The Wall is being constructed at the Mexican border right now, take that doubters! Another middle finger to you!



Well, the wall is officially happening. So-called Trump supporters are complaining about this bill and I don’t even know why. There is a claim going around out there that the bill doesn’t fund the wall but instead it funds Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and other liberal things which to me is a load of crap. If you heard that ridiculous claim then chances are you’ve heard it from Democrats who are trying to make Trump and the Republicans look like who can’t govern.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the whole point of the bill is to  help fund the border wall which is happening now and contruction of the wall has officially began as you see in the pics above released by Sean Spicer. Mick Mulvaney in the video below also revealed the news that the wall has begun its construction finally!

The wall is looking good so far and it’s looking beautiful!

Before you slam the bill, listen to what John Kelly and Mick Mulvaney says about it in the video below. I think the bill is great so there’s nothing to worry about. I definitely trust Trump, Paul Ryan and the GOP about this bill so I hope  Trump signs it. I think he will.

Some so-called Trump supporters are angry at this bill ’cause Dems were happy and declared victorious when they didn’t even know what the bill was about. Chances are, the so-called Trump supporters listened to the Dems and fake news media and fell for it.

The Trump wall has official begun its construction just like we all voted him in office for, we all wanted Trump for the WALL and some Trump supporters are still whining? You’re either on the Trump train or you’re out? Make up your fucking mind!

I totally believe in this bill, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the Dems trying to make themselves look good over it. Trust Trump, y’all. He’s got this. The Wall is finally happening so why complaining still? The Wall is what we all voted him in office for.  Stop listening to the Dems and the MSM.


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