No, Trump isn’t backing away from taking down Obamacare or putting up the Wall… stop reading the MSM, I’m telling y’all!!!!!!

I’m starting to see in Facebook by NeverTrump idiots that they are making ridiculous claims that Trump is backing away from fully repealing and replacing Obamacare and plans to keep some of it. I’m also hearing stupid rumors about Trump backing away from the Border Wall like he promised. If you’re hearing these claims and actually believing in them then you probably read those opinion pieces from the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, NY Times and you probably follow “Occupy Democrats” too.

The MSM still in a desperate attempt to make Trump look bad and still trying to get Trump supporters to stop supporting him. Not happening. These claims are untrue. Trump still vows to take down Obamacare and put up the Border Wall. Media wants to continue to doubt his presidency and sad that NeverTrumpers actually believe their shit.

Stop reading or watching the MSM, I’m tellin’ ya. This is what I’m trying to teach you guys for the last several years or more, stop trusting the MSM. That includes my blog readers ’cause I know that’s where you get all your bullshit from and you won’t admit it. If you believe Hillary won election by popular vote and believe the electoral college should be abolished, you probably got that info from the MSM. Washington Post or Occupy Democrats or whatever.

I don’t follow any of that garbage. The MSM is so corrupt and dishonest. People want to believe that Trump won’t take down Obamacare and won’t put up the wall? Well, we Trump supporters will prove you wrong once again when he actually does those things. When he’s successful at taking down Obamacare COMPLETELY and he puts up that huge WALL, I can’t wait to see your reaction again. NeverTrumpers want to see Trump’s presidency fail but it isn’t going to fail. Trump will do all the things he’s been promising and that includes banning Muslims. I can’t wait for Trump to take down Obamacare and put up the wall because we really need both.

Stop reading the MSM’s bullcrap, y’all. The more you read and follow the MSM, the more dumb you look. The media wants to make you look dumb and misinformed. Fuck the MSM. I don’t even follow alternative news that much either. Social media is the new media, they’re more real than the MSM.


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