t belong here either way. It’s still a crime for them to live here and I’m glad the Trump admin. are actually taking action. Campaign promises kept. Now build the wall! DEPORT THEM ALL!





Awwww, poor babies, Saratoga Springs now scared of ICE taking away their illegal aliens… suck it up, there’s a new Sheriff in town!!!

There have been a couple of ICE raids in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. which is a small city 20 minutes away from where I live. ICE arrested some illegal aliens there without warning. ICE just came over and grabbed them. It is now scaring the city of Saratoga Springs to death. The Mayor of Saratoga Springs and local city businesses are speaking out about it.


Yeah, I’m sure illegals are permitted to work in the United States but they must fill out some kind of gov. paperwork and all that stuff… but I’m willing to bet that those illegals arrested never filled out paperwork to work at jobs and businesses hired them anyways. I know the EEOC was started by President JFK but I believe it’s finally time that illegals shouldn’t be allowed to work in the US at all. It’s insane to me that illegals get hired jobs in the US.

What about hiring actual US citizens? This is the reason US Citizens are struggling to get jobs ’cause most businesses in America wants illegals to work for them. There are plenty of Americans unemployed still. Whether or not it’s okay for illegals to work jobs here, it’s still illegal for them to live in this country. Illegals need to go. I don’t care if they’re dangerous criminals or not. Some illegals maybe decent and good people, sure but they still don’t belong here either way.

There have never been a single president over the years who has enforced the law on illegals and now we finally have a president who wants to enforce the law. Deal with it, crybabies. There’s a new Sheriff in town. This isn’t Obama anymore so get used to it.

Mayor Yepsen says that ICE is targeting Saratoga Springs. It’s not just Saratoga Springs, you idiot. ICE’s goal is to get rid of illegal aliens all over the fucking country and they’ve been doing that ever since Trump got sworn in. Trump, keeping promises to keep “America First” and that’s what it’s all about.

Get illegals out and BUILD THE WALL!!!! Illegals is not a race, it’s a crime whether they’re dangerous or not.



When so-called Trump supporters complain about having no wall yet… did they forget that illegal immigration pretty much stopped anyways???

Ya know it’s funny that so-called Trump supporters such as Ann Coulter and many others cry about Trump not building the wall yet. I mean seriously? Are they really this impatient? I mean, illegal aliens crossing the US border is down 76 percent and I’m sure it’s down even lower by now. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them happy enough. Illegal immigration pretty much stopped anyways so why are they complaining about no wall?


The way I look at it, people like Ann Coulter are trying to make it seem like that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. She’s trying to make it look like he’s stupid. Why hasn’t she mentioned that illegal immigration is down 76 percent? She knows it pretty much stopped already, she’s just trying to make it seem like he’s doing a bad job as president so she’s obviously another closet #NeverTrumper.

Sure, admittedly there’s no wall yet but I’m gonna give Trump some time. I’m gonna be patience like an adult. Getting a wall is difficult ’cause Paul Ryan and Congress is being difficult about it.

Ann Coulter is desperate in dividing the Trump base which she is doing a good job at.

The wall is gonna happen, folks. Just don’t give Trump crap about it. He’s got so much on his plate that he can’t do everything at once. He’s committed to building the wall and he hasn’t backed down on it at all. I want the wall too like everyone else. The wall is what we voted him in office for but I’m gonna wait, patiently.

The Homeland Security, John Kelly is doing a great job keeping illegal immigration down while we have no wall so I’m not really worried about having a wall as of this point since General Kelly is doing a good job kicking illegals out of the country anyways. The wall is not really all that important and it’s something that we don’t need right away but it would still be cool if it happened. I’m in no rush for a border wall and you shouldn’t be either.


Once Trump gets sworn in, say goodbye to illegal aliens living in the country…

I haven’t watched that 60 Minutes interview yet but I will watch it in youtube when I get around to it today. A lot of people want to doubt Trump, claiming that he won’t keep up with his promises but I think he will. Trump is the man of his word. He always has been. Trump will have his usual “time to get tough attitude” and get right to work as soon as he enters the White House in Jan.

Yes, he will get rid of all illegal aliens in the country and he will build the wall. Sure, not all illegal aliens are violent criminals… some of them maybe good people but either way, they still don’t belong here. They need to get their asses back to Mexico or where ever country they came from in South America.


They don’t deserve to get all of this positive attention before us legal Americans. What part of that don’t you get? America first, y’all. I certainly don’t want an illegal alien family living next door to me. If that happened, I’d move the fuck out of the house. Immediately.

You really want your kids getting turned onto drugs ’cause illegal aliens was their dealers? Do want your wives, girlfriends & daughters raped by these animals? Do you want your loved ones being gunned down for no reason at all?

The big reason why I want Trump for president is the same reason everyone else wants him for president… the wall. Illegal aliens. As soon as Trump said that stuff, I was immediately on board in supporting him for president.

Everybody should know how dangerous illegal aliens are. Media refuses to be realistic about it for whatever reason. You should be scared of illegal aliens. If you get an illegal Mexican holding a knife to your throat or if you get one of them pointing a gun to your face then you’ll owe Mr. Trump and the American people an apology.


Gary Johnson is an idiot who thinks he’s gonna win by calling Trump a racist… *yawn*

Gary Johnson has been doing nothing but calling Trump a racist ever since he got in the election. I mean, is that all this asshole got? That word “racist” is getting old and tiresome. It seems that’s the only attack that people can come up with these days. People accusing others of “racism” without any proof to back it up with. Gary is gonna lose the election miserably for this reason. He’s got no chance at all so for all those NeverTrumpers planning to vote for him are just wasting their time. The NeverTrump idiots has a small audience ’cause that’s not what America wants to see.

Gary says that illegal Mexicans being murderers and rapists isn’t true? He’s definitely lying to you for sure. All it takes is a quick research and you would find plenty of police blotter articles of illegal aliens getting arrested for murder and rape. Go to google and you’ll find tons of ’em. I’m sure you’ll find some in your local papers too.

I’m tired of people like Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson pretending that illegal Mexicans aren’t dangerous criminals and it’s sad that their loony followers actually believe them. Think about it for a minute, the Trump rallies should have been good enough for you to see that Illegal Mexicans are nothing but animals and savages. It’s really crazy that people defend illegal aliens. I don’t care what people say or think. I don’t like illegal aliens like most people which is the whole reason why Trump is popular. Deport. Deport. Deport. Illegal aliens have no place here. Get ’em all out and build the wall.

Gary Johnson is just a typical NeverTrumper who can’t think of a reason why Trump would be bad for America but call him a racist. If racist is the only thing you can come up with, you lose the debate.

Gary better be careful here. When Trump says, “When people attack me first, I attack 10 times harder”, Mr. Trump really means that by heart. You’ve seen what Trump has done to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio when they went after him. Trump hasn’t attacked Gary Johnson back yet but give it time.


As I predicted, Donald Trump beat Jeb Bush in the GOP polls… despite Mexican controversy…

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is now the frontrunner of the GOP candidate in the upcoming Elections. WHy? Like I said, more and more conservatives in America respected him for being realistic. That’s what the American people wanna see, that’s who the American people wanna support… real honest people. Americans are getting fed up with liars so since Donald Trump has been doing nothing but telling the truth, that’s why more and more people are starting to support him.


I’m also noticing that Bernie Sanders is the no. 1 frontrunner for the Democrat side so it may as well be Trump vs. Sanders on the nomination? Hillary doesn’t have a chance ’cause of all the scandals she has: Benghazi, the e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, etc. Hillary will have no choice but to quit like she did last time.

Even though I’m not a big fan of Sanders, I can deal with him more than Hillary, though. Anybody is better than Hillary! Still though, Bernie Sanders better watch out ’cause Jim Webb just jumped on the Democratic race so Webb could potentially beat Sanders in the polls.

Anyway, back to Trump, his honesty maybe controversial yes but controversy is good. It’s what he needs to do to earn more votes. Love him or hate him all you want to, Trump could easily get past the primaries.

We really need a guy like Trump in the White ’cause he’s a good negotiator. Obama was never a good negotiator. Trump could negotiate with other world leaders pretty well.

I really hope we get Trump in the White House ’cause we really need him.

What’s weird about all this is… everyone is accusing Trump of “racism” when what he really said wasn’t racist at all but George Takei said something really racist and doesn’t get any shit back. How come Al Sharpton didn’t go after George?

Anyway, I think Donald Trump is gonna do good in the election. All this stuff about the Mexican illegal aliens being criminals is just the beginning.


I’m praying and hoping the House destroys “Immigration Reform” and not let it pass…

Usually, new bills are introduced to the House first. Then it gets passed along to the Senate  if it’s passed through the House. This time things are a little different and it’s the other way around. This bill was started by Senators by people who are known as the Gang of 8.  8 people from the Senate. In this group has a mix of democrats and republicans who are all for this bill started by them. The bill passed 68 – 32.

I’m no expert on law and I don’t have much in studying for it yet but I’ll have to say that “Immigration Reform” is horrible for a lot of reasons. A few big ones are: 1) Their border security ideas are absolutely horrible 2) We’ll be paying for it 3) This will worsen our economy 4) We can’t be awarding illegal aliens citizenship especially after all the gun violence going on in America 5) This is even more complex than Obamacare.

As you can see President Obama is pretty desperate to get this law passed to him so he can sign it into law officially. I really hope the House vote “Nay”. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me that it would get passed anyway. Not only democrats are all for this bill, there are a lot of Republicans in the Senate who voted for “Immigration Reform”. So I feel that Republicans who voted for this are traitors of America.

See? The government is full of evil and shady people — that includes the House and the Senate. Especially Marco Rubio — that guy is such a lying scum bag. He should be happy that he got his law passed through the Senate ’cause I believe this whole thing was his idea. He had the other 7 people in the gang of eight help him with it.

If this bill is passed in the House, then the United States of America will be doomed for good. That’s all President Obama wants to do to us is to destroy this country. If you honestly believe he wants to help us, then you’re delusional.