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Trump is right to say: “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job???”….

Well I watched Trump’s address to the nation last night on TV and some of you probably wondering what my thoughts are on this. Well, Trump is right on one thing he said last night… “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does it job?”. If you can’t understand the point that he’s trying to make, let me explain then. If you let illegals into our country and continue to ignore how dangerous a lot of them can be, will Congress act on border security when they finally realize that illegals harming Americans get out of hand? Will Democrats in Congress act on Border Security when their loved ones are murdered by illegals for no reason, their kids get abducted by illegals and illegals start raping their daughters and wives? These things are gonna happen the more they keep it up with their “lets welcome illegals” bullshit.

The left knows that illegal aliens are bad people, many of them won’t admit it. Many on the left refused to watch Trump’s address to the nation ’cause they simply didn’t want to hear the truth.

After I finished watching Trump’s address last night, I was blown away. He was on fire. He was calling illegals exactly what they are “illegal aliens”. It showed that Trump is not afraid of the liberal pc police. Trump is not backing down.

When will liberals ever wake up about illegal aliens? A lot of them are accusing Trump of false information about them predictably. If the left really thinks that illegals are harmless and a bunch of sweethearts then why don’t they invite them into their home?

In Trump’s address, he was saying all the same things we’ve been thinking. Trump was simply calling out the hypocrisy of the left. I loved it when Trump was asking politicians why do they have their homes surrounded by fences and walls since they claim to be against border security.

Illegal aliens are not our friends. If you think they are then the mainstream media has you brainwashed pretty good. There’s a lot of people that don’t believe illegal aliens aren’t dangerous ’cause of the media brainwashing but deep down, they know that a lot of illegals are violent they just won’t admit it to you.

And what about that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi speech right after? What a freakin’ joke that was. The looks on their faces last night definitely had “Trump Derangement Syndrome” written all over them. You can tell they really despise Trump that much and quite honestly, it’s pretty scary.

I find it hilarious that Evil Schumer accuses Trump of “governing by temper tantrum” when Schumer has been doing exactly that ever since Trump got elected, “governing by temper tantrum”. More liberal hypocrisy there, nothing to see.

I would say keep the government shut down until the Democrats finally agree to border security. The whole reason I voted for Trump was for the border wall. We really need it pretty badly. Illegal aliens are definitely a danger to our society.

It’s amazing that liberals get so butt hurt over our feelings about illegal aliens. They don’t know these people and they don’t know what they’re capable enough.

People in the world of politics are crazy and nuts, I tell ya. All Trump wants to do is keep us all safe… he even wants to keep liberal Americans safe too but they don’t get it yet.


Mollie Tibbets murdered by illegal alien… surprise, surprise… build the wall, deport them all!

Well, well well, what do we have here. Young girl from Brooklyn, Iowa murdered by an illegal alien, that’s what. It’s not a safe world out there anymore. Something like this can happen to anybody. You’re out and about then something bad happens to you.

Mollie Tibbets, a young 20 year old go out for a jog and then she vanishes without a trace. Then later, authorities found her body 10 miles away from home… they found her body in a field covered with corn stalks. They easily and quickly caught her killer by tracking him down using surveillance footage.


Ya see, these things can happen anywhere even in small towns. There are illegal aliens everywhere in this country. There are even illegal aliens living in my hometown of Greenwich, N.Y.!!!

No doubt, the media will try to protect the illegal alien by calling him “immigrant” (without the world “illegal” in front of it), they’ll just say he’s in the country illegally and they won’t call him “illegal alien” ’cause it’s just too mean. A lot of media outlets including FOX News refuses to call them “illegal alien”, instead they say “in country illegally”.

This is why we want the wall. This is why we got to get tough on Illegal Immigration by deporting them all and building the wall. What will it take to get lefties to wake up? Nope. Instead, they feel sorry for illegals and they want to do everything they can to protect them instead of protecting US citizens.

I hope you lefties out there are proud of yourselves with your silly “open borders” idea. Build the wall and deport them all so we can protect our children in this country. You want to talk about children being separated from families hey? What about kids being separated by families when they’re victimized by illegals?

I hope they lock up Rivera forever and Mollie needs her justice. Sad story, my heart goes out to her family and friends.

I wouldn’t be surprised, though that libtards are gonna try to defend Rivera just to try to get him freed. No doubt they will do that. They will blame Trump and blame law enforcement that this happened and all that crap.

This is a key part of why Trump won the election. We’re tired of illegals killing good people around here and just causing all sorts of trouble. Libtards wants to treat them like they’re sweethearts which is pathetic. Well, wait until an illegal alien does something bad to your family, lefties. What will you think after that happens? Go ahead and keep supporting illegals, lefties. What you’re doing is very dangerous.

Justice for Mollie! Lock up Rivera for life!


In your hometown, does your Mayor and local politicians have a problem with kissing up to illegal aliens? It’s a huge problem here in Upstate NY…

I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this problem — in my area which is the Upstate NY area — we have a big problem of Mayors of different cities & towns kissing up to illegal aliens. Mayors and local politicians having huge hard-ons for illegals. I’m sure other cities and small towns in the United States are going through the same thing. Only the cities and small-towns that has a liberal Mayor anyway. If a city or small-town has a conservative mayor then I’m sure he/she won’t have a problem with Trump’s immigration policies but liberal Mayors & local politicians in your area seems to be intimidated by Trump’s immigration policies.

The problem is there are a lot of Mayors, Governors and local politicians in the United States defying our president on illegal immigration. It’s crazy, ya know? A lot of them refuse to enforce Trump’s illegal immigration policies and refusing to work with him. These Mayors, Governors and local politicians openly say they won’t work with the president on illegal immigration. That is a term called, “defy”. They want to defy our president and disrespect him that is shameful. I loathe these politicians and government officials who defies the president… yeah, the ones who publicly ass-kisses illegal aliens, refugees and all that stuff.

Many of these Mayors and local politicians in your area are scared to death ’cause they don’t like how ICE goes in their town arresting illegal aliens out of the blue. You see what I’m saying now? I’m sure your town has Mayors and local politicians crying about Trump cracking down on illegal aliens… then your local media sides with these people to make Trump look bad. Local media is just as bad as the Mainstream Media. You know how there are Fake News in the national MSM? Well local news is “Fake News” too: The Post-Star, The Times Union, News Channel 13 WNYT, etc. All that is “Fake News” when it comes to local news. I know ’cause when I went to the Trump rally in Albany during the campaign trail, I attended that rally in the crowd and I saw how the local news reported that rally… most of it was all bullshit. The local news like to make Trump look bad too.

I’m tired of local politicians trying to get us to feel sorry for illegal aliens. Why feel sorry for them? We don’t know them or where they came from. I don’t give a shit if illegal aliens are scared for the future of America and they should be. They don’t belong here ’cause it’s a crime for undocumented people to stay here. In my opinion, those that defy the president over illegal immigration policies should be arrested.

I’m glad Trump is taking action by sending ICE out to arrest illegals all over. I’m sure your town or city wherever you live aren’t liking it either. Aaaawww, too bad! There’s a new Sheriff in town, folks! This isn’t Obama anymore.

Illegals don’t deserve to live better lives then we do. By the way, I didn’t start disliking illegals right when Trump started to run for president. I never liked illegal aliens for a pretty long time. You know, in my blogs, I railed against illegal aliens for a pretty long time, long before Trump became president. I always knew illegals were a problem.

ICE is doing is a great job cracking down on illegal aliens in the country, check it out:


One day you liberals are going to regret supporting illegal aliens. I wonder how you’ll respond when an illegal Mexican has a knife to your throat or points a gun to your head or when they kidnap your kid or kill your loved ones? Illegals are dangerous animals. Not all of them are. I’m sure some are alright people; however, getting rid of illegals is about safety for the most part. We don’t need illegals coming here; do you want illegals murdering people, raping people and bringing drugs into our country? Build the wall!!! DEPORT THEM ALL!




Donald Trump didn’t flip on the wall, he vows to build the wall once he gets in office like he’s been promising…

Even though Trump is done with the election and is now the President-Elect, he is still out there campaigning. He went back out there campaigning today and made a trip to Indianapolis to deliver a speech at Carrier factory. While delivering his speech there, he vowed to build the Wall at the Mexican border like he’s been promising ever since his campaign started.


Like I keep trying to tell you guys, you gotta stop reading the garbage MSM like NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN, etc. You also gotta stop re-sharing garbage facebook memes that trashes Trump ’cause most of that shit is not true. If you heard somewhere that Trump flip flopped on the Wall then it’s probably a huge lie by the MSM and facebook groups — pretty sad that some of you liberals out there who follow my blog actually believe that stuff.

Don’t listen to the MSM or FB memes. Listen to Trump himself. Trump never flipped on the wall. I can’t wait until he actually builds the wall when he gets in office and when it actually happens, I can sit here and watch liberals lose their shit even more. Lot of people keep saying the wall won’t happen. I think it will.

Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet and he’s already doing great things for America. Saving jobs, the Dow gone way up, etc. We already are winning and liberals are hating it.


No, Trump isn’t backing away from taking down Obamacare or putting up the Wall… stop reading the MSM, I’m telling y’all!!!!!!

I’m starting to see in Facebook by NeverTrump idiots that they are making ridiculous claims that Trump is backing away from fully repealing and replacing Obamacare and plans to keep some of it. I’m also hearing stupid rumors about Trump backing away from the Border Wall like he promised. If you’re hearing these claims and actually believing in them then you probably read those opinion pieces from the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, NY Times and you probably follow “Occupy Democrats” too.

The MSM still in a desperate attempt to make Trump look bad and still trying to get Trump supporters to stop supporting him. Not happening. These claims are untrue. Trump still vows to take down Obamacare and put up the Border Wall. Media wants to continue to doubt his presidency and sad that NeverTrumpers actually believe their shit.

Stop reading or watching the MSM, I’m tellin’ ya. This is what I’m trying to teach you guys for the last several years or more, stop trusting the MSM. That includes my blog readers ’cause I know that’s where you get all your bullshit from and you won’t admit it. If you believe Hillary won election by popular vote and believe the electoral college should be abolished, you probably got that info from the MSM. Washington Post or Occupy Democrats or whatever.

I don’t follow any of that garbage. The MSM is so corrupt and dishonest. People want to believe that Trump won’t take down Obamacare and won’t put up the wall? Well, we Trump supporters will prove you wrong once again when he actually does those things. When he’s successful at taking down Obamacare COMPLETELY and he puts up that huge WALL, I can’t wait to see your reaction again. NeverTrumpers want to see Trump’s presidency fail but it isn’t going to fail. Trump will do all the things he’s been promising and that includes banning Muslims. I can’t wait for Trump to take down Obamacare and put up the wall because we really need both.

Stop reading the MSM’s bullcrap, y’all. The more you read and follow the MSM, the more dumb you look. The media wants to make you look dumb and misinformed. Fuck the MSM. I don’t even follow alternative news that much either. Social media is the new media, they’re more real than the MSM.


Once Trump gets sworn in, say goodbye to illegal aliens living in the country…

I haven’t watched that 60 Minutes interview yet but I will watch it in youtube when I get around to it today. A lot of people want to doubt Trump, claiming that he won’t keep up with his promises but I think he will. Trump is the man of his word. He always has been. Trump will have his usual “time to get tough attitude” and get right to work as soon as he enters the White House in Jan.

Yes, he will get rid of all illegal aliens in the country and he will build the wall. Sure, not all illegal aliens are violent criminals… some of them maybe good people but either way, they still don’t belong here. They need to get their asses back to Mexico or where ever country they came from in South America.


They don’t deserve to get all of this positive attention before us legal Americans. What part of that don’t you get? America first, y’all. I certainly don’t want an illegal alien family living next door to me. If that happened, I’d move the fuck out of the house. Immediately.

You really want your kids getting turned onto drugs ’cause illegal aliens was their dealers? Do want your wives, girlfriends & daughters raped by these animals? Do you want your loved ones being gunned down for no reason at all?

The big reason why I want Trump for president is the same reason everyone else wants him for president… the wall. Illegal aliens. As soon as Trump said that stuff, I was immediately on board in supporting him for president.

Everybody should know how dangerous illegal aliens are. Media refuses to be realistic about it for whatever reason. You should be scared of illegal aliens. If you get an illegal Mexican holding a knife to your throat or if you get one of them pointing a gun to your face then you’ll owe Mr. Trump and the American people an apology.


Gary Johnson is an idiot who thinks he’s gonna win by calling Trump a racist… *yawn*

Gary Johnson has been doing nothing but calling Trump a racist ever since he got in the election. I mean, is that all this asshole got? That word “racist” is getting old and tiresome. It seems that’s the only attack that people can come up with these days. People accusing others of “racism” without any proof to back it up with. Gary is gonna lose the election miserably for this reason. He’s got no chance at all so for all those NeverTrumpers planning to vote for him are just wasting their time. The NeverTrump idiots has a small audience ’cause that’s not what America wants to see.

Gary says that illegal Mexicans being murderers and rapists isn’t true? He’s definitely lying to you for sure. All it takes is a quick research and you would find plenty of police blotter articles of illegal aliens getting arrested for murder and rape. Go to google and you’ll find tons of ’em. I’m sure you’ll find some in your local papers too.

I’m tired of people like Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson pretending that illegal Mexicans aren’t dangerous criminals and it’s sad that their loony followers actually believe them. Think about it for a minute, the Trump rallies should have been good enough for you to see that Illegal Mexicans are nothing but animals and savages. It’s really crazy that people defend illegal aliens. I don’t care what people say or think. I don’t like illegal aliens like most people which is the whole reason why Trump is popular. Deport. Deport. Deport. Illegal aliens have no place here. Get ’em all out and build the wall.

Gary Johnson is just a typical NeverTrumper who can’t think of a reason why Trump would be bad for America but call him a racist. If racist is the only thing you can come up with, you lose the debate.

Gary better be careful here. When Trump says, “When people attack me first, I attack 10 times harder”, Mr. Trump really means that by heart. You’ve seen what Trump has done to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio when they went after him. Trump hasn’t attacked Gary Johnson back yet but give it time.


Video: Watch Latino voters voice out their support for Donald Trump…

A lot of Trump haters want to mistakenly believe that Donald Trump has offended and hurt the Hispanic community but really? Not from what I see above. If you want more proof that Mr. Trump has won the Hispanic vote then look no further. As a matter of fact, a lot of Hispanics are big fans of Trump just as much as most of us are. Hispanics are not offended at all at Mr. Trump’s view of illegal immigration. A lot of Hispanics agree with Mr. Trump on a lot of stuff.

You guys gotta stop trusting the media ’cause they are full of shit most of the time. A lot of Mexicans who live in the US “legally” love Mr. Trump and this video is proof. The media will never show this video either ’cause it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that Trump hates Mexicans.

Mexicans don’t hate Trump at all. The only Mexicans that would hate Trump are the ones who do live in the US illegally. Trump haters want to assume that Trump and his supporters are scared of Mexicans which isn’t true and it’s a bunch of bull.

I have no problem with Mexican people ’cause I love them, really. We just hate illegal aliens. What part of that can’t you understand?


Video: Watch Trump supporters humiliate protesters about the Wall…

This video is entertaining as hell. I love watching videos where Trump supporters school in the NeverTrump crowd at Trump rallies. Trump supporters win every time too.

Ya know, each time someone asks a Trump hater on why they don’t like Donald Trump… the only answer they can all think of is that “Trump is a racist”. That’s the only answer they can come up with and it’s proof that they aren’t very smart. It’s proof that the NeverTrump crowd are horrible at debating politics and they don’t know anything. This video is also proof that the NeverTrump crowd are ignorant, dumb and braindead.

If you hate Trump and think him being the racist is the only reason, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. When people decide to play the race card and use the word “racist”, they lost the debate. That’s how the liberal left declare victory in debates by crying “racist” so they can silence the opposition. The word “racist” is an overused term and liberals can’t think of anything else to say.

I know this ’cause I’ve been called a racist too many times myself. It’s getting old and tiresome. The more you call people racist all the time, the more unintelligent you look so keep it going. Come up with some new responses. Idiots.