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Actor Patrick Stewart admitting to living in the United States illegally? Gee, no wonder he hates Trump so much!

Well it’s turning out that actor, Patrick Stewart is admitting to living in the United States illegally after all these years. So does this mean that he’s coming out of the closet as an illegal alien? Apparently so!

As a lot of you know Patrick is most famous for playing Captain Picard in Star Trek TNG and Professor X in “X-Men”. After all these years of him playing in movies and TV shows in the United States, they let him get away with living here “illegally”? Patrick is an actor who came from the U.K. obviously.

Patrick Stewart applying for U.S. citizenship to fight Trump

Yo Patrick, I don’t see how you becoming a US citizen is gonna fight Trump ’cause that’s what he wants you to do, you stupid idiot. He’s obviously planning to become a US citizen so he can avoid getting deported by Trump.

Trump just wants immigrants to stay here legally, that’s the whole point of his vision on “illegal immigration”. Trump is fine with immigrants ’cause Melania is an immigrant and so is his mother. Trump is not okay with illegals staying here. Get it now? Pretty easy to understand!


Mexico is a hell hole for violence and crime… really screw ’em!!!

A quote from this article: “Although Acapulco is one of Mexico’s deadliest cities, with government figures showing 2,213 homicides in Guerrero last year, tourists and foreigners have largely escaped the violence.”


We don’t get scared over Mexicans for no reason. After the Obama & Holder “Fast and Furious” scandal, we should have every right to fear that country. Mexico has always been a hell hole for violence, crime and death. I don’t think I would ever vacation there ever. I know some people who vacationed in Mexico before and I always thought they were nuts.

There’s a pretty good reason why we want illegals out of this country. There’s a pretty good reason why we want that wall. I’m not saying all Mexicans are dangerous but a lot of ’em are.

It’s real insane to me that liberals and some independent voters act like they are all wonderful people. There’s nothing racist about being scared for your life over violent and dangerous people. I hate all people who are dangerous and violent, I don’t care what their skin color or religion is. It’s crazy that we get called “racist” and “bigots” for these things. It’s crazy that the media protects violent criminals that are not white. I think all violent animals should be held accountable for their actions no matter what their skin color are. They all should receive the same punishment with the fullest extent of the law.

Illegal aliens are really scary and dangerous animals. I know I’m scared to death of these people and they certainly don’t deserve to live better lives than us also. Keep feeling sorry for these illegal aliens, libtards. They’ll come after you too, they don’t care what your political views are. They can come rob your home, kill your loved ones, rape your wives & daughters, they’ll bring drugs into your hometown, etc. These things can happen anywhere. Why do you think heroin and cocaine deaths are on the rise in this country? Where do you think the drugs come from?

It’s real crazy that a lot of people in this country are misinformed about illegal aliens. Keep feeling sorry for them, idiots. You’ll be sorry that you did. Trust me.


Gary Johnson is an idiot who thinks he’s gonna win by calling Trump a racist… *yawn*

Gary Johnson has been doing nothing but calling Trump a racist ever since he got in the election. I mean, is that all this asshole got? That word “racist” is getting old and tiresome. It seems that’s the only attack that people can come up with these days. People accusing others of “racism” without any proof to back it up with. Gary is gonna lose the election miserably for this reason. He’s got no chance at all so for all those NeverTrumpers planning to vote for him are just wasting their time. The NeverTrump idiots has a small audience ’cause that’s not what America wants to see.

Gary says that illegal Mexicans being murderers and rapists isn’t true? He’s definitely lying to you for sure. All it takes is a quick research and you would find plenty of police blotter articles of illegal aliens getting arrested for murder and rape. Go to google and you’ll find tons of ’em. I’m sure you’ll find some in your local papers too.

I’m tired of people like Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson pretending that illegal Mexicans aren’t dangerous criminals and it’s sad that their loony followers actually believe them. Think about it for a minute, the Trump rallies should have been good enough for you to see that Illegal Mexicans are nothing but animals and savages. It’s really crazy that people defend illegal aliens. I don’t care what people say or think. I don’t like illegal aliens like most people which is the whole reason why Trump is popular. Deport. Deport. Deport. Illegal aliens have no place here. Get ’em all out and build the wall.

Gary Johnson is just a typical NeverTrumper who can’t think of a reason why Trump would be bad for America but call him a racist. If racist is the only thing you can come up with, you lose the debate.

Gary better be careful here. When Trump says, “When people attack me first, I attack 10 times harder”, Mr. Trump really means that by heart. You’ve seen what Trump has done to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio when they went after him. Trump hasn’t attacked Gary Johnson back yet but give it time.


Video: Hillary used to be against illegal aliens pouring into our country and wanted to close the border…

Back in the day, Hillary had very similar views of illegal immigration to Donald Trump. Once again, Hillary flip-flopped just to get more votes. In the past, Hillary used to sound like Mr. Trump but the media never called her a hateful bigot, a racist and all that stuff so what gives?

The left can say and do what they want but they get a free pass. So tired of it!


Video: Watch Latino voters voice out their support for Donald Trump…

A lot of Trump haters want to mistakenly believe that Donald Trump has offended and hurt the Hispanic community but really? Not from what I see above. If you want more proof that Mr. Trump has won the Hispanic vote then look no further. As a matter of fact, a lot of Hispanics are big fans of Trump just as much as most of us are. Hispanics are not offended at all at Mr. Trump’s view of illegal immigration. A lot of Hispanics agree with Mr. Trump on a lot of stuff.

You guys gotta stop trusting the media ’cause they are full of shit most of the time. A lot of Mexicans who live in the US “legally” love Mr. Trump and this video is proof. The media will never show this video either ’cause it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that Trump hates Mexicans.

Mexicans don’t hate Trump at all. The only Mexicans that would hate Trump are the ones who do live in the US illegally. Trump haters want to assume that Trump and his supporters are scared of Mexicans which isn’t true and it’s a bunch of bull.

I have no problem with Mexican people ’cause I love them, really. We just hate illegal aliens. What part of that can’t you understand?


It’s amazing how liberals think illegal aliens are innocent people, what planet are they living on?

Liberals really do live in this delusional fantasy world that illegal aliens are sweet, wonderful and innocent people who need more help. It’s really quite pathetic. Most liberals believe that illegals aren’t dangerous people. They think they aren’t capable of committing crimes. Seriously? Liberals are a piece of work when you want to debate them on this stuff for sure. You tell liberals that illegals are dangerous, violent and criminals… liberals will deny it and shrug it off each time. Even if you show proof, they’ll still shrug it off and continue to act like you’re stupid. There’s all kinds of police blotter articles out there on the web of illegal aliens getting arrested for various crimes but when you want to show them that stuff, they’ll still shrug it off. When you show liberals police blotter articles of illegal Mexican immigrants getting arrested for different crimes, liberals go crazy and go raging mad.

For example, this police blotter article here:


And I’m sure you can find many others like that online.

There’s all kinds of proof out there showing that a lot of illegals are dangerous criminals… they rape, they kill people, they burglarize homes & stores, they bring in drugs, they’re involved in human trafficking, a lot of them are in gangs, some of them are in drug cartels, etc. A lot of illegal immigrants have had a long history of crimes so a lot of them probably have a pretty long rap sheet.

These are the kind of people we want to give citizenships to? These are the kinds of people we want to give them better jobs, more pay, free health care and all that stuff? We want to give them the right to vote? No thank you.

Liberals want to deny that illegals are criminals and bad people but when you show them proof, it drives them nuts and absolutely insane. It’s just pretty clear that they can’t take the truth. They can’t accept reality and how things really are. It’s quite sad. What’s even sadder is that when you want to call illegals criminals and dangerous people, liberals will call you a hateful person and bigoted. Even worse, they’ll call you racist too.

Just wait until your kids get kidnapped or your wife/daughter gets raped. Just wait until one of your loved ones gets murdered for no reason. If you find that a Mexican illegal immigrant is responsible, it’s your own damn fault for not listening to us.

I’m totally with Donald Trump on Border Security and you should listen to him too. Border security is a big deal and should be taken seriously. Liberals and some Republican voters wants us to treat illegals kindly but illegals don’t deserve to be treated kindly. Fuck ’em. Deport ’em all back to where they came from ’cause they don’t belong here.


Illegal immigrants are EVERYWHERE… not just down South…


It may seem like that illegal immigrants are all down in the Southern states but not really. Illegal aliens are everywhere in the United States… even in upstate NY where I live. Check out that story above from the local paper today. An illegal alien tried to get a NYS Non-Driver ID but failed obviously. I wouldn’t be surprised that this guy found his way into the United States just by crossing the open border in Mexico ’cause keep in mind the Dominic Republic, I think is pretty close to Mexico.

Even if some illegal aliens are not violent people, they’re still not to be trusted ’cause they could come here to try to illegally obtain driver licenses, ID’s and things like that. Are these the kind of people that the government wants to help? Really?

Is this article in the photo above is good enough for you to believe Mr. Trump? If we don’t deport all the illegal people and close the border soon, it could get worse everywhere.

They did the smart thing by not allowing him to obtain the ID, now deport his ass back to the Dominic Republic where he belongs please!

This is proof of why we gotta get tough on immigration.